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Word for Wednesday – Transient


  1. for a short time only; temporary or transitory
Pondering the impermanence of things. It really is quite a sad word when you stop to think about. Moods, feelings, friendships, relationships, even life itself is transient. Things that grab us briefly, the fashions we no longer admit to following, the joys, the sorrows, the high and the lows; all those things that make us who we are, fashion us and affect us with their varying degrees of transience.

The passing of the seasons, every second of every minute of every day of every year; They all pass us by, leaving us as the sole constant.

The friends we knew at school but have lost touch with, the partners, the lovers, the one-night-stands; all have marked us by their passing.

The loved ones that time and age and life have taken from us; the joys of their lives and the sorrows of their leaving; time has claimed them all, leaving us with just memories.

And then, one day in the future, I will no longer be here, and how will the transience of my life be remembered by those who affected it and were apart of it; and whose lives I affected and were also a part of?

Can there really be a sadder, more melancholy word than transient?