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by Kilted Wookie

He held her close. Breathing in her scent as his hands reacquainted themselves with her body. She pressed against him; her skin soft and smooth under his hand.

How long had it been? Ho long since they had last been in each other’s presence; since he had last been in her?

She sighed as he held her; his lips kissing her neck, her shoulder, her collarbone. Shivers ran through her as his hand cupped her breast through the material of her corset. She could feel his hunger for her in the firmness of his body, in the way his hands asserted themselves; touching her, holding her, pulling her into him.

Her hands made their way to the front of his jeans, and she stroked the growing bulge contained within. His moan, his intake of breath; an affirmation of his need for her.

As he held her bottom in one large, strong hand, she undid his jeans; freeing him from his confinement. She licked her lips as she took his cock, so hard and heavy, in her hand.

His kisses became more urgent as she stroked him. She moaned softly into his shoulder as he pushed down the cups of her corset and drew her nipple between his lips.

Dropping to her knees, she took him in her mouth. His hands tightened on her shoulders as she worked her lips along his length.

She gripped his arse through his jeans as she sucked and licked him. Every moan, every sigh every taste of him made her grow wetter, made her hunger grow.

He pushed her away, gently but firmly. She lay back on the bed as he quickly undressed. He smiled as he pushed her legs apart; it was a smile filled with hunger, a hunger she knew only too well how he intended to quench.

He kissed his way up the insides of her thighs. His breath felt like fire on her sensitive skin.



His tongue slid between her folds. Her back arched as he began to feast.

Her orgasm quickly ignited. She lost herself in its grip as it peaked; once, twice, again and again.

Climax quickly followed climax until they rolled into one. She lost herself in the sensations; her body no longer hers to control.

Time no longer had any meaning. Each flick of his tongue, each throb of her clit, every heartbeat an eternity of exquisite pleasure/pain that left her both drained, yet aching for more.


A moment of relief.

She sensed him move above her.

She opened her eyes; blinking to focus as he smiled down at her.

She smiled back, knowing what was about to happen.

He entered her with a single thrust…

©Kilted Wookie November 2015


  1.!!!! very hot.. fantastic KW
    BMN x

  2. That was so hott I could almost taste her myself !!! :-)

  3. Wow I feel light headed I came so hard. Awesome post!

  4. thank you for this afternoon or early intervention :) feasting is so delicious, but I must confess rarely does it make me cum, but I love how it feels, I find it so incredibly intimate. I am thinking I should encourage this delight more often so that maybe I will cum from it...


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