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Erotic Haiku

Erotic Haiku by Kilted Wookie A warm wet circle Surrounding me with softness Holding me tightly ~~~~ Time has no meaning When I am lost inside you Two bodies as one ~~~~ The sweet taste of you Lingers long after we part Joyous memories ~~~~ Lips surrounding me You encircle my hardness Taking me deeper ~~~~ Your body, my goal Your orgasm, my pleasure Your moans, my reward ~~~~ Passionate fusion A sexual collision Orgasmic release ~~~~ Warm, wet, inviting Your softness slowly yielding As I push inside ~~~~ My tongue exploring Every fold of your cunt Tasting your sweetness ~~~~ The joyous union Of cunt, cock, body and mind The sweet synergy ~~~~ Your soft, gentle moans The subtle change of flavour Announce your climax ~~~~ The crack of leather Red marks left on soft white skin The kiss of my belt ~~~~ You beg me to come To release deep inside you To share my moment ~~~~ The rope bites your skin As you struggle to resist The leather’s caress ~~~~ I savour your taste Your sweet juices on my