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by Kilted Wookie

Handcuffed to the bed. Blindfolded. Naked. Restrained. She was utterly at his mercy. He could do anything he pleased to her and there was nothing she could do except endure whatever he did.
She waited as the seconds dragged by; wondering just what lay in store for her.
She flinched as she felt the silk cords being tied around her ankles. A moan escaped as the ties were pulled tight, pulling her legs wide apart.
Seconds passed; each one seeming like an age.  She knew he liked to make her wait; letting both her discomfort and anticipation grow.
She flinched as a fingertip ran up the inside of her thigh and brushed teasingly over her labia. Slowly, firmly, he rubbed at her sensitive flesh, parting her lower lips, spreading her juices.
“Yesssss!” she hissed as he pushed one finger into her. The walls of her cunt gripped it tightly as he began to work it in and out.
A second finger was added, stretching her wider. she moaned as he worked them inside her, twisting th…

Under A Blue Sky

Under A Blue Sky
by Kilted Wookie

The sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. She strode from the sea like Ursula Andress, albeit minus the white bikini, towards him.
He sat up and watched as she walked up the beach; the sun in her hair, the drops of water evaporating from her naked body in the summer heat. He didn’t even attempt to hide the reaction it provoked in him.
She smiled as she lay beside him; a smile full of suggestiveness as she reached out and ran a finger along the length of his erection. “Someone seems pleased to see me,” she said playfully, “Now be a dear and rub some cream into my back,”
He shook the bottle and squirted several long, white streaks of sun cream up her back. It looked like he had applied an altogether different type of cream. He moved to sit astride her legs as he began to massage it into her skin.
It felt so good as his strong hands worked their way up and down her back, rubbing the lotion deep into every inch of her exposed flesh. She smiled…

Her Preferred Choice

Her Preferred  Choice
by Kilted Wookie

She stood there, an array of implements laid out before her from which to choose. She pondered each one. Each inflicted its own particular brand of pain. Each provided its own unique form of agonisingly intense pleasure.
She considered each one in turn, weighing each one’s individual combination of pain and pleasure against her need.
The sound his belt made as it bit into her arse, leaving those lovely red marks.
The stinging pain of the riding crop; almost silent but with a touch that could reduce her to tears with a single contact.
The wooden paddle, so cold and hard. The bruises it left lasted for days.
The cane. Thin as a pencil. Hard as nails. The narrow red stripes it left on her thighs and buttocks that needed so much loving after care.
The whip, the flogger, the shoe, the rolled-up magazine; she considered them all, remembering in detail how each on felt against her skin.
“Well, little one?” He enquired softly.
She hesitated for a moment …

Eight Days

Eight Days
by Kilted Wookie

Eight days. Eight days since they had last seen each other. Eight days since their passion had last been allowed to flame. Eight days since they had held each other, tasted each other, taken their pleasure from each other. Eight days of frustration, anticipation and hunger; fuelled by the medium of ever more graphic text messages.
He knocked on her door. As she opened it to him, those eight days faded into the past.
Upstairs, in the bedroom, their lips pressed firmly together, they undressed each other with a slowness that belied the urgency of their desire. Deliberately, they chose to let the anticipation build, the arousal deepen, rather than surrender instantly to their hunger for each other.
Naked, on the bed, they explored each other’s bodies with their fingers and lips; reacquainting themselves with every inch of each other’s body.
Hungry to taste her, he moved between her legs. No teasing was required; he knew she wanted to feel his tongue on her.

Penile Bombardment

The penis: an object of mouth-watering, knickers-moistening desire, or an aesthetically-challenged yet functional bodily protuberance? It seems the jury is out on that one depending largely on whether or not you find the male reproductive organ attractive.
From what I have gathered, there isn’t even a gender split on this subject. Some men are very proud of their members and take every opportunity to show them off, almost literally sticking them in the faces of every woman they meet online by way of sending ‘dick pics’. Others, myself included, tend to be a bit more reticent and, for some, as evidenced by the online offers of penis enlargement pills and potions, they are clearly a cause of embarrassment. Similarly, some women profess to liking the look of the penis and will actively solicit pictures of said organ in its erect state, some women are ambivalent about them, preferring them for the way they make them feel when engaging in sex things, and other women wish we would just pu…

Come For Him

Come For Him by Kilted Wookie
Spread out, naked on the bed, she endured his gaze. As she slowly parted her lower lips with a fingertip, she could feel his eyes burning into her. Slipping her finger inside herself, she was amazed to feel how wet she was; how the simple act of him watching her was turning her on so much.
“Taste yourself, little one,” he said.
She did as instructed.
“Do you like how you taste?”
She nodded, noticing how hard his cock had become.
“Continue now, little one,” he instructed.
Again, she did as she was bid.
Time seemed to stand still as she fingered her cunt and stroked her clit. Apart from the sensations, the only thing she was aware of was his breathing. It felt so good; to be allowed at last to seek out the orgasm she craved. She was in no hurry; wishing to savour the experience, luxuriate in it.
The familiar tension grew inside her as her fingers drove her toward her goal; spurred on by his gentle words of encouragement.
A sigh, a gasp; she bit her lip as t…


Bound by Kilted Wookie
Helpless,  restrained, her body aching from the attentions of his belt. Tears still stung in her eyes from the thrashing she had so recently endured. She knew more was to come; anticipation filled her.
His hands on her hips, she braced herself as the head of his cock pressed against her. She wished she could move, to push her hips back and take him into her, but bound as she was, all she could do was wait.
Fingers knotted in her hair, he pulled her head back sharply backwards as he entered her with a single thrust. “Yes!” she sobbed as his cock filled her.
He fucked her hard, pulling her hair as he thrust deep inside her. “Filthy… Slut… You… Dirty… Little… Slut…” He punctuated each word with another surging thrust of his cock while at the same time bringing his hand down hard on her already burning arse cheeks.
Pain, pleasure; so closely intertwined consumed her. His strokes grew more rapid, more urgent as he fucked her. She wished she could reach back between h…

A Sensual Stroke

A Sensual Stroke by Kilted Wookie
She kissed me tenderly as she began to explore my body for the first time. Her hands, so soft, ran over my chest, down my sides, up the insides of my thighs until she found her goal.
Her fingers gently encased my cock and, ever so gently, she began to tease me.
Fingernails brushed lightly over the head and down the shaft, making me moan as my cock grew stiffer. Her lips fastened around my nipple as she cupped my balls in her hand.
Her gentle touch, so fleeting yet so assured, teased and tantalised me. It was as if she instinctively knew what I liked; as if she were already familiar with my body and not encountering it for the first time.
My cock twitched in her hand as she slowly stroked me. Already I could feel the pressure mounting inside me. I didn’t want her to stop; I was certain she didn’t want to stop as her touch worked its magic on me.
I moaned, releasing some of the tension as her fingers did their work. Her breath was hot on my skin. My hea…