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The Mail Room

The Mail Room
by Kilted Wookie

A smile and a wink, that's all it was. The smile was nothing new; Anna had flashed the same smile as she'd passed my desk every day for almost a year. It was part of our daily routine; a smile, an exchange of "hello," and so the day would progress in its usual fashion. No, it was the wink that was new, something out of the ordinary, something that set this morning apart from all the rest.

Was there more to the wink? I wondered, if so, what? Had there been a hint of mischief in it, or had it just been a wink? My phone went, the day began, and all thoughts of Anna, smiles and winks were quickly dispelled as work took over.

The day passed, as days always do; phone calls, emails, meetings, cups of coffee. In this age of electronic communication, I rarely had reason to visit the mail room; occasionally, however, there was the occasional letter that needed my "wet" signature, the occasional missive that couldn't be entrusted to those ever-so-useful little electrons that so much of my daily communication depended on. Today, such a piece of paper landed on my desk.

The mail room was up two flights of stairs. I took them two at a time and, as I rounded the corner at the top, I had to side-step quickly to avoid running head first into Anna, who was chatting to one of her colleagues in the corridor. A mumbled apology, a smile and I was on my way. Was that a giggle I heard as I rounded the corner towards the mail room door?

At the door there was the usual fumble in my pocket for my security fob, the beep as I pressed the fob to the receptor and finally the click as the lock disengaged to let me in. Unlike the constant hustle and bustle of my office with its perpetual cacophony of human voices and telephones; so constant that they faded into the background, becoming almost inaudible in their familiarity, the mail room was, at this time of day at least, when the sorting staff had left for the day, silent; a haven of peace and quiet away from the hubbub of daily office life.

Then began the hunt for the right envelope; boxes pulled off shelves and checked, before being returned to their place on the shelf. Eventually the correct stationery was found, my form placed carefully inside, the envelope safely sealed and I was ready to do battle with my nemesis, the franking machine.

It was while I was engaged in my struggle with the temperamental piece of machinery that I became suddenly aware that I was no longer alone. A finger traced its way down my spine and a voice I recognised as Anna's whispered in my ear, "I've locked the door from the inside, no-one can disturb us." Her hands slipped around my waist and slowly began to stroke their way up my chest.

"Anna... I... Uh..." I started to protest, but she cut me off.

"I want this," she said, "I've wanted you since the first day I saw you, and now I'm going to have you."

I turned around. Raising herself on tip-toes, she placed her lips on mine. The kiss was gentle but quickly became more urgent. Anna's hands began tugging my shirt from my trousers, her fingers quickly undoing the buttons before slipping under the material to explore my chest. "Fuck me!" she exclaimed, breaking away momentarily from the kiss, "You really are a hairy bastard aren't you?" Before I could reply, her lips were on mine again, her tongue probing my mouth.

Anna's hand strayed to my crotch. I gasped as she stroked my growing erection through my trousers. With a deft flick of her fingers, she undid my belt. Seconds later I was unbuttoned and unzipped. "Fuck!" I groaned with as much eloquence as I could muster as her fingers slipped inside my boxer shorts and began to stroke my cock.

"That is going to feel so fucking good inside me," Anna purred as she worked he fingers up and down my shaft, "My cunt is already wet thinking about you fucking me."

Without a further word Anna knelt down in front of me, freeing my straining cock from the confines of my boxer shorts. She looked up at me and licked her lips. "It looks as good as it feels," she said then winked.

There it as again; the wink. It was the same wink that she'd flashed at me earlier, only this time there was no mistaking her intent; Anna quite clearly had mischief in mind.

I shuddered as she placed a gentle kiss on the tip of my cock. Her lips were moist and warm. I moaned as she kissed and licked all over my shaft. Anna looked up at me, and almost hesitantly asked, "Would you like me to suck your cock? I really want to suck your cock." I nodded my assent and she smiled.

She pressed her lips against the tip of my cock. They parted slowly as she gently moved her head forward, slipping me into her mouth one agonising millimetre at a time. Slowly, steadily; she slid her lips along my shaft for what seemed like an eternity until she had me in fully, her nose pressed against my abdomen, the swollen head of my cock lodged in the back of her throat.

With a leisurely slowness, Anna began to move her lips back and forth along my length. "Fuck Anna!" I gasped as she cupped my balls in one hand and swirled her tongue around my engorged crown. Her slow teasing was driving me mad. It was all I could do to resist the urge to grab her head and begin fucking her mouth.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, Anna began to increase her pace. Her head rocked up and down and from side to side as she worked her lips back and forth along my cock. I could tell she was enjoying herself as much as I was enjoying her attentions.

It's fair to say that I'd fantasised about Anna before. I'll be honest and admit that I regularly fantasise about any number of my female colleagues. The actuality, however, of Anna sucking my cock went far beyond any fantasy. Whether it was the unexpected nature of our encounter, or the fact that just feet away, on the other side of a partition wall, our colleagues were going about their jobs unaware of what was going on practically under their noses, it made no difference to me, Anna's mouth around my cock and the expert way in which she sucked it was electrifying.

It was perhaps inevitable that, just as I was revelling in what an amazing cocksucker Anna was, she chose that moment to stop. Standing up, she braced herself against the counter and said with aplomb, "My turn."

"Fair enough," I replied with a shrug, trying to appear nonchalant. I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, up under her skirt. She flinched and bit her lower lip as my fingers brushed against the soaked gusset of her knickers.

"Mmmmm, fuck!" she moaned as I gently rubbed her mound through the wet material, occasionally slipping a finger inside to lightly graze her moist lower lips. Her hips bucked slightly, pressing herself more firmly against my fingers. "Christ!" she sighed as I slid a finger inside her, "I can't wait to feel your cock inside me."

Anna was desperate for me to fuck her and, to be honest, I was pretty keen to give her what she wanted, but before that, I had to taste her.

Hitching her skirt up over her arse, I knelt down and pulled her gusset to one side. "Fuck! Oh fuck!" she moaned as my tongue worked its way between her glistening, enflamed folds. Almost at once her hips began to buck, forcing her cunt against my mouth.

I lapped hungrily at her cunt, savouring the taste of her juices as they flowed over my tongue. Anna's body was shaking; a couple of gentle flicks of my tongue on her clit was all that took to push her over the edge.

As she came, I fed her orgasm with my tongue. Her body flinched violently with every touch. Every flick caused another moan to escape from between her lips. The moans slowly coalesced into words. "Fuck me!" she sobbed, "Please fuck me."

I stood up and put my hands on Anna's hips. Her body was still shaking as I positioned the head of my cock at the entrance of her cunt. I wanted to take it slowly, to ease into her, but Anna had other ideas. Thrusting her hips back, she impaled herself on me. "Fuuuuccccckkkkkk,” she sighed as I filled her. "I... I knew you'd feel good inside me," she breathed softly, flexing the walls of her cunt around my shaft, gripping me tight inside her. "Now, fuck me!" she demanded, "Fuck me hard!"

I began to thrust, slowly at first, savouring the warm, wet tightness of Anna's cunt around my cock. Soft, contented murmurings issued from Anna’s mouth as I worked my cock deep inside her. "That's it," she moaned, "That's it! God your cock feels so good inside me."

Picking up the pace, I reached up under her blouse. Anna reached behind her to unclasp her bra as I pulled the cups down, supporting the weight of her full breasts in my hands. "Mmmmmm, fuck!" she gasped as my thumbs teased her nipples. "Shit! Fuck!! That feels so, sooooo good!" she moaned as I pinched them between my fingers, tugging on them sharply, causing her to thrust back against me as my cock plunged into her depths.

We moved together as I fucked her; my strokes long and deep; her cunt flexing around my cock. "Christ!" I moaned as she reached back between her legs to cup and squeeze my balls as I drove my cock into her with increasing force.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm coming!" she sobbed, as her body began to tremble, her hips bucking even more urgently against me. I could feel the waves of her climax ripple through her cunt as its walls spasmed, gripping me ever more tightly.

Almost inevitably, Anna's climax triggered my own. I could feel my balls tighten, my load rising up through me. "I... Ahhh... I'm so close," I groaned through clenched teeth as I struggled to hold back, willing myself to last that little bit longer."

"Come for me," Anna panted, "I want to feel you release inside me."

I slid my hands from Anna's breasts and gripped her hips tightly; pulling her on to me as I pounded her cunt.

"Come!" she breathed, "Come!"

I could hold on no longer. Hot fire coursed through me as my load surged through my cock.

"Fuuuucccckkkkk!" I moaned as my cock erupted, pumping jet after jet of cum deep into Anna's body.

"Mmmmmmm, yesssssss" she purred as my cum flooded her cunt.

I pinned her against the counter as I emptied myself into her; my cock pressed firmly inside her. The walls of her cunt still gripped me, although the pulsing spasms were less intense as her climax slowly dissipated.

Finally I pulled away, spent, my cock beginning to subside. Anna pulled the gusset of her knickers in place to catch my cum as it began to dribble from her well fucked hole. Straightening her skirt and fixing her bra and blouse, she smiled at me and gave me that wink again before kneeling in front of me and gently cleaning my cock with her mouth.

A few minutes passed as we sat together on the floor of the mail room; sharing the intensity of experience as control slowly returned to our bodies. Finally we got to our feet. Smiling, she kissed me. "Thank you," she said softly into my ear, "That was the nicest leaving present anyone has given me today." She kissed me once more then, once again she gave me that wink. With a swish of her hips, she walked to the door, unlocked it and was gone. I shook my head to gather my thoughts before leaving the mail room as well. There was no-one in the hallway outside, and no-one in the stairwell.

Pausing briefly at the canteen to make myself a coffee, I returned, smiling broadly, to my desk.

©Kilted Wookie February 2014


  1. This must be a fantasy of so many women. And men. I wouldn't mind an encounter like this!
    Welcome to Wicked Wednesday (from your own blog) ;)
    Rebel xox


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