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His Hands

His Hands by Kilted Wookie She moved into his embrace and felt his hands explore her. As his lips pressed against hers, his right hand gripped her bottom tightly; his fingertips digging into her skin. She was hungry for him; her body ached, she felt myself grow wetter as the anticipation built. “Bend over!” he commanded. Meekly, she complied. “Count the slaps!” “Yes Master!” His firm, strong hand rained down on her; alternating from cheek to cheek as she counted each blow. “One… Two… Three…” Tears brimmed in her eyes as he continued. “Five… Six… Seven…” Heat burned in her cheeks. She knew my face was as red as her bottom. “Nine… Ten… E… Eleven…” She started to sob. The fire in her buttocks spread to her cunt. She could feel the wetness begin to trail down the insides of her thighs. She wanted to feel his thick, hard cock inside her so badly; to have his thick cum filling her with its heat. “Fourteen… Fifteen… Six… Sixteen” She could barely continue. Each number was forced from between