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by Kilted Wookie

Friday Flash - #FriFlash
Just friends. That's what they'd agreed. That what they had always said. Just friends. Nothing more.

And yet here she was, curled up naked beside him, her body still aching pleasantly from the intense orgasms he had driven her to, the essence of his maleness still warm in her cunt.

It hadn't been supposed to happen. A chat, a few drinks, nothing more. Yet somehow, she had let herself be seduced by him. No; they had seduced each other.

That first kiss, so electric, so real. That first kiss that made a lie of their promises.

The anticipation as he undressed her. The vulnerability as she stood exposed to his gaze. The trembling excitement in her hands as she removed his clothes and explored his body; first with her fingers, then with her lips.

His kisses excited her. The strong, confident touch of his hands as he lifted her to the bed had felt like a dream. The heat of his breath as he knelt between her thighs. The touch of his tongue. Ohhhh, his tongue...

It had teased and tormented her, soothed and satisfied her. Taken her to unscaled heights and cast her from the precipice.

How many times had he taken her to the brink? How many climaxes had that tongue ignited? She couldn't remember.

And she had reciprocated. She had taken his cock into her mouth. She had taken him to and beyond the point of no return. She had tasted him on her tongue, savouring the richness of his essence before swallowing with a hunger she had seldom known before.

Then they had fucked. Long, slow, hard. Moving from one position to another. He had taken her roughly from behind; fucked her solidly from above. She had ridden his cock with wanton abandon.

Again she had climaxed, gripping his cock tightly inside her as she slid herself along its length.

Rolling over, he had pounded her, pinning her beneath him as his own orgasm approached. When at last, he came, filling her, he collapsed on top of her; their hearts pounding together.

None of this was meant to have happened. And yet, here they were; their bodies still wrapped around each other as they shared the afterglow of their passion.

They had this one night together. Was it possible? When they went back to their separate lives, could they go back to how they'd been before? Just friends?

She hoped that they could; but not before they'd enjoyed each other some more.

©Kilted Wookie March 2016


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