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Taking Myself In Hand

The relationship I have had with my right hand is, without question, the longest sexual relationship I have had, stretching back (no pun intended) for over 35 years. During this time, my hand has given me more orgasms than I can remember, and a few women have enjoyed its attentions too. So, what am I thinking about when I take those stiff several inches of myself into my hands? The truth is, not a lot. I’ve never really been one for fantasising during my solo sessions; I’m much more of a sensualist , and so, most of the time I’m simply experiencing the sensations. It starts, of course, with arousal. I’m hard and, for whatever reason, I cannot ignore it and hope that it goes away. It needs direct attention. Now ask any of women who have shared my bed over the years and they will tell you that I am an extremely tactile and sensitive person. When aroused, touch me just about anywhere and I will flinch, squirm and moan. I love it when a woman drives me wild touching me, kissing me,

Word for Wednesday - Mischief

Mischief /ˈmɪstʃɪf/ noun wayward but not malicious behaviour, usually of children, that causes trouble, irritation, etc. a playful inclination to behave in this way or to tease or disturb It’s a wonderfully naughty word isn’t it? It hints at a playful form of wickedness. Someone who is up to no good, but in a well intentioned rather than malicious sort of way. In Scotland, we often use it to describe someone who is full of devilment: See that one? He’s a right mischief, he is... If you follow me on Twitter , or are a regular visitor to this blog, you will no doubt have noticed that I have a penchant for devilment. Flirty, often quick with a quip, possibly a bit to keen to post pictures of myself without any clothes on; you know, all that sort of thing. I think it’s probably fair to share that I am more than just a bit of a mischief… KW

Fine Dining

It seems that when it comes to going down on women, a lot of men can talk the talk, but many fail to deliver the goods. “I could spend hours eating a woman out” is, apparently, a common claim, I’ve even used it myself. The experiences that many of my female friends seems to be that this claim is very rarely backed up when it comes to guys actually putting her cunny where his mouth is. Another common complaint from the fairer sex is that too many of us guys see it as something that’s done perfunctory, almost reluctantly. Something that is done and got out of the way as quickly as possible before moving on to the main event. I’ve never understood this approach. For me, the only “main event” is the time spent pleasuring each other in its entirety. The passionate kissing, the stroking, the time spent exploring her body with my lips and fingers, the time spent eating her out, and the actual penetration are all individual events in their own right that add to a bigger whole; a sexual pentath

States Of Undress

I have a fairly relaxed attitude to being naked. I sleep naked. I happily wander around the house without any clothes on. When the weather permits, I will lie naked in my garden. When I’m on holiday, if local custom permits, I will happily lie naked when sunbathing. For me, there is nothing sexual in these situations, I am simply in a state of being undressed. Western society, and by which I typically mean US/UK society has some very restrictive views on the naked body. Other societies, such as Germany or Scandinavia, are much more relaxed about such things (although I will admit that sometimes, even I find the Germans a little too relaxed about it). In the US, and to a slightly lesser extent, here in the UK, nudity is pretty much synonymous with sex and is, at best, frowned upon. Although being naked in public is not an offence in the UK, per se, you can be charged with public indecency or breach of the peace. Here, as in so many other aspects of our society, a sexual doub

Mood Swings

Depression is a bugger at the best of times (although best of times and depression don’t realy fit well in the same sentence). For me though, the worst thing is never really knowing what my mood is going to be.  Usually I take this from day to day. There are times when I have to go from hour to hour. Sometimes even this seems like I’m trying to plan too far ahead. I have been on antidepressants almost constantly since August 2004. In that time, I have been on: SSRI : – Paroxetine – Fluoxetine – Citalopram Tricyclic : – Amitriptyline – Lofepramine SNRI : – Duloxetine – Venlafaxine I am currently back on Fluoxetine. Each of the above have succeeded (or not) in different ways. Almost all have brought the sometimes violent tremors in my right arm under control. All of the above have had their side effects. Some have worked for longer than others before their effectiveness began to dissipate. One of them, Venlafaxine, didn’t agree with me at all and I had to stop

Word for Wednesday – Transient

Transient /ˈtrænzɪənt/ adjective for a short time only; temporary or transitory Pondering the impermanence of things. It really is quite a sad word when you stop to think about. Moods, feelings, friendships, relationships, even life itself is transient. Things that grab us briefly, the fashions we no longer admit to following, the joys, the sorrows, the high and the lows; all those things that make us who we are, fashion us and affect us with their varying degrees of transience. The passing of the seasons, every second of every minute of every day of every year; They all pass us by, leaving us as the sole constant. The friends we knew at school but have lost touch with, the partners, the lovers, the one-night-stands; all have marked us by their passing. The loved ones that time and age and life have taken from us; the joys of their lives and the sorrows of their leaving; time has claimed them all, leaving us with just memories. And then, one day in the future


Talking about sex can be a big deal. Not for me, so much; I’ve always found it fairly easy to talk about the things I like, and the things I’m less keen on. In the main, most of my partners haven’t been backward about coming forward about such things either. Most, not all. When both partners are able to talk quite openly about the things they like/dislike/want/need, it’s quite easy. When both partners are thoroughly acquainted with each other’s bodies, it can be easier still. You already know what they like, they know what you like, and sometimes all the “communication” that’s needed are those noises you make when someone is doing something you really enjoy them doing to you. It’s slightly harder when the other person is less comfortable about such things. In these situations, I’ve always tried to “ease” things along with a gentle interrogation; trying something then asking if they like it/if it’s OK. It’s not always easy; although mostly, as I say, I’ve been fortunate in this r

The Myth Of The Perfect Blow-Job

I am a guy and I will admit, quite unashamedly, that I love having my cock sucked. I’m going to go all “typically male” here and say that in the almost thirty years since I received my first blow-job, I’ve never had a bad one. They aren’t the only women to have written on this subject, but, both Malin James and Gi rl on The Net , two bloggers that I hold In the highest regard   have written excellent articles on the subject of blow-jobs from a female perspective, and I thought I’d throw in my thoughts on the subject from my own male point of view. Now, as I said above, I love having my cock sucked. Whether it be as part of foreplay, or an event in its own right; whether it be slow and leisurely, or hard and fast; each and every blow-job that I have ever had has been something to savour and enjoy for the experience itself. When my cock is being sucked, in so much as I am able to think of anything at all, the two things that I am “thinking” are, generally how grateful I am t

Split Personalities

Like many people on the “ darker ” fringes of the blogging world, I split my online presence into Certificate-U “ Vanilla ” and Certificate-18 “ NSFW ” categories.  To keep them separate, and to avoid the risk of crossover, I even go so far as to use different apps for each; Google Chrome for Cert-U and Mozilla for Cert-18, Twitter App for Cert-U, Tweetcaster/Tweetdeck for Cert-18. Even with that, my devices still sometimes try to merge my contacts across both personae, or suggest that one me might know the other me. I suspect that this is not uncommon for members of this particular online community; a community where we balance openness with a need for privacy/discretion. Some people are fully out, and I am sometimes a little envious of their ability to walk freely among us; but I suspect the majority of us live much more anonymous/pseudonymous lives. My situation is slightly more confusing.  Not intentionally, but it’s ended up that way. My NSFW side now has three blogs split