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Her Taste

Her Taste
by Kilted Wookie#MasturbationMonday

He looked down on her as she lay, naked, on the bed before him; her legs open, inviting. He feasted on her with his eyes; drinking in her dark hair and pale skin. Her emerald eyes flashed as she smiled up at him.

She flinched as he ran his fingertips up and down the inside of her thighs; dragging his nails lightly over her skin. Again and again, the fingers approached, and each time she wondered if this time would be the time that he touched her soft, lower lips. Each time, to her increasing torment, just when it felt that he had to touch her, his fingers drew away.

Time passed, and his lips replaced his fingers. The sensations changed, but the torment remained. Approach, retreat... Approach, retreat... Each time, the warmth of his breath, the closeness of his mouth to her most sensitive of skin caused her to shiver.

He could see the tension in her build. He could feel it in the tightness of her thighs as he kissed them. Her lips glistened with her moisture. Her scent was intoxicating. His prolonged teasing was almost as much of a torture for him as it was for her; he longed to taste her, to claim his reward, to push her beyond the brink

With her hands bound above her head, she was helpless. She wished she could reach down, grab his head, force his mouth against her. She wished she could end the teasing and make him do that thing that they had both craved for so long. She moaned as, once again, she felt his warm breath against her.

"Yessss!" she moaned, loudly, arching her back as his tongue finally touched her, sliding between her labia and flicking lightly over her clit. Even in that first touch, she felt the awakening of her orgasm. He had brought her so close with his teasing, so much closer than she had been aware of; his first touch was all that it took to ignite the fire within her.

Her juices flowed over his tongue. He savoured her rich sweetness as he poked his tongue into her. Her thighs pressed against his head as her first climax gripped her. Glancing up briefly, he saw her head was thrown back as she gave voice to the incoherent cries that signalled he pleasure.

He returned to his task; feasting on her now with his mouth, every bit as hungrily as he had earlier devoured her with his eyes. Focussing on her clit, he worked a finger inside her.

Her moans deepened as he slid a second inside her. His tongue flicked over her clit as he worked his fingers in and out.

She had no control. She felt her cunt tighten around his fingers, felt her clit throb under the unrelenting, yet gentle, assault of his tongue. "Oh... Oh fuck!" she sobbed as the fingers of his free hand fastened on her nipple, squeezing it between them as he rolled his thumb over the tip.

She felt herself begin to slip again. Her clit pulsed, her nipple ached. Fire burned through her nerves. She screwed her eyes tightly shut as she fought to resist, delay the inevitable, prolong the exquisite pain.

Flicking his tongue where his fingers joined her, he savoured the moment. Her body stiffened again and then she came. It wasn't her moans that announced her climax, nor was it the way her hips bucked, pushing her against his face. It was her flavour; suddenly stronger, richer, so much more intense, that gave him the confirmation.

He stopped, kissed his way up her body. She almost sobbed as he paused to play with her nipples. Finally, his face was above hers, She stared up into his dark brown eyes as he moved to kiss her.

Tasting herself on his lips, she worked her tongue inside his mouth; feeling his hardness press against her.

She could deny herself no more. Breaking the kiss, she whispered in his ear: "Take me. Take me now..."

©Kilted Wookie January 2016


  1.'ve been spying on the wife and I !!!!! ;-)

  2. Hot, hot, hot! So well written. You did a fabulous job capturing her reactions and feelings. Bound and at your mercy? Such a fantasy of mine. Unf. I'll be in my bunk. xx

  3. Oh my! What a fab read and so sexy ......mmmmmm now where do I find myself some time like that?
    Lady E x

  4. Gorgeous descriptions-- your babe sounds especially sexy!

  5. I both love and hate that touch, retreat, touch, retreat dance...getting closer to the spot that desperately needs to be touched, no control whatsoever in what happens next, and then blind-blowing orgasms. Okay I really love that. :)

  6. This is incredibly hot. Sweet torture and sweet release :)
    Rebel xox


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