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Unseen by Kilted Wookie She couldn't see. The blindfold over her eyes shrouded her in darkness; sharpening her other senses, heightening her arousal. Three pairs of hands explored her body. Two pairs, she was certain, were male; one of which she recognised as His by the sure way they touched her. The third pair were softer, smaller, perhaps belonging to another woman. She couldn't tell. The thought excited her and filled her with a nervous trepidation. She squirmed as His hand ran up the inside of her thigh. The softer, smaller hand ran up the other. The hands of the other man played with her breasts, teasing her nipples. Her cunt grew wetter with every passing second as the hands explored her. The intensity of her arousal grew with every heartbeat. Without warning, the hands were gone. She waited in the darkness. Anticipation of what was to come next, grew stronger. She moaned as an unfamiliar tongue flicked between her lower lips and over her clit; licking her with an easy co


Sounds by Kilted Wookie The book clattered to the floor. A soft moan escaped from between her lips. The sound of her fingers slipping into the wet, tight confines of her cunt as she urgently fingered herself was all she could hear. The pressure built inside her, slowly but steadily; drawing her ever closer to the point of release. She squeezed her nipple tighter as she thumbed her clit. The soft, fresh, clean linen sheets rustled below her as she tossed and writhed in response to the sensations she was giving herself. She became aware of her own breathing; increasingly shallow and rapid as her arousal grew. Her cunt tightened around her fingers, gripping them, squeezing them. Lights flashed behind her tightly shut eyelids. Her hair crackled against the pillow case as her head tossed from side to side. Her heartbeat raced as her climax approached; she could hear it, sensing the blood pounding through her. And then, a moment’s silence as she teetered on the brink. Long, agonisingly inten

A Private Screening

A Private Screening by Kilted Wookie Arriving home from work, she showers, and gets ready; laying out a selection of toys on the bed as the laptop boots up, Skype loads, and she waits for him to arrive. He did so promptly. He cannot abide tardiness, and so she expected none from him either. Checking that he can see her properly, she asks him what he would like her to do. He instructs her to strip off. She opens her dressing-gown and lets it fall to the ground before standing there, naked, in front of the camera, exposed for him. Following his instruction, she climbs on to the bed. She begins by playing with her breasts, rubbing lotion into them. Her nipples stiffen and a lovely warm feeling begins to spread through her. Spreading her legs, she hopes that he can see how just the simple act of teasing herself is making her wet for him. Reaching down to her cunt, she spreads her labia before pushing her fingers inside. “Suck them clean!” he commands. She obeys, wishing it was his cock she


Unintended by Kilted Wookie Just friends. That's what they'd agreed. That what they had always said. Just friends. Nothing more. And yet here she was, curled up naked beside him, her body still aching pleasantly from the intense orgasms he had driven her to, the essence of his maleness still warm in her cunt. It hadn't been supposed to happen. A chat, a few drinks, nothing more. Yet somehow, she had let herself be seduced by him. No; they had seduced each other. That first kiss, so electric, so real. That first kiss that made a lie of their promises. The anticipation as he undressed her. The vulnerability as she stood exposed to his gaze. The trembling excitement in her hands as she removed his clothes and explored his body; first with her fingers, then with her lips. His kisses excited her. The strong, confident touch of his hands as he lifted her to the bed had felt like a dream. The heat of his breath as he knelt between her thighs. The touch of his tongue. Ohhhh, his to