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The Aftermath

The Aftermath by Kilted Wookie The crumpled sheets she lay on still smelled of him. Though no longer there physically, his presence lingered on. Her clit still throbbed from the attentions of his tongue. Her nipples still ached; a reminder of his teeth and fingers. Her cunt: oh how empty it now felt, having been so thoroughly used; pounded, stretched, filled. The scent of him, and of their passion still filled the air. Breathing it in, she could almost believe he was still with her. She wished she could open her eyes and see him smiling back at her; his deep brown eyes looking into her soul, his lips, coated with traces of her essence, ready to kiss her, his cock, strong and proud, ready to claim her again. A warm contentment spread through her as she remembered the heights he had taken her to, the climaxes he had ignited within her. She could still hear his soft moans, the murmured compliments telling her how good she tasted, how wonderful she felt. She relived the final moments in he

The Bank Job (#EuphOff)

The Bank Job by Kilted Wookie He was the master criminal, and she was the bank he intended to ram-raid. His plan was simple; he intended to prize open her soft vault of pleasure with his fleshy crowbar, force his way past her defences into her throbbing love tunnel, plundering her of her of her sensual treasures. He met little resistance as he worked past her outer defences. Her clothing fell away like leaves from an autumn branch as he overpowered her. He quickly set to work. His explosive charge was primed and ready to be worked into position. She moaned as he worked his love dynamite between her crevices and rammed it home. Like a plumber unblocking a stubborn drain, he plunged into her, hammering her like a farmer erecting a fence post in the soft earth. Succumbing to him, like a fallen leaf to a hurricane, she granted access; his key to her lock, drawing him in, allowing him to impale her on his pleasure spike. Their bodies moved as one, writhing and undulating like some frenzied

Starting The Day

Starting The Day by Kilted Wookie She woke up feeling warm and relaxed; feeling his body, hard and warm behind hers as he held her close, his breath hot against her neck. She wriggled gently against him, letting him know she was awake; pressing back against his early morning erection. A kiss on her neck, a gentle squeeze of her breast was all it took to ignite her desire. She moaned softly and rocked her hips, his hard cock slipped between her legs. His hand traveled slowly over her body. Starting with her breasts; her nipples stiffened as he gently teased them. The stubble on his chin lightly scratched her shoulder as he nuzzled into her neck and she could feel her cunt respond, growing warmer and moister with every second. His hand slid lower; she parted her legs slightly to ease his access. A finger slipped between her lower lips and worked its way inside her. She moaned and ground herself against his hand, inviting his finger to penetrate her more deeply. Her cunt grew wetter and h