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Under The Covers

Under The Covers
by Kilted Wookie

The windows shook as the wind hurled heavy raindrops against them. In the distance, thunder peeled, rolling sinuously from horizon to horizon.

Warm; safe beneath her covers, she smiled. The thunderous cacophony and the staccato beat of rain against the glass kept her from sleeping, but she didn’t mind; she had her own way of passing the time.

Lightening flashed outside, briefly illuminating her room. The charge of electricity seemed to pass through her body. Hairs rose to accompany a pleasant tingling that grew to strong to resist.

She slid a tentative finger between her soft folds. Although she was safely indoors, cocooned between her mattress and the softness of the duvet, she could not escape the storm; she was wet. The electricity in the air charged her body, seducing her, and she surrendered herself to it.

Fingering herself more surely now, her passion rose as, with each passing roll of thunder, the storm grew closer. Her gentle moans were torn away, consumed by the shrieking wails of the gale that howled outside.

As the tension inside her grew, her heart pounded, sounding like thunder in her ears. The storm was now inside her, taking her, holding her in its elemental embrace.



So much closer now.

Her free hand moved to her breasts, slowly teasing each nipple in turn.

Her moans grew louder, matching the intensity of the winds outside. Her body began to shake, like a leaf swirling around the edges of the maelstrom.

The storm’s intensity grew stronger as it approached, as did the sensations she was experiencing. With each flick of her fingers, lightening surged through her; bridging the synapses between her clitoris and the pleasure centres in her brain. The air around her seemed to crackle, taking its charge as much from her as the storm that was now almost directly overhead.

Lights flashed behind her eyelids. She could no longer tell what was lightening and what was her; where the storm stopped and where she began.

Close… So close… She held herself on the cusp.

Ozone mixed with the scent of her arousal. She sensed the next bolt an instant before it happened.
Lightening flashed, thunder boomed, and her back arched off the bed as she drove her fingers deep inside her; as if the storm’s climax had triggered her own.

She gave herself to it; the storm outside now paled in comparison to her own inner cyclone. Spasms gripped her as she shook violently, letting the energy of her orgasm course through her and slowly dissipate.

She lay, exhausted but content. Her breathing slowly returned to normal as the wind outside dropped.

She had entered the calm at the eye of the storm.

©Kilted Wookie October 2015


  1. I love thunderstorms, so really loved the imagery and description in this. The storm as back-drop was beautiful. :)

  2. This sounds like the perfect way to wile away a thunderstorm. Wet heat from all sides.

  3. Love the parallelism with weather and masturbation

  4. i love especially this: Ozone mixed with the scent of her arousal. She sensed the next bolt an instant before it happened...

  5. Ooh... that last line gave me shivers! Positively electric :) LOVED!

  6. This such a lovely sensual piece. Thanks for linking into Kink of the Week

  7. Now I hate storms but I do agree there is something sensual about the smell of ozone.


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