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Sexual Symphony

Sexual Symphony
by Kilted Wookie
~~ Overture - Seduction ~~

Wicked Wednesday
A hug, a loving glance, a tender kiss; I run my fingers through her hair as our lips press together. Her breathing quickens as my lips work down her neck. She sighs as I nibble gently on her earlobe.

We kiss again, this time with increasing passion; her teeth tugging lightly on my bottom lip. Her fingers begin to unbutton my shirt.

Her fingers explore my chest, as her tongue dances in my mouth. I run a finger up her side, tracing the curve of her breast through the material of her dress. She shivers and presses her lips even more firmly against mine.

Her hand casually traces the outline of my cock through my jeans. It stiffens in response to her touch. "Do you like that?" she whispers.

I cup her breast. My thumb teases her nipple. She murmurs softly, and presses herself even more firmly against me.

As my shirt comes off, she moves to sit astride my lap. My cock strains within its confinement as she rocks her hips against me.

I unzip her dress and push the straps down her arms. She moans as I kiss and nibble her neck and shoulders. Her nipples stiffen as I tease them through the material of her bra. Her breathing deepens as I kiss the exposed tops of her breasts.

With a deft flick, her bra clasp is undone; with a negligent shrug, the flimsy garment joins my shirt on the floor. Cupping her breasts in my hands, I dip my head and fasten my lips around one nipple, flicking it with my tongue. "Mmmm, yesssss," she sighs as she grinds herself against me.

I bury my face in her delicately scented cleavage. I run my fingers up her spine as I kiss and lick her breasts, coating her nipples with saliva.

I can feel the heat of her cunt through my jeans as she presses herself against my cock. I grip the hem of her dress and begin to pull it upwards. Smiling, she raises her arms to lets remove it. She wraps her arms around my neck, pulling herself against me as she kisses me with increased passion.

It becomes increasingly frantic. Hands slide over bare skin; teasing, exciting. Lips and tongues explore. Her fingers unbuckle my belt, unfasten my jeans. My cock senses freedom but yearns for another warmer, moister, more intimate form of confinement.

I hitch my thumbs inside her knickers and begin to work them down over her bum. She wriggles as I slide them lower. Finally, she stands up, letting her juice soaked thong fall to her feet. With a flick of her foot, it’s gone, cast enthusiastically into the shadows in the corner of the room.

She smiles at me. Leaning forward, her hands on my shoulders, she kisses me lightly. Her hands move to the waist of my jeans. “Let’s see what you have in here for me,” she purrs as she begins to tug. I raise myself slightly, allowing her to slide my jeans and boxers down. My cock springs free. She licks her lips appreciatively.

~~ Adagio - The Feast ~~

Kneeling between my legs, she reaches out and lightly strokes my cock. It twitches in response to her touch. A soft moan escapes from between my lips.

She catches my gaze. Her smouldering brown eyes look up at me through long, dark lashes as she slowly works her fingers up and down my shaft, teasing the head of my cock with her thumb. She leans forward. My balls twitch as I feel her warm breath on my sensitive skin.

“Oh fuck!” I moan softly as she plants a series of gentle kisses on the head of my cock, sending shivers up my spine.

Slowly, but intently, she kisses and licks her way down my shaft. I grip the edge of the sofa as her tongue flicks over my balls. She works her way back up. Reaching the top, she swirls her tongue over the increasingly swollen head of my now throbbing cock.

I want her to take me into her mouth; to feel the moist warmth surround me; but it’s not to be, not yet at least. Again and again, her lips and tongue work their way down, then up my cock. Her thumb teases the head as her lips repeatedly explore every inch of my shaft.

As her teasing continues, I have to force back the growing urge to force my cock between her lips and fuck her teasing mouth; such is the power she has over me.

After an eternity of teasing she relents. She gives the head one final flick of her tongue, then wraps her lips around it. “Oh! Oh fuck, that’s good!” I moan as she works her lips downwards, drawing me deeper into her mouth.

Slowly, steadily, confidently, she takes me in deeper and deeper until the head of my cock lodges in the back of her throat. Her fingers tease my balls as her lips work their way up and down. She stares up at me, her mouth full of cock. The intensity, the hunger in her stare as she sucks me multiplies the growing pressure in my loins.

Sucking hard, she increases the pace. Her head bobs rapidly up and down. My hips begin to buck. Unable to stop myself, I entwine my fingers in her long brown hair, pulling her head towards we as I begin to thrust my cock between her lips.

The pressure for release builds inside me. I hold her head in my hands as I begin to fuck her mouth with increasing urgency. Tears swell in her eyes as my growing need for release drives me to abuse her mouth mercilessly.

Tension grows. Pressure mounts. Her mouth has brought me to the point of no return. Distantly, I hear myself moan. “I’m going to come! I’m Going to come!” My voice sounds hoarse and strained.

I release her head. My hands grip the edge on the seat. My knuckles turn white as I struggle to hold back.

She moves her mouth up, holding the head of my cock between her lips. The fingers of one hand stroke my shaft while the others cup and squeeze my balls.

I struggle to hold on. I want to make the moment last as long as possible. My breathing becomes increasingly strained.

Suddenly I explode. Cum surges through my cock to erupt inside her hungry mouth. Still sucking, she milks my shaft with her fingers, squeezing every last drop from me.

I slump back on the sofa. She lets my cock slip from between her lips. She opens her mouth, letting me see my load pooled on her tongue. Then, with a swallow, and a lick of her lips, it’s gone.

~~ Scherzo - Nectar ~~

She lies back on the floor and parts her legs. With a look of hunger in her eyes, she slowly slides a finger between her moist, smooth pink folds and spreads her lower lips. Her juices glisten on their surface as she dips one finger into her cunt.

Lifting her nectar coated finger to her mouth, she slips it between her lips. “Mmmm, I taste good,” she breaths seductively. “Why don’t you come down here and find out just how good I taste for yourself?”

I slide down from the sofa and move between her legs. Slowly, I began to kiss my way up the inside of her legs, taking my time as I made my way towards my goal, teasing her as she had teased me.

Closer and closer, I make my way towards her cunt; kissing the inside of one thigh, and then the next as I drew inexorably nearer, hungry for the taste of her cunt.

At the last moment, feeling the heat from her cunt, I move away. “You swine!” she moaned as I begin to run my tongue up the insides of her thighs again.

Over and over, I move close, never quite making contact with her cunt before withdrawing again. I slowly drive her wild with my teasing.

Finally, as she begs for relief, I take pity on her.

“Yessssss!” she sighs, as I part her lips with my tongue. I kiss her swollen clit and she moans with pleasure. My tongue begins to lap tenderly between her soft folds and I savour the taste of her juices as they trickle over my tongue. I gently suck on each of her lower lips before pushing my tongue deep into her cunt.

As my tongue probes deep inside, she squirms in an agony of pleasure. I began lapping at her cunt, spreading her juices with my tongue.

She begins playing with her breasts as I feast myself on her essence, savouring its rich flavour. She squeezes her soft globes with her hands, pinching her nipples and moaning softly as she writhes in ecstasy.

I change the focus of attention to her clit. I suck and lick it as her breathing becomes heavier. I flick her clit with short, sharp stabs of my tongue.

As she writhes on the floor, I slowly slide one, then two fingers into her soaking cunt.

I fuck her with my fingers as my tongue beats relentlessly on her clit. The walls of her cunt tighten around my fingers as her body begins to shake.

Her hips begin to rock, grinding her clit against my tongue, forcing my fingers deeper inside her. I feel her body stiffen, her breathing sounds like sobbing gasps.

“Fuck! Oh Fuck!! Oh... Ohhh... FUCK!!!” she moans as she comes, her body shaking violently as the force of her orgasm washes over her.

I feel her fingers in my hair, pushing my face harder against her cunt, making it abundantly clear that she wants me to continue.

I continue to lick an nuzzle her clit; slower now, more gently. The violence of her climax begins to subside.

“Don’t stop!” she begs, still pressing my face firmly to her mound, “I’m not finished yet!”

I slowly increase the pace of my licking again. As my tongue flicks her still throbbing clit, I push my fingers deep inside her, twisting them around as I work them in and out.

“That’s it... Oooooh, yesssss, that’s it!” she sighs, clutching at the back of my head.

Without warning, her hips begin to buck again, more violently this time. Her body thrashes as a second, stronger orgasm takes hold of her. Her hand slips from my head as her whole body convulses. “I want you to fuck me now...” she says, her voice a distant whisper.

~~ Allegro - The Finalé ~~

As she trembles beneath me, I kiss my way up her body. “Fuck me,” she breathes as I position myself above her. I press my cock to her cunt, it slides in effortlessly. “Oh God!” I moan as her warm moistness engulfs me.

We move together, slowly at first, surrendering our bodies to each other. As I slide my cock in and out, the walls of her cunt flex around it, gripping it tight.

I bend my neck to kiss her nipple as I sink my cock into her. She runs her fingers through my hair as she moves her hips to meet my thrusts.

We roll over. I lift myself up to kiss and caress her breasts as she impales herself on me; riding me with increasing abandon. She murmurs, dreamy meaningless nothings, as she uses my cock for her own pleasure.

Sitting back, she reaches behind to stroke my balls as her cunt tightens around my cock. I reach up to tease her nipples with my fingers as she grinds herself against me.

She begins to move faster. A look of dreamy concentration crosses her face as she focuses on satisfying her desire.

Propping myself up, I press her breasts together and suck both nipples into my mouth, nibbling them gently and teasing them with my tongue.

“Oh God! I’m coming again,” she whimpers softly as shudders run through her body. Her cunt tightens around my cock. A soft, quiet moan escapes from between her lips as she slumps forward on to me.

We roll back. Her body trembles beneath mine as I increase the pace of my thrusts. Her hands grip my arse as I plunge into her. “Come for me, baby,” she moans, “Come inside my cunt.”

With every stroke of my cock, the pace increases. With every thrust, the pressure inside me grows. Every movement I make is accompanied by a litany of encouragement. “Fuck me, honey!” she moans, “Fuck me and fill me with your cum.”

Her moans increase in urgency as I continue to fuck her harder. My movements become automatic as the need for release builds. We move together, hearts pounding, breathing deeply as the finalé draws ever closer.

“Uh huh, uh huh, just do it,” she urges as I reach the point of no return.

With a final thrust, and a groan, I let go, releasing my load inside her, adding my warmth to hers. She pulls me close to her as my strength deserts me.

We lie there together, basking in the shared afterglow of our passion. A hug, a loving glance, a tender kiss; I run my fingers through her hair as our lips press together in a certain satisfied symmetry.

©Kilted Wookie April 2012


  1. Amazing
    This story was incredible, I absolutely loved it. It is not very often that I read a story that makes me so wet that I must tend to myself immediately.

  2. Bravo
    I would be standng, shouting ENCORE ENCORE at your concert.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. I hope you'll bring some more like that more often. Wow. Pardon me while I fan myself.

  4. Swoon! This was gorgeous. Love!

  5. Bloody great, I say! Fab idea and beautifully told Mr Wook

  6. I think you captured the feel of how a symphony builds up towards a grand and beautiful ending perfectly

  7. This is really beautiful, sexy and special.
    I love that you have decided to add it to this week's prompt. Thanks for that!
    Rebel xox


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