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Date Night

Date Night
by Kilted Wookie

We make our separate ways to the hotel and meet in the bar. Light-hearted chat over drinks as we wait for our table.

Maybe it's the alcohol, maybe it's the ambiance of the surroundings, maybe it's the result of the prolonged exchange of increasingly explicit messages that have been sent in the build-up to this evening; whatever it is, there is a sense of anticipation that tonight will be special.

I could feel it in her touch, in her response to the welcoming embrace; her body coiled like a spring as her lips lightly touched against mine. The slight flushing of her skin, that was more than just an effect of the wine, spoke of her arousal. The hunger in her eyes had little to do with the meal we were about to have, but spoke intensely of the banquet that would follow later.

I could feel the electricity in her body as I led her to the table. The familiar sigh as my hand settled on the exposed skin of the small of her back, was a subtle yet explicit signal of her need.

Hushed conversation, laced with suggestion and innuendo as we ate. Her foot occasionally brushing my inside leg. An intense knowing glance over the rim of her glass as she sipped her wine combined with a mischievous upward twist of her lips as she settled the glass back on the table. The meal can't be rushed; it has to be savoured, enjoyed in full. We both know that it is, however, simply the appetiser for the evening.

Wordlessly holding hands in the lift, the tension builds. The floor bell sounds, the doors open, and we almost race to our room. A brief fumble with the key, we slip inside, the door closes, our lips press together.

We kiss, long and passionate. Hands explore each other's bodies through and under our clothes; reacquainting ourselves with the feel of each other's skin.

Sighs, moans; lips and fingers seeking out those spots that elicit the strongest responses. Clothes slowly peeled from each other's bodies and discarded on the floor as we make our way further into the room and finally towards the bed.

Her lips and tongue explore my chest, moving down, seeking their target. I let out a sigh as she flicks her tongue over the head of my cock before taking me into her mouth and sealing her lips firmly around the shaft.

What follows passes in an ever increasing agony of ecstasy. Her familiarity with my cock and how it likes to be kissed and licked, stroked and sucked,is used with a wonderfully devastating effect. My climax, when at last it arrives, is powerful and intense; leaving me drained.

Positions reversed; my fingers sample the warm, inviting wetness of her cunt as my lips and tongue tease her nipples. Her moans become louder as my thumb presses against her clit.

I move down to taste her. That rich, intense essence of her fills my senses. I feast like a man who has survived a famine; savouring her; her juices, the sweetest nectar on my tongue.

Attuned to the subtle changes in flavour as her arousal deepens, I hardly need the arching of her back, the shaking of her body and the deep, long moans to tell me when her orgasm takes hold. The hands on the back of my head, a sign that she is not yet ready for me to stop. The spasmodic bucking of her hips, a sign that she is no longer in control.

My cock is hard once more. I move up and slide into her. She moans and wraps her arms around me as I take her with long, powerful strokes.

Her fingernails drag down my skin, she clutches at my buttocks as I fuck her. She tells me how good it feels to have me inside her. I tell her how good it feels to be inside her.

We fuck. Long and hard, we fuck. Our bodies know what is needed, what is wanted.

We roll over and she rides my cock with carefree abandon. She gets on all-fours and I take her firmly from behind; smacking her arse and pulling her hair as I press into her.

We fuck...

We fuck...

And then we come. Her orgasm triggers mine and I release deep inside her.

We snuggle together in the warm afterglow of our passion. A dreamy lassitude shrouds us as we hold each other close. We doze lightly for a while, sharing the intimacy of exhausted satisfaction; gathering our strength before we do it again.

©Kilted Wookie March 2018