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His Hands

His Hands by Kilted Wookie She moved into his embrace and felt his hands explore her. As his lips pressed against hers, his right hand gripped her bottom tightly; his fingertips digging into her skin. She was hungry for him; her body ached, she felt myself grow wetter as the anticipation built. “Bend over!” he commanded. Meekly, she complied. “Count the slaps!” “Yes Master!” His firm, strong hand rained down on her; alternating from cheek to cheek as she counted each blow. “One… Two… Three…” Tears brimmed in her eyes as he continued. “Five… Six… Seven…” Heat burned in her cheeks. She knew my face was as red as her bottom. “Nine… Ten… E… Eleven…” She started to sob. The fire in her buttocks spread to her cunt. She could feel the wetness begin to trail down the insides of her thighs. She wanted to feel his thick, hard cock inside her so badly; to have his thick cum filling her with its heat. “Fourteen… Fifteen… Six… Sixteen” She could barely continue. Each number was forced from between


Hunger by Kilted Wookie He held her close. Breathing in her scent as his hands reacquainted themselves with her body. She pressed against him; her skin soft and smooth under his hand. How long had it been? Ho long since they had last been in each other’s presence; since he had last been in her? She sighed as he held her; his lips kissing her neck, her shoulder, her collarbone. Shivers ran through her as his hand cupped her breast through the material of her corset. She could feel his hunger for her in the firmness of his body, in the way his hands asserted themselves; touching her, holding her, pulling her into him. Her hands made their way to the front of his jeans, and she stroked the growing bulge contained within. His moan, his intake of breath; an affirmation of his need for her. As he held her bottom in one large, strong hand, she undid his jeans; freeing him from his confinement. She licked her lips as she took his cock, so hard and heavy, in her hand. His kisses became more urg

Look, Dont Touch

Look, Don't Touch by Kilted Wookie "You're a bad girl, aren't you?" he asked as she slid her fingers deep inside her cunt. "Yes Sir! I... Ah... Am a very... Ah... bad girl." "Bad girls don't deserve orgasms, do they?" he taunted. "No Sir!" "No they don't!" "May I... May I stop, Sir?" she pleaded, frustration. arousal, the need for release obvious in her voice. He observed her for several moments, observing the flush of her skin, her rapid breathing. "No," he replied, "Continue. But you must not come, not until I tell you." "Yes Sir!" she sobbed, feeling her cunt tighten around her fingers; the throbbing in her clit almost too much to endure. It was always like this between them. He loved to watch her. He loved to see the anguished pain of longing, no, of need on her face, as she struggled to deny herself the release her body craved. The way she trembled so visibly, the way she

Under The Covers

Under The Covers by Kilted Wookie The windows shook as the wind hurled heavy raindrops against them. In the distance, thunder peeled, rolling sinuously from horizon to horizon. Warm; safe beneath her covers, she smiled. The thunderous cacophony and the staccato beat of rain against the glass kept her from sleeping, but she didn’t mind; she had her own way of passing the time. Lightening flashed outside, briefly illuminating her room. The charge of electricity seemed to pass through her body. Hairs rose to accompany a pleasant tingling that grew to strong to resist. She slid a tentative finger between her soft folds. Although she was safely indoors, cocooned between her mattress and the softness of the duvet, she could not escape the storm; she was wet. The electricity in the air charged her body, seducing her, and she surrendered herself to it. Fingering herself more surely now, her passion rose as, with each passing roll of thunder, the storm grew closer. Her gentle moans were torn aw

The Aftermath

The Aftermath by Kilted Wookie The crumpled sheets she lay on still smelled of him. Though no longer there physically, his presence lingered on. Her clit still throbbed from the attentions of his tongue. Her nipples still ached; a reminder of his teeth and fingers. Her cunt: oh how empty it now felt, having been so thoroughly used; pounded, stretched, filled. The scent of him, and of their passion still filled the air. Breathing it in, she could almost believe he was still with her. She wished she could open her eyes and see him smiling back at her; his deep brown eyes looking into her soul, his lips, coated with traces of her essence, ready to kiss her, his cock, strong and proud, ready to claim her again. A warm contentment spread through her as she remembered the heights he had taken her to, the climaxes he had ignited within her. She could still hear his soft moans, the murmured compliments telling her how good she tasted, how wonderful she felt. She relived the final moments in he

The Bank Job (#EuphOff)

The Bank Job by Kilted Wookie He was the master criminal, and she was the bank he intended to ram-raid. His plan was simple; he intended to prize open her soft vault of pleasure with his fleshy crowbar, force his way past her defences into her throbbing love tunnel, plundering her of her of her sensual treasures. He met little resistance as he worked past her outer defences. Her clothing fell away like leaves from an autumn branch as he overpowered her. He quickly set to work. His explosive charge was primed and ready to be worked into position. She moaned as he worked his love dynamite between her crevices and rammed it home. Like a plumber unblocking a stubborn drain, he plunged into her, hammering her like a farmer erecting a fence post in the soft earth. Succumbing to him, like a fallen leaf to a hurricane, she granted access; his key to her lock, drawing him in, allowing him to impale her on his pleasure spike. Their bodies moved as one, writhing and undulating like some frenzied

Starting The Day

Starting The Day by Kilted Wookie She woke up feeling warm and relaxed; feeling his body, hard and warm behind hers as he held her close, his breath hot against her neck. She wriggled gently against him, letting him know she was awake; pressing back against his early morning erection. A kiss on her neck, a gentle squeeze of her breast was all it took to ignite her desire. She moaned softly and rocked her hips, his hard cock slipped between her legs. His hand traveled slowly over her body. Starting with her breasts; her nipples stiffened as he gently teased them. The stubble on his chin lightly scratched her shoulder as he nuzzled into her neck and she could feel her cunt respond, growing warmer and moister with every second. His hand slid lower; she parted her legs slightly to ease his access. A finger slipped between her lower lips and worked its way inside her. She moaned and ground herself against his hand, inviting his finger to penetrate her more deeply. Her cunt grew wetter and h

Extra Service

Extra Service by Kilted Wookie "Will that be all, sir?" For four years, those words had been the be-all and end-all of our relationship. "Will that be all, sir?" she would ask in the morning as I bought my newspaper so I had change for my parking. "Will that be all, sir?" she would ask when I purchased a bottle of wine to go with my evening meal. "Will that be all, sir?" That same question, so many times and always the same answer, "No, that's everything, thank you." "Will that be all, Sir?" she asked, sitting back on her heels, stroking my cock as she licked the last traces of my cum from her lips. Different circumstances required a different answer. "No, that most certainly won't be all. I want to taste that lovely sweet cunt of yours, I want to make you cum hard, and then I want to fuck you, feel myself inside you. I want you." The look she gave me was one of intense hunger. She lay back and ran a finger b

The First Kiss

The First Kiss by Kilted Wookie Her arse glowed a rosy red from the repeated application of my hand. I could almost feel the heat radiating from its surface. She had been bad; she knew she had. She had sucked my cock with her usual diligence; bringing me close to the point of explosion in the hope of earning some small measure of forgiveness. She had, however, been very bad. Even by her own standards, and she freely admitted it. Kneeling before me on all fours, a shiver ran through her as I unbuckled my belt and slipped it through the stays of my jeans. Was it fear, or was it anticipation? Was it a combination of both? She flinched as I trailed the tip along her spine. Slowly; back and forth, letting her become a little accustomed to the feel of leather on her skin. I ran the belt up over her buttocks. A flinch, another shiver. Bowed, but without a sound of protest, she prepared to face the chastisement her transgression had earned her. I coiled the belt around my hand. I snapped it ti


Restored by Kilted Wookie No words were spoken. No words needed to be spoken. She lay, crumpled like the sheets beneath her. Her body had the beautiful ache that followed from his use. Her nipples stung from the clamps. Her wrists chaffed from the cuffs. Her throat raw from the cries of pain. Her cunt tender from the pounding of his cock. Her arse burning from the lashes of his belt. She lay, exhausted but satisfied. He had called her a good girl as he came inside her. His cum still trickled from her well fucked cunt. Her body used; aftershocks of several intense orgasms still shook her. With her eyes tightly closed, she could still feel his hand around her throat, his tongue on her clit, his cock, oh that wonderful cock, filling her. The bedroom door opened. He bent over and kissed her tenderly on the lips, placing the steaming mug of tea down on the bedside cabinet next to her. He lay next to her on the crumpled sheets that still held the smell of their passion. He put his arms aroun

Bound To Be Used

Bound To Be Used by Kilted Wookie The cold metal links dug into her wrists as he pulled the chain tight to the end of the bed. Forced to bend over, naked but for her black heeled shoes, the metal bar at the end of the mattress pressed uncomfortably into her breasts; her calf muscles ached in protest. The ball was fitted into her mouth; she felt him buckle the leather strap tightly in place behind her head. "Can't have you causing a scene, making a racket," he said. Next came the blindfold. He forced her feet further apart. More chains. This time fastening her ankles to legs of the bed. The steel links bit into her flesh. "And now I'm going to fuck you," he announced in an off hand manner. Fuck her he did. Hard, fast, deep. There was no tenderness involved, no softness, no words of reassurance; he simply took what he needed from her. When he came, he shot his load of the upturned globes of her arse, leaving it to trickle down the backs of her thighs. "I&

Make Me Come

Make Me Come by Kilted Wookie "You have five minutes, make me cum," he commanded, pressing the timer button on his phone then flexing his belt, making it crack ominously. Five minutes wouldn't normally be too difficult, but as she was, lying on the floor, hands cuffed behind her back, ankles tied together while he sat, fully clothed, on the sofa, made it more of a challenge. Some she managed to struggle to her knees then, shuffling forward, she forced herself between his legs. "Four minutes left." She lowered her face to his crotch. Using her tongue, she flipped the zip tag of his jeans and caught it between her teeth. It was a struggle, but she managed to pull it down. Using her nose to push her way inside, she located the wristband of his boxer shorts. She fastened her teeth around the edge. "Three minutes," he announced, giving his belt another meaningful crack. She dragged the waistband of his boxer shorts down over his cock. Working her lips up th

Blindfolded And Taken

Blindfolded And Taken by Kilted Wookie Blindfolded, and with a growing sense of excitement, Steph let herself be led into the room. It was the blindfold that made all the difference; she knew that she would probably know everyone in the room but because she couldn't and wouldn't be able to see them, she had no way of knowing who was doing what, or indeed just how many others there were. This thought alone, turned her on even more. Once inside, it began quickly. Lips began kissing her neck; a pair of hands started to caress her breasts though her bra. Steph's nipples stiffened in response. She could feel her cunt grow warmer and wetter with every second. Her bra was removed and she felt a tongue tease her left nipple. At the same time, a hand was stoking the other; her nipple responded, becoming somehow even harder. With a circling movement the tongue was working outwards from the centre until her breast was soaked with saliva. This action was repeated with her right breast


Teased by Kilted Wookie Handcuffed to the bed. Blindfolded. Naked. Restrained. She was utterly at his mercy. He could do anything he pleased to her and there was nothing she could do except endure whatever he did. She waited as the seconds dragged by; wondering just what lay in store for her. She flinched as she felt the silk cords being tied around her ankles. A moan escaped as the ties were pulled tight, pulling her legs wide apart. Seconds passed; each one seeming like an age. She knew he liked to make her wait; letting both her discomfort and anticipation grow. She flinched as a fingertip ran up the inside of her thigh and brushed teasingly over her labia. Slowly, firmly, he rubbed at her sensitive flesh, parting her lower lips, spreading her juices. "Yesssss!" she hissed as he pushed one finger into her. The walls of her cunt gripped it tightly as he began to work it in and out. A second finger was added, stretching her wider. she moaned as he worked them inside her, twi

Under A Blue Sky

Under A Blue Sky by Kilted Wookie The sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. She strode from the sea like Ursula Andress, albeit minus the white bikini, towards him. He sat up and watched as she walked up the beach; the sun in her hair, the drops of water evaporating from her naked body in the summer heat. He didn't even attempt to hide the reaction it provoked in him. She smiled as she lay beside him; a smile full of suggestiveness as she reached out and ran a finger along the length of his erection. "Someone seems pleased to see me," she said playfully, "Now be a dear and rub some cream into my back," He shook the bottle and squirted several long, white streaks of sun cream up her back. It looked like he had applied an altogether different type of cream. He moved to sit astride her legs as he began to massage it into her skin. It felt so good as his strong hands worked their way up and down her back, rubbing the lotion deep into every inch of he

Her Preferred Choice

Her Preferred Choice by Kilted Wookie She stood there, an array of implements laid out before her from which to choose. She pondered each one. Each inflicted its own particular brand of pain. Each provided its own unique form of agonisingly intense pleasure. She considered each one in turn, weighing each one's individual combination of pain and pleasure against her need. The sound his belt made as it bit into her arse, leaving those lovely red marks. The stinging pain of the riding crop; almost silent but with a touch that could reduce her to tears with a single contact. The wooden paddle, so cold and hard. The bruises it left lasted for days. The cane. Thin as a pencil. Hard as nails. The narrow red stripes it left on her thighs and buttocks that needed so much loving after care. The whip, the flogger, the shoe, the rolled-up magazine; she considered them all, remembering in detail how each on felt against her skin. "Well, little one?" He enquired softly. She hesitated f

Eight Days

Eight Days by Kilted Wookie Eight days. Eight days since they had last seen each other. Eight days since their passion had last been allowed to flame. Eight days since they had held each other, tasted each other, taken their pleasure from each other. Eight days of frustration, anticipation and hunger; fuelled by the medium of ever more graphic text messages. He knocked on her door. As she opened it to him, those eight days faded into the past. Upstairs, in the bedroom, their lips pressed firmly together, they undressed each other with a slowness that belied the urgency of their desire. Deliberately, they chose to let the anticipation build, the arousal deepen, rather than surrender instantly to their hunger for each other. Naked, on the bed, they explored each other's bodies with their fingers and lips; reacquainting themselves with every inch of each other's body. Hungry to taste her, he moved between her legs. No teasing was required; he knew she wanted to feel his tongue on

Come For Him

Come For Him by Kilted Wookie Spread out, naked on the bed, she endured his gaze. As she slowly parted her lower lips with a fingertip, she could feel his eyes burning into her. Slipping her finger inside herself, she was amazed to feel how wet she was; how the simple act of him watching her was turning her on so much. "Taste yourself, little one," he said. She did as instructed. "Do you like how you taste?" She nodded, noticing how hard his cock had become. "Continue now, little one," he instructed. Again, she did as she was bid. Time seemed to stand still as she fingered her cunt and stroked her clit. Apart from the sensations, the only thing she was aware of was his breathing. It felt so good; to be allowed at last to seek out the orgasm she craved. She was in no hurry; wishing to savour the experience, luxuriate in it. The familiar tension grew inside her as her fingers drove her toward her goal; spurred on by his gentle words of encouragement. A sigh,


Bound by Kilted Wookie Helpless, restrained, her body aching from the attentions of his belt. Tears still stung in her eyes from the thrashing she had so recently endured. She knew more was to come; anticipation filled her. His hands on her hips, she braced herself as the head of his cock pressed against her. She wished she could move, to push her hips back and take him into her, but bound as she was, all she could do was wait. Fingers knotted in her hair, he pulled her head back sharply backwards as he entered her with a single thrust. "Yes!" she sobbed as his cock filled her. He fucked her hard, pulling her hair as he thrust deep inside her. "Filthy... Slut... You... Dirty... Little... Slut..." He punctuated each word with another surging thrust of his cock while at the same time bringing his hand down hard on her already burning arse cheeks. Pain, pleasure; so closely intertwined consumed her. His strokes grew more rapid, more urgent as he fucked her. She wished

A Sensual Stroke

A Sensual Stroke by Kilted Wookie She kissed me tenderly as she began to explore my body for the first time. Her hands, so soft, ran over my chest, down my sides, up the insides of my thighs until she found her goal. Her fingers gently encased my cock and, ever so gently, she began to tease me. Fingernails brushed lightly over the head and down the shaft, making me moan as my cock grew stiffer. Her lips fastened around my nipple as she cupped my balls in her hand. Her gentle touch, so fleeting yet so assured, teased and tantalised me. It was as if she instinctively knew what I liked; as if she were already familiar with my body and not encountering it for the first time. My cock twitched in her hand as she slowly stroked me. Already I could feel the pressure mounting inside me. I didn't want her to stop; I was certain she didn't want to stop as her touch worked its magic on me. I moaned, releasing some of the tension as her fingers did their work. Her breath was hot on my skin.