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The Aftermath

The Aftermath
by Kilted Wookie

The crumpled sheets she lay on still smelled of him. Though no longer there physically, his presence lingered on.

Her clit still throbbed from the attentions of his tongue. Her nipples still ached; a reminder of his teeth and fingers. Her cunt: oh how empty it now felt, having been so thoroughly used; pounded, stretched, filled.

The scent of him, and of their passion still filled the air. Breathing it in, she could almost believe he was still with her. She wished she could open her eyes and see him smiling back at her; his deep brown eyes looking into her soul, his lips, coated with traces of her essence, ready to kiss her, his cock, strong and proud, ready to claim her again.

A warm contentment spread through her as she remembered the heights he had taken her to, the climaxes he had ignited within her. She could still hear his soft moans, the murmured compliments telling her how good she tasted, how wonderful she felt. She relived the final moments in her mind; the tension in his body as his own climax approached, the gasping moans as he finally released, and the firm pounding of his heart as they snuggled together, basking in the shared warmth of their released passions.

Now, however, he was gone. She settled herself for sleep, knowing that the memory of him would fill her dreams, just as his reality had filled her. For now, she was content to have him only in her head, knowing that soon enough, once again, she would have him in her bed.

©Kilted Wookie October 2015