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Come For Him

Come For Him
by Kilted Wookie

Spread out, naked on the bed, she endured his gaze. As she slowly parted her lower lips with a fingertip, she could feel his eyes burning into her. Slipping her finger inside herself, she was amazed to feel how wet she was; how the simple act of him watching her was turning her on so much.

"Taste yourself, little one," he said.

She did as instructed.

"Do you like how you taste?"

She nodded, noticing how hard his cock had become.

"Continue now, little one," he instructed.

Again, she did as she was bid.

Time seemed to stand still as she fingered her cunt and stroked her clit. Apart from the sensations, the only thing she was aware of was his breathing. It felt so good; to be allowed at last to seek out the orgasm she craved. She was in no hurry; wishing to savour the experience, luxuriate in it.

The familiar tension grew inside her as her fingers drove her toward her goal; spurred on by his gentle words of encouragement.

A sigh, a gasp; she bit her lip as the pulsing sensations began inside her.

Close, so close, so very, very close. She wanted to hold on, deny herself, make the moment last, for him as well as for her.

"Come for me, little one," he said softly, "You are allowed to cme now."

The dam burst. Her orgasm ignited.

Closing her eyes, arching her back, she threw back her head and moaned, giving voice to the release she had been denied so long.

Her body still shaking as her climax washed through her and over her, she opened her eyes. He stood before her, hand pumping his cock as he pointed it at her.

"This is for you, little one," he moaned, "this is your reward."

His cock erupted drenching her with his thick, hot load.

©Kilted Wookie May 2015


  1. Cumming for someone else is heady...and makes for very powerful orgasms. :-D

  2. I like this a lot. Tender but hot - lovely combination.

  3. I enjoyed how much was left to the imagination, but the moment was so gloriously described


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