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The Face That Sank 1,000 Dates...

So, on twitter, and on her blog, the wonderful Girl on The N et posed this question: You’re on an online dating/hookup site, and someone who is TOTALLY AWESOME says they don’t send photos. Do you: — Girl on the Net ( @girlonthenet )  As is usual for her posts, it got me thinking… Now, I have used dating sites, and I have used hook-up sites and, I’ve tended to use a slightly different approach for both. With the regular dating site (I only ever used about 10 years ago), I was happy enough to have a picture of my face on my profile. With hook-up sites, such as adultfriendfinder and fabswingers , I wasn’t. Why the difference, given that (in part if nothing else) the hoped for end result would be the same and that I might, if I was lucky, get a shag out of it? Partially it is perception; or at the very least, my perception of how both types of sites are perceived.  Your “mainstream” dating site has a “respectability” that your hook-up site doesn’t have. Whi