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TMI Tuesday: June 13 2017

    TMI Tuesday
  1. Would you take a course in advanced sex positions? Why?
    Probably not. I’m old enough to know enough about what I like and confident enough to make sure I can ask to find out what my partners like. I’ve always been reasonably adventurous, and I have a fairly good imagination; so if I’ve thought of it, I’ve probably tried it (unless it required zero-gravity).

  2. “Did you orgasm?”  Do you ask your sex partners this? Why do you ask this question?There is the old adage about “If you have to ask a woman if she’s had an orgasm, she hasn’t”. Personally, I think that’s bollocks. Whereas male orgasms are generally fairly noticeable (although, not all; we don’t always ejaculate at orgasm), women’s orgasms can be much more subtle. With a new partner whose body and responses I’m not familiar with, I will ask. It’s part of the communication that’s all about learning what works for each other. Once I’m familiar with my partner’s response, I generally find I don’t need to ask.

  3. Was it good for you?” Have you ever asked this question after having sex? Were you ever told “No, it was not good.” If yes, what did you do?
    I have asked, and have been asked, but only ever in a joking fashion when it was pretty bloody obvious that it was actually so much more than just “good”. So, that being the case, I’ve never had someone tell me it hasn’t been.

  4. When was the last time you had a simple, sexy “make out” session? Do you wish you had more purely “make out” sessions?
    If by “make out” sessions you include cuddling sessions then, as a huge fan of cuddling, I will never turn one down and will always be happy to cuddle, even if it goes no further than that.

  5. When is that last time you had a “quickie”– sex lasting 5 minutes or less? How often do you engage in “quickies”?
    The honest answer to this one is I simply can’t remember; certainly not in the last year or two. From that, you can take it that it’s not something I do very often.
Bonus: Think about the person that is/was your favourite sex partner? Why are/were they your favourite?
It all comes down to communication. Being able to discuss what you/they like, what you/they want to do to them or have done by them. It’s about knowing every inch of their body and being attuned to their sounds, scents and flavours. Most of all, it’s about being able to due lose yourself in the moment with that person. The passing of time goes unnoticed as you take pleasure in each other.