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Blindfolded And Taken

Blindfolded And Taken
by Kilted Wookie

Blindfolded, and with a growing sense of excitement, Steph let herself be led into the room. It was the blindfold that made all the difference; she knew that she would probably know everyone in the room but because she couldn't and wouldn't be able to see them, she had no way of knowing who was doing what, or indeed just how many others there were. This thought alone, turned her on even more.

Once inside, it began quickly. Lips began kissing her neck; a pair of hands started to caress her breasts though her bra. Steph's nipples stiffened in response. She could feel her cunt grow warmer and wetter with every second.

Her bra was removed and she felt a tongue tease her left nipple. At the same time, a hand was stoking the other; her nipple responded, becoming somehow even harder. With a circling movement the tongue was working outwards from the centre until her breast was soaked with saliva. This action was repeated with her right breast until once again hands caressed them both.

As the hands slid easily over her wet flesh, Steph felt the gusset of her knickers being pulled aside. Probing fingers spread her lower lips. Suddenly a tongue darted out to play with her clit. "Yessss!" she moaned, giving voice to her pleasure as the tongue worked its way between the folds of her cunt lips to hungrily lap up her juices.

The tongue lapped at her with long, slow, deliberate strokes, sometimes darting inside her, sometimes flicking over her clit. The hands were still caressing her breasts. Someone was rubbing some scented skin crème into them. The sensations were becoming overwhelming and, squirming with pleasure, Steph found it becoming increasingly difficult to remain standing upright.

The sensations intensified; the hands continued their firm but gentle kneading of her breasts while the tongue teased her clit. Suddenly she began to tremble. She could feel the tremors begin to rise within her. Sinking to her knees, unable to stand any longer, she opened her mouth to let out a cry of pure pleasure but had to choke it back as a thick, hard cock was forced between her lips.

Steph eagerly began to suck as her orgasm coursed through her body. Its owner gripped her head and forced his cock deeper into her mouth. She spluttered slightly, momentarily unprepared by the force with which the lovely thick cock fucked her mouth was being driven deep into the back of her throat.

The tongue had removed itself from her clit and her body was recovering from the throes of orgasm. She still sucked greedily on the cock in front of her. The noises coming from its owner suggesting that she was not the only one enjoying this.

The pair of hands that had so recently been playing with her breasts grabbed her hips; she could identify them from the warm slickness of the skin crème on their surface. She obligingly lowered them and felt what she guessed was their owner's cock begin to slide into her cunt. Feeling wonderfully stretched and full, Steph quickly got herself into a rhythm; back, slowly impaling herself on the lovely thick cock that filled her from beneath, forward, taking as much of the other cock into her mouth as possible.

Another pair of hands massaged her back with some of the crème that had been applied to her breasts. The hands worked their way down until they came to her arse. Excitement pulsed through her as one finger started to spread some form of lubricant around her hole. Without warning, the finger was thrust up inside her back-passage. Steph barely had time to accustom herself to this experience before it was joined by a second finger.

Steph felt delirious as the two cocks filed her while the fingers in her arse opened her up, readying her for what was to come next.

The fingers were removed; another cock started to press its way in.

Three cocks now invaded her, filling her holes. The sensations she felt were overwhelming and would have made her cry out had her mouth not been full. Steph bucked her hips against the cocks that were invading her from the rear. As she did so the cock in her mouth erupted and sent two great, thick jets of of delicious hot cum into her mouth. As the cock slipped from between her lips, another jet struck her in the face while she greedily swallowed down the cum in her mouth.

She writhed furiously against the two cocks that were still inside her. She could feel those cocks stretching her as she ground against them, cum from the first cock dripping down her face on to her breasts.

Free at last to give voice to her pleasure, Steph cried out “Oh God, harder. Fuck me harder!"

The cocks were relentless in their pounding; Steph could feel herself rising towards the precipice of another climax. "Oh... Oh God... Oh fuck... I’m cumming... I’m cumming... Fuck me! Fuck me harder! FUCK Meeeeeee!!!!!!” she moaned, not caring if she was overheard as her orgasm took hold.

As Steph screamed her pleasure both cocks emptied their loads inside her. She lay back on the floor as the cum dribbled from her holes. She wanted to remove her blindfold but found she hadn’t the strength. Instead she stretched out and luxuriated in the feeling of being happily well fucked. She might never know who her three mystery lovers had been, but they had very definitely satisfied her.

©Kilted Wookie June 2015


  1. @Mariejeanne26Ff9 June 2015 at 19:57

    Wow. It's suddenly got much warmer round here! I love the element of mystery and guesswork the blindfold brings, and I love that she keeps it on at the end. So hot. Thank you for writing.

  2. Such a hot story, I have a dirty fantasy that is similar to this....

  3. Delicious, a part of me would love to be her


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