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Starting The Day

Starting The Day
by Kilted Wookie

She woke up feeling warm and relaxed; feeling his body, hard and warm behind hers as he held her close, his breath hot against her neck. She wriggled gently against him, letting him know she was awake; pressing back against his early morning erection.

A kiss on her neck, a gentle squeeze of her breast was all it took to ignite her desire. She moaned softly and rocked her hips, his hard cock slipped between her legs.

His hand traveled slowly over her body. Starting with her breasts; her nipples stiffened as he gently teased them. The stubble on his chin lightly scratched her shoulder as he nuzzled into her neck and she could feel her cunt respond, growing warmer and moister with every second.

His hand slid lower; she parted her legs slightly to ease his access. A finger slipped between her lower lips and worked its way inside her. She moaned and ground herself against his hand, inviting his finger to penetrate her more deeply. Her cunt grew wetter and hotter as her body responded to his attentions.
He slipped his finger from her cunt. She took his hand and raised it to her mouth; taking his finger between her lips, tasting herself.

She reached down between her legs. Wrapping her fingers around his cock, she began to rub the head between her lips and over her clit; teasing herself, building her arousal.

His hands caressed her breasts; his fingers teased her nipples. Tingles ran through her as she steadily worked the head of his cock over her now throbbing clit.

As she shifted on to her back, he moved above, positioning himself between her legs. His cock, pressed hard against her; she spread her legs slightly, moving, her hips, to accept him.

He pushed slowly but firmly into her; she clutched at his back, moaning contentedly as his cock filled her.

Their bodies moved; he sank into her, slowly but forcefully filling her, stretching her. His pubic bone ground against he clit, causing the neurons to spark in the pleasure centres of her brain.

The pace increased. Hearts pounded, breathing quickened; her body began to shake, her cunt gripped his cock tightly inside her.

He pushed harder, more forcefully. Her orgasm began to build inside her. She moaned, more loudly now, as she let the pleasure wash over her.

At last he groaned. His body tensed. A strangled gasp escaped him as, beyond the point of endurance, he erupted deep inside her, filling her with his seed.

Spent, he collapsed on to her, breathing hard, pinning her beneath him.

Finally, he found the strength to roll off and they clung to each other, holding each other close as his cum dribbled from her cunt.

They dozed; that languid post-fuck drowsiness held them in its warm, comfortable embrace until, at last, the alarm clock sounded and a new day began.

©Kilted Wookie October 2015


  1. Every day should start with something this sexy :)
    Rebel xox

  2. What a great way to wake up: before the alarm clock and with caresses

  3. what a lucky lady to wake up like that - lovely writing as always KW
    BMN x

  4. This is a wonderful wake up for the mornings since I am no morning person.


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