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Word for Wednesday - Mischief


  1. wayward but not malicious behaviour, usually of children, that causes trouble, irritation, etc.
  2. a playful inclination to behave in this way or to tease or disturb
It’s a wonderfully naughty word isn’t it? It hints at a playful form of wickedness. Someone who is up to no good, but in a well intentioned rather than malicious sort of way.

In Scotland, we often use it to describe someone who is full of devilment:
See that one? He’s a right mischief, he is...
If you follow me on Twitter, or are a regular visitor to this blog, you will no doubt have noticed that I have a penchant for devilment. Flirty, often quick with a quip, possibly a bit to keen to post pictures of myself without any clothes on; you know, all that sort of thing.

I think it’s probably fair to share that I am more than just a bit of a mischief…