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Bound To Be Used

Bound To Be Used
by Kilted Wookie

The cold metal links dug into her wrists as he pulled the chain tight to the end of the bed. Forced to bend over, naked but for her black heeled shoes, the metal bar at the end of the mattress pressed uncomfortably into her breasts; her calf muscles ached in protest.

The ball was fitted into her mouth; she felt him buckle the leather strap tightly in place behind her head. "Can't have you causing a scene, making a racket," he said.

Next came the blindfold.

He forced her feet further apart. More chains. This time fastening her ankles to legs of the bed. The steel links bit into her flesh.

"And now I'm going to fuck you," he announced in an off hand manner.

Fuck her he did. Hard, fast, deep. There was no tenderness involved, no softness, no words of reassurance; he simply took what he needed from her. When he came, he shot his load of the upturned globes of her arse, leaving it to trickle down the backs of her thighs.

"I'm going to leave you now," he said, "And I'm going to leave the door open."

A shudder of excitement tinged with dread filled her at his words.

She heard him walk to the door, open it. Sure enough, he did not close it behind him.

Alone, she began to wonder what would happen. Her legs protested at the position she found herself in and she could do nothing to ease the burning ache that spread its way up from her ankles.

Voices in the corridor.

She froze, wondering if they would spot her. She didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed when they passed the door and faded safely into the distance.

Her breasts ached against the pressure of the bed end. The chains around her wrists and ankles felt like anchors weighing her down.

More voices.

Again they passed.

Her left thigh began to cramp.

Time passed in a haze of discomfort, anxiety and aroused trepidation. Would anyone discover her, or would she have to wait until her Master returned to release her?

She sensed rather than heard someone pause by the door. An amused chuckle, then approaching footsteps; not her Master's footsteps.

Her pulse beat faster and her she felt herself grow wet as she heard the unmistakeable sound of a zip being undone.

The suspense grew with every second, every racing heartbeat. The suspense and also the anticipation.

A finger brushed over her lower lips, sampling her moistness. Her clit throbbed. She knew she was about to be fucked. Would it be hard? Would it be gentle? Despite her discomfort, she hoped the stranger would be rough.

Firm strong hands gripped her hips. She felt the tip of his cock press against her. She braced herself, closing her eyes beneath the blindfold, and prepared to be used.

©Kilted Wookie June 2015


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