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A Private Screening

A Private Screening
by Kilted Wookie

Arriving home from work, she showers, and gets ready; laying out a selection of toys on the bed as the laptop boots up, Skype loads, and she waits for him to arrive.

He did so promptly. He cannot abide tardiness, and so she expected none from him either.

Checking that he can see her properly, she asks him what he would like her to do. He instructs her to strip off. She opens her dressing-gown and lets it fall to the ground before standing there, naked, in front of the camera, exposed for him.

Following his instruction, she climbs on to the bed.

She begins by playing with her breasts, rubbing lotion into them. Her nipples stiffen and a lovely warm feeling begins to spread through her. Spreading her legs, she hopes that he can see how just the simple act of teasing herself is making her wet for him.

Reaching down to her cunt, she spreads her labia before pushing her fingers inside.

“Suck them clean!” he commands. She obeys, wishing it was his cock she was licking her juices from.

Dipping her fingers into her cunt once again, this time she spreads her juices over her nipples; it feels so good, so dirty, as it always does.

The warm glow throughout her body grows more intense, but he gives her no indication of permission for her to come. She continues to play for him, teasing herself, pleasuring herself but ultimately denying herself the release of orgasm until he gives her leave.

“Use your rabbit,” he tells her and she stifles a groan. She is already so turned on and knows that if she uses it for more than a few seconds, she will almost certainly come and he has not yet permitted that.

“Are you sure?” she asks, risking his displeasure, “I might not be able to stop myself from coming?”

“Do as you’re told, miss!”

She complies; setting the toy to its lowest power and applying the buzzing head to her cunt while trying to angle it in such a way that the ears avoid her clit.

The vibrations feel so good. She begins to moan.

“Silence!” he commands, and she bites her lip, holding back the sounds of her pleasure.

The need to be quiet adds to her arousal, intensifying the sensations, Tears form behind her eyelids as she screws them tightly shut, trying to prevent the inevitable.

“Turn the power up,” he says, “No cheating.”

Again she complies. The extra power is like an electric shock coursing through her already over-sensitized body.

Biting her lip harder, screwing her eyes more tightly shut as the pressure inside keeps building to the point where the need to release is an actual pain. Still he has not given permission to come, nor has he given permission to stop.

A realisation dawns. This is a test. He wants her to choose. It is up to her to decide whether to deny herself the release she needs so much, or to surrender herself to it. It is a choice, but is there a correct answer? She doesn’t know what to do; she cannot tell what he wants her to do.

Suddenly, the choice is made for her. In her confusion, she accidentally lets the rabbit’s head slide too deep inside her. Its ears graze her clit and in that moment, she is undone.

Coming hard, her back arches off the bed. Her body heaves as powerful contractions grip and shake her. Her cunt is so wet, the rabbit slips out, and she no longer has enough control to push it back in.

“I… I am sorry…” she sobs between gasping breaths, “I… I tried so hard to… to wait for your… permission.” There was no reply.

Finally, the energy of her climax slowly dissipates, draining her body, leaving her feeling satisfied but uncertain.

She turns to face the screen. He is smiling. “Well done, my clever girl,” he said, “You chose correctly.”

She shook her head, unable to comprehend.

“Sometimes you need to decide for yourself,” he explained, “Sometimes you must have the courage to make a choice not knowing what the right answer is. You could have denied yourself the release you craved, but that would have been pointless. Instead you chose to surrender yourself to your orgasm and risk whatever punishment that might entail.”

“So… so you are not displeased?” she asked, uncertainty evident in her voice.

“Only that you allowed your indecision to cripple you.”

Nodding, she accepted his judgement. “I will submit to your belt master. I will submit and better myself.”

“You will, little one, you will, but not tonight. There will be time enough for that when we see each other next.” His smile broadened. The stern, but softly authoritative mask slipped away. “Now get that sexy arse of yours into gear and go and enjoy the rest of your evening, my sweet, naughty little girl.”

“Goodnight master.”

He logged off.

She sighed, then smiled, then slowly, languidly, reached for another of her toys…

©Kilted Wookie March 2016