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The Wait

The Wait
by Kilted Wookie

Friday Flash - #FriFlashShe knelt, naked, head bowed, eyes downcast, enduring his scrutiny. Her hands were raised above her head; an offering, an act of supplication; his thick leather belt draped across them. It was an admission of her guilt, an acknowledgement of the need to be punished.

She could feel his eyes burning into her, making her feel more naked than the simple absence of clothes. It felt as if he was staring directly into her soul.

A shiver ran up her spine; not of cold, but of anticipation. She could feel herself growing wetter as his gaze lingered upon her.

As he walked around her, his silence was her rebuke, an acknowledgement of her transgressions. Her heart beat in time to his slow, measured footsteps. The increasing moisture between her thighs grew more uncomfortable with every step he took.

She dare not move, but allowed herself a small shudder of delight as he lifted his belt from her hands. She flinched with delighted anticipation as he snapped the folded leather together with a crack that sounded like lightening.

He grabbed a handful of her hair, tugging her head back sharply forcing her to look up at him. The stern lines on his face, the tightness around his eyes, the set of his jaw, softened by the slightest hint of a smile as he stared down at her made her heart race.

"Are you ready, little one?" he asked softly. The rich warmth of his voice was at odds with the stern set of his demeanour. She nodded, as much as his tight hold on her hair would allow.

Taking her hands, he helped her to her feet. She turned and bent over his desk, trembling slightly as she braced herself. Spreading her legs slightly, she displayed her self for him, showing him the glistening moisture of her arousal.

She waited, biting her lip in anticipation, her cunt growing increasingly uncomfortable as she waited for the first kiss of his belt.

The tension in her grew. She moaned as she sensed him lifting his arm. She heard the familiar swoosh, felt the movement in the air. She cried out, as much with relief as from the pain as, with a stinging slap, the leather bit into her skin.

©Kilted Wookie October 2014


  1. Ahhh the belt, something I hate but that leaves delicious marks

  2. That delicious build up to the punishment. Well done

  3. You did a great job of building up the suspense here. The anticipation of a thing is just as juicy as receiving it. Nice work using their byplay as the 'meat' of the story.

  4. So intensely erotic! Loved it! ;)

  5. Very good use of the strung out anticipation - mouthwatering descriptions.


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