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Word for Wednesday - Chemistry


  1. the branch of physical science concerned with the composition, properties, and reactions of substances
  2. the composition, properties, and reactions of a particular substance
  3. the nature and effects of any complex phenomenon: the chemistry of humour
  4. (informal) a reaction, taken to be instinctual, between two persons
Attraction… Seduction… Desire… Passion… Lust…

Who can define it?

I could go all “science” and talk about the chemical reactions, the release of substances such as dopamine and serotonin when we see someone we “want to get to know better”, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s that mutual spark, the knowing that there is a potential for “something”. That recognition that you both share something that, if circumstances allow, would have you ripping each other’s clothes off with wanton abandon.
It’s not words, it’s not looks. It can involve these but it is so much more; a deeper inexplicable connection. You know you want each other; it’s a hunger that needs satiating.

It is, chemistry…


Wicked Wednesday