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Bound To Be Used

Bound To Be Used by Kilted Wookie The cold metal links dug into her wrists as he pulled the chain tight to the end of the bed. Forced to bend over, naked but for her black heeled shoes, the metal bar at the end of the mattress pressed uncomfortably into her breasts; her calf muscles ached in protest. The ball was fitted into her mouth; she felt him buckle the leather strap tightly in place behind her head. "Can't have you causing a scene, making a racket," he said. Next came the blindfold. He forced her feet further apart. More chains. This time fastening her ankles to legs of the bed. The steel links bit into her flesh. "And now I'm going to fuck you," he announced in an off hand manner. Fuck her he did. Hard, fast, deep. There was no tenderness involved, no softness, no words of reassurance; he simply took what he needed from her. When he came, he shot his load of the upturned globes of her arse, leaving it to trickle down the backs of her thighs. "I&

Make Me Come

Make Me Come by Kilted Wookie "You have five minutes, make me cum," he commanded, pressing the timer button on his phone then flexing his belt, making it crack ominously. Five minutes wouldn't normally be too difficult, but as she was, lying on the floor, hands cuffed behind her back, ankles tied together while he sat, fully clothed, on the sofa, made it more of a challenge. Some she managed to struggle to her knees then, shuffling forward, she forced herself between his legs. "Four minutes left." She lowered her face to his crotch. Using her tongue, she flipped the zip tag of his jeans and caught it between her teeth. It was a struggle, but she managed to pull it down. Using her nose to push her way inside, she located the wristband of his boxer shorts. She fastened her teeth around the edge. "Three minutes," he announced, giving his belt another meaningful crack. She dragged the waistband of his boxer shorts down over his cock. Working her lips up th

Blindfolded And Taken

Blindfolded And Taken by Kilted Wookie Blindfolded, and with a growing sense of excitement, Steph let herself be led into the room. It was the blindfold that made all the difference; she knew that she would probably know everyone in the room but because she couldn't and wouldn't be able to see them, she had no way of knowing who was doing what, or indeed just how many others there were. This thought alone, turned her on even more. Once inside, it began quickly. Lips began kissing her neck; a pair of hands started to caress her breasts though her bra. Steph's nipples stiffened in response. She could feel her cunt grow warmer and wetter with every second. Her bra was removed and she felt a tongue tease her left nipple. At the same time, a hand was stoking the other; her nipple responded, becoming somehow even harder. With a circling movement the tongue was working outwards from the centre until her breast was soaked with saliva. This action was repeated with her right breast