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Her Preferred Choice

Her Preferred Choice
by Kilted Wookie

She stood there, an array of implements laid out before her from which to choose. She pondered each one. Each inflicted its own particular brand of pain. Each provided its own unique form of agonisingly intense pleasure.

She considered each one in turn, weighing each one's individual combination of pain and pleasure against her need.

The sound his belt made as it bit into her arse, leaving those lovely red marks.

The stinging pain of the riding crop; almost silent but with a touch that could reduce her to tears with a single contact.

The wooden paddle, so cold and hard. The bruises it left lasted for days.

The cane. Thin as a pencil. Hard as nails. The narrow red stripes it left on her thighs and buttocks that needed so much loving after care.

The whip, the flogger, the shoe, the rolled-up magazine; she considered them all, remembering in detail how each on felt against her skin.

"Well, little one?" He enquired softly.

She hesitated for a moment before resolutely reaching out a hand. "This one please, Master," she said, making a decision, indicating her preferred choice.

©Kilted Wookie May 2015


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