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A Special Treat

A Special Treat by Kilted Wookie She gives me a mischievous smile as she kneels down in front of me. "Just sit there and relax," she purrs seductively, "You don't need to do a thing." I nod as she strokes my cock through my jeans. "That's it," she says, "Just you get yourself all nice and big and hard for me." I do just that; my cock stiffens in response to her touch; it's not as if it can do anything else. She undoes my jeans, slipping her hand inside, rubbing my cock through my boxer shorts. "I love making you hard," she says softly; my cock twitches in her grasp. Her fingertip traces the outline of my cock. She licks her lips. I let out a quiet moan. Her fingers stroke, slowly, gently; heightening my state of arousal. I want to feel myself in her mouth, her lips sliding along my shaft, but all in good time, she is in no hurry and I know better than to rush her. Pausing briefly, she sits back and takes off her top. With a

Sexual Symphony

Sexual Symphony by Kilted Wookie ~~ Overture - Seduction ~~ A hug, a loving glance, a tender kiss; I run my fingers through her hair as our lips press together. Her breathing quickens as my lips work down her neck. She sighs as I nibble gently on her earlobe. We kiss again, this time with increasing passion; her teeth tugging lightly on my bottom lip. Her fingers begin to unbutton my shirt. Her fingers explore my chest, as her tongue dances in my mouth. I run a finger up her side, tracing the curve of her breast through the material of her dress. She shivers and presses her lips even more firmly against mine. Her hand casually traces the outline of my cock through my jeans. It stiffens in response to her touch. "Do you like that?" she whispers. I cup her breast. My thumb teases her nipple. She murmurs softly, and presses herself even more firmly against me. As my shirt comes off, she moves to sit astride my lap. My cock strains within its confinement as she rocks her hips aga