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Private Dancer

Private Dancer
by Kilted Wookie

The lights are dimmed, the music plays, he sits on a seat in the middle of the floor. Sometimes his hands are tied behind the back of the seat, sometimes not, it depends on how much she wants to tease him.

She steps into the room wearing one of her sluttiest outfits; the kind of outfit that leaves little to the imagination. His eyes are immediately glued to her.

She walks up and runs her hand over his head, across his shoulders. She walks around and runs her fingers down his chest; unbuttoning the first few buttons of his shirt. Her hand dips lower; her fingers trace the outline of the growing bulge in the front of his jeans.

The first song is spent simply teasing him; rubbing herself against him, sitting on his lap and ruffling his hair as she pulls his face towards her cleavage. She squirms on his lap, feeling his cock stiffen.

As the second song starts, she undoes his belt, opens up his jeans. Now it’s the turn of her mouth. She gently kisses his cock through his boxer shorts; teasing him gently with her teeth. His cock strains within its confinement.

She wriggles out of her skirt. It drops to the floor and she kicks it out of the way. She turns away from him and lowers herself on to his lap; wriggling and grinding against him. The wetness of her cunt seeps past the string of her thong, soaking into his boxer shorts.

She begins to remove her blouse. As she eases it down, he begins to kiss her neck and shoulders. This dance is for him; she allows him to do that.

With her blouse joining her skirt in the corner of the room, she stands up. Turning around, she bends over and kisses him. As her tongue dances in his mouth, her hand reaches down between his legs. She finds his cock and pulls it free. Her fingers stroke it lightly and he moans softly into her mouth. As she breaks away, she bends down and lightly kisses the tip before returning to her routine.

Lifting a foot to his groin, she releases one stocking from her suspender-belt. She swaps legs and does the same with the other. Standing up, she removes the suspenders. Bending over him, she hooks them over his head, behind his neck and pulls his face into her cleavage.

She squats down on to his lap again and grinds against his now exposed cock. He struggles, trying to work it past the string and into her cunt. She is so turned on by now, it takes her all her effort not to accept him; soon, but not yet, not yet.

Standing up, she turns away and coyly looks back at him over her shoulder as she slowly eases her bra straps down her arms. Reaching back, she undoes the clasp before tossing the bra nonchalantly aside. Cupping her breasts in her hands, she teases her nipples and feels her cunt grow wetter.

Turning to face him, she can see his cock straining. She makes a show of playing with her nipples; lifting her breasts up to lick them before dropping her hands and exposing herself to his view.

Turning away from him again, she bends over once more. Pushing the string of her thong aside, she runs her fingers between her lower lips and dips them into her cunt, coating them with her juices, marvelling at how wet she is. She looks back and up at him from between her legs and makes a show of licking her fingers clean, before easing her thong down over her arse.

Standing before him, naked except for her stockings and heel, she plays with herself for his entertainment. Fingering her cunt, rubbing her juices into her nipples and licking her fingers clean as she moves towards him.

As yet another song starts, she straddles him again. Rubbing her breasts in his face, she bumps and grinds on his lap.

Sliding down on to her knees, she begins tugging at his jeans. He wriggles in his seat to help as she pulls both them and his boxer shorts down around his ankles.

Taking his cock in her hands, she begins to stroke it. She runs her tongue all over it before wrapping her lips around the tip; fingering her cunt and teasing her clit as she sucks him.

Her cunt begins ache. Her womb contracts. She sucks his cock harder as she comes.

Still trembling, she climbs on to his lap. Guiding his cock into her, her orgasm peaks again. and d she begins to ride his cock with increasing abandon.

Riding his cock until she can sense his own climax is imminent, she slides off him and on to her knees once more. She takes him in her mouth again, savouring the taste of herself on his length. Rubbing her clit, she cums again as she sucks him. From his breathing she can tell he is on the brink.

She has a decision to make; where does she want him to cum? Does she want his load in her mouth; to savour the richness of his cum on her tongue before swallowing it down? Does she want his cum on her skin; coating her in its warm stickiness?

She makes her decision.

Slipping his cock from her mouth, she begins to wank him, directing his cock towards her breasts.

His breathing deepens. The head of his cock swells, becoming an even angrier purple.

Roaring “Fuck yes!” his cock erupts. Thick sticky jets of cum splatter over her breasts. She milks his load from his cock, until his flood slows to a trickle. Finally, she wraps her lips around his cock and sucks the last drops of his cum into her mouth.

As his erection subsides she sits back and rubs his thick cum into the soft skin of her breasts. He watches her as she spreads his load over her skin.

Lying back on the floor in front of him, she spreads her legs and begins to play while she waits for him to grow hard again.

©Kilted Wookie January 2016