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A Special Treat

A Special Treat
by Kilted Wookie

She gives me a mischievous smile as she kneels down in front of me. "Just sit there and relax," she purrs seductively, "You don't need to do a thing." I nod as she strokes my cock through my jeans.

"That's it," she says, "Just you get yourself all nice and big and hard for me." I do just that; my cock stiffens in response to her touch; it's not as if it can do anything else.

She undoes my jeans, slipping her hand inside, rubbing my cock through my boxer shorts. "I love making you hard," she says softly; my cock twitches in her grasp.

Her fingertip traces the outline of my cock. She licks her lips. I let out a quiet moan.

Her fingers stroke, slowly, gently; heightening my state of arousal. I want to feel myself in her mouth, her lips sliding along my shaft, but all in good time, she is in no hurry and I know better than to rush her.

Pausing briefly, she sits back and takes off her top. With a smile, she undoes her bra and tosses it carelessly aside. She reaches forward and begins to tug at my jeans. I raise myself up slowly so that she can remove both them and my boxer shorts.

Leaning forward, she begins to lightly kiss the insides of my thighs, working her way closer and closer. I moan with anticipation as she nears her goal.

A fingertip grazes across my balls. I flinch at the contact. Slowly she draws her finger up my shaft then runs it down again.

Her fingers encircle me, and begin to move up and down. Her tongue flicks over my balls, teasing the ridge of skin down their centre; “Oh fuck!” I gasp as she tightens her grip on my cock.

Up and down her fingers travel, slowly but steadily massaging my cock. She swirls her tongue over the swollen head, bathing it in her warm saliva.

Her tongue replaces her fingers. She slowly licks and kisses every inch of me. Her hand gently cups and squeezes my balls as she explores my straining cock with her lips and tongue. I close my eyes and savour the sensations.

Changing position slightly, she leans in closer and rests my cock in her cleavage. She presses her large firm breasts together, gripping my cock between them and begins to rub it.

As she slowly wanks me with her breasts she dips her head so she can flick her tongue over the head of my cock. “That’s so, so good!” I moan.

Already, I can feel the pressure inside me grow. Her breath is warm on the engorged and increasingly sensitive head of my cock. It twitches, trapped between her breasts as she presses them even more tightly together, increasing the speed as she rubs me between them.

She looks up at me through long, dark lashes, fixing my gaze with her steely grey eyes. “I’m going to suck your cock now,” she says, “I’m going to take your lovely big cock between my lips and suck it deep into my hungry mouth.” She affects a look of sweet little-girl innocence and adds, “You would like me to suck your cock, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh fuck yes!” I reply

“Yes what?” she taunts.

“Yes, I’d love you to suck my cock?”

“Oh? Why?”

“Because I love the way it feels when it’s in your mouth,”

“How does it feel?”

“So warm, so wet, so good, so, so fucking good!”

“Will you give me your cum?”


“A nice big load down my throat?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I moan in tortured consternation.

She smiles, kisses her fingertips and touches them to my lips. “Good,” she breathes huskily, “I do like it when you give me a nice big load to swallow.”

She wraps her lips around the head of my cock and slowly draws me deep into her mouth. I moan as she slowly engulfs my length. She glances up to see me watching her; she knows how much I love to watch my cock disappear into her mouth. She cups my balls and gently squeezes them as her mouth begins to work its way up and down my cock.

Her head moves up and down. My cock slides in and out of warm and hungry mouth. At the top of each stroke she swirls her tongue around the head then flicks across the slit.

Sucking harder; her lips slide down my shaft; taking as much of my cock as possible into her mouth. Wrapping her fingers around the remaining inches, she moves her hand in time with her mouth, working them together in tandem.

My breathing deepens as the pressure inside me steadily mounts. “Oh, oh fuck that’s good,” I moan as her mouth glides effortlessly up and down my shaft. She varies the pace; at first slow and gentle then progressively getting harder and faster before slowing down again; all the time cupping and squeezing my balls.

“Oh! Oh fuck!” I cry out as she presses her middle finger into the sensitive spot between my balls and arsehole, driving me even wilder.

Of their own volition, my hips begin to buck. Without thinking, I grab her head and start fucking her mouth, thrusting my cock between her lips.

My movements are automatic, a response to sensations that are beginning to take control of me. She coughs slightly, spluttering as I drive the head of my cock into the back of her throat. Fighting for control, I moderate my thrusts as my body grows tenser with every stroke.

I’m getting close; I can feel my cock begin to twitch inside her mouth. Sensing this, she pushes me back firmly as she retakes control, driving me towards the inevitable climax.

“I... I can’t take much more!” I groan.

She lets my cock slip from between her lips. “It’s OK, baby, come for me. Give me a nice big mouthful of cum to show me how much you’ve enjoyed this.”

She wraps her lips around the head of my cock and begins to suck once more. She grips my shaft between her thumb and forefinger and begins to rub up and down; her hand blurring as she drives me closer and closer to the point of eruption.

I struggle to hold on. My body tense with the need for release, screaming to me to let go, but I want to make it last, I want to feel exquisite pain of denial for as long as I can endure. I clench my teeth, I grip the edge of the sofa, my knuckles turning white I use every ounce of my willpower to hold on for that little bit longer.

With her lips securely wrapped around the head of my cock, she tilts her head back and our eyes meet as she gives my balls one final, gentle squeeze. It’s finally too much. “OH FUCK! I’M COMING” I cry then, followed by a growl of sheer animal lust, I let go.

My cock erupts, sending jet after jet of hot, sticky cum surging into her mouth. She has a look of dreamy concentration on her face as she takes my load.

Finally, my cock slips from between her lips. Looking me in the eye, she opens her mouth to show me my load pooled on her tongue. As I slump back on the sofa, she smiles and makes a show of savouring the thick load of cum in her mouth before greedily swallowing it down.

As I strain to regain composure, she gets and sits beside me on the sofa, snuggling up close. She kisses me lightly then says. “Happy birthday, honey, I hope you liked your present.”

©Kilted Wookie April 2012


  1. That definitely is the kind of birthday present many a man (and woman) would want!
    Rebel xox

  2. Oh goodness . . . this is very, very naughty!
    I LOVED it . . . LOL!!!
    Xxx - K

  3. A sensational birthday present!
    Velvet x


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