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Erotic Haiku

Erotic Haiku
by Kilted Wookie
A warm wet circle
Surrounding me with softness
Holding me tightly
Time has no meaning
When I am lost inside you
Two bodies as one
The sweet taste of you
Lingers long after we part
Joyous memories
Lips surrounding me
You encircle my hardness
Taking me deeper
Your body, my goal
Your orgasm, my pleasure
Your moans, my reward
Passionate fusion
A sexual collision
Orgasmic release
Warm, wet, inviting
Your softness slowly yielding
As I push inside
My tongue exploring
Every fold of your cunt
Tasting your sweetness
The joyous union
Of cunt, cock, body and mind
The sweet synergy
Your soft, gentle moans
The subtle change of flavour
Announce your climax
The crack of leather
Red marks left on soft white skin
The kiss of my belt
You beg me to cum
To release deep inside you
To share my moment
The rope bites your skin
As you struggle to resist
The leather’s caress
I savour your taste
Your sweet juices on my tongue
Filling my senses
The look on your face
As you take me inside you
Joyous abandon
Moving together
Our climaxes combining
Sexual resonance
One final, deep thrust
As I release inside you
And you moan my name
Warm lips on my cock
Stroking me with their softness
Loving with their touch
Her warmth surrounds me
Gripping me in ecstasy
Fuelling my release
That first inward thrust
Joining my body with hers
As she moans my name
Her long, gentle sighs
Match the pace of my motions
As I move in her
Bodies together
Moving entwined in pleasure
Seeking their release
A climax shared
Satisfaction now attained
Snuggled together
That deep, final thrust
The moment of my release
She holds me closer
My tongue responding
To her unspoken desire
Takes her to the brink
Nipples, pink and hard
Sighs of unbridled desire
She hungers for me
Heartbeats grow faster
Breathing becomes shallower
Climax approaches
Her lips on my shaft
Slowly drawing me inside
Sucking me softly
My hungry tongue laps
Between her soft yielding lips
To taste her wetness
A flavour so rich
Subtle and so addictive
I always crave more
A faint taste of her
A reminder of pleasure
A promise of more
Deep, deep inside her
Her warmth holds and surrounds me
As we move as one
More than just a fuck
A connection of spirits
As well as bodies
Her scent, her flavour
Overwhelming my senses
Feeding my passion
I hunger for her
An intense need to taste her
To sate my desire
The scent of her sex
Its inviting warm softness
Ignites my desire
Your warmth surrounds me
As I fill your soft centre
And two become one
Get down on your knees
Take me into your sweet mouth
Then blow me away
My cock inside you
Fucking you frantically
And then I cum hard
A long, strong, hard, fuck
My cock pushing deep in you
Fucking you so hard
A hard, dirty fuck
Using her as he sees fit
His right as her Dom
An arse for thrashing
Three holes for my cock to take
A slut to be used
I want to taste you
To savour your sweet essence
As my tongue explores
Sweet lips glistening
My tongue slides between her folds
An intimate kiss
I can still taste her
Her essence lingers on
Such sweet memories
Tasting your essence
Savouring your rich flavour
Hungry for each drop
My tongue on your clit
Finding the perfect rhythm
To satisfy you
Time ticks slowly by
As I hunger for her taste
To savour again
The taste of her sex
It is intoxicating
I am addicted
My tongue on your clit
Beating a steady tempo
Until you cum hard
Pounding you firmly
Giving you what you require
And what you desire
Leather kissing flesh
My belt inflicting sweet pain
On your soft, pale, skin
You offer yourself
Surrendering to my will
Submitting to me
Your soft skin reddens
Turning white to deep crimson
As the pain deepens
His hot breath foretells
The approach of his tongue
Surrender to me
I will always protect you
Making you stronger
#MasturbationMonday Brit Babes Guest Post
©Kilted Wookie February 2016