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The Wait

The Wait by Kilted Wookie She knelt, naked, head bowed, eyes downcast, enduring his scrutiny. Her hands were raised above her head; an offering, an act of supplication; his thick leather belt draped across them. It was an admission of her guilt, an acknowledgement of the need to be punished. She could feel his eyes burning into her, making her feel more naked than the simple absence of clothes. It felt as if he was staring directly into her soul. A shiver ran up her spine; not of cold, but of anticipation. She could feel herself growing wetter as his gaze lingered upon her. As he walked around her, his silence was her rebuke, an acknowledgement of her transgressions. Her heart beat in time to his slow, measured footsteps. The increasing moisture between her thighs grew more uncomfortable with every step he took. She dare not move, but allowed herself a small shudder of delight as he lifted his belt from her hands. She flinched with delighted anticipation as he snapped the folded leathe

The Mail Room

The Mail Room by Kilted Wookie A smile and a wink, that's all it was. The smile was nothing new; Anna had flashed the same smile as she'd passed my desk every day for almost a year. It was part of our daily routine; a smile, an exchange of "hello," and so the day would progress in its usual fashion. No, it was the wink that was new, something out of the ordinary, something that set this morning apart from all the rest. Was there more to the wink? I wondered, if so, what? Had there been a hint of mischief in it, or had it just been a wink? My phone went, the day began, and all thoughts of Anna, smiles and winks were quickly dispelled as work took over. The day passed, as days always do; phone calls, emails, meetings, cups of coffee. In this age of electronic communication, I rarely had reason to visit the mail room; occasionally, however, there was the occasional letter that needed my "wet" signature, the occasional missive that couldn't be entrusted to t