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by Kilted Wookie

She couldn't see. The blindfold over her eyes shrouded her in darkness; sharpening her other senses, heightening her arousal.

Three pairs of hands explored her body. Two pairs, she was certain, were male; one of which she recognised as His by the sure way they touched her. The third pair were softer, smaller, perhaps belonging to another woman. She couldn't tell. The thought excited her and filled her with a nervous trepidation.

She squirmed as His hand ran up the inside of her thigh. The softer, smaller hand ran up the other. The hands of the other man played with her breasts, teasing her nipples. Her cunt grew wetter with every passing second as the hands explored her. The intensity of her arousal grew with every heartbeat.

Without warning, the hands were gone. She waited in the darkness. Anticipation of what was to come next, grew stronger.

She moaned as an unfamiliar tongue flicked between her lower lips and over her clit; licking her with an easy competence. It was so different from the way He did it, but it felt so good.

A cock placed itself at her lips. In the instant she took it into her mouth, she knew it wasn't his. The texture and flavour were subtly different.

With a start, she realised that the tongue that was licking her so expertly could only belong to the woman, if it was a woman. The thought suddenly excited her. She'd never experienced another woman before, and now the possibility, the unknown, was adding to her excitement. Her orgasm took her completely by surprise.

As the sensations gripped her, her partners changed places. The cock now in her mouth was His. She sucked it hungrily. Another cock entered her, filling her, fucking her.

She came again as the two cocks took her. A new experience, so overwhelming; she couldn't quite believe what was happening.

Lips fastened on her nipple. Her climax peaked again.

He and the other man swapped places. His familiar cock slipped into her, and she could taste herself on the other cock.

Fingers played with her clit as His cock filled her. She sucked hungrily on the other cock, tasting the nearness of his release.

Cocks, fingers, lips; all working in tandem to maximise her pleasure.

The cock in her mouth slipped from her lips. A groan was followed by the feeling of his cum splashing against her skin; warm and sticky.

Again she came as the small hands rubbed the cum into her skin, as His cock fucked her with increased urgency.

Even lost in the throes of her own climax, she recognised the signs that told her His was also imminent.
Seconds later, he erupted inside her, sending her over the edge to her most powerful climax yet.

Her body shook uncontrollably. A long, deep, satisfied sigh escaped from between her lips as the intense pleasure washed over her.

The blindfold was finally removed. She blinked, unaccustomed to the sudden light. It was just Him. The others had gone, their identity still unknown.

He kissed her and gathered her into his familiar strong embrace. She smiled, savouring the afterglow of her dark encounter.

©Kilted Wookie March 2016


  1. You Only Gave Me 5 Stars? I Wanted to Give At Least 8! This Woman Was Very-Well Treated! As a Man, I Was Still Very Involved! Thank You! Sexually Explicit

  2. Great story, sexy, detailed and had me hooked from the beginning

  3. Lovely fun. Lucky woman and all the company too.


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