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Reacquainted Passion

Reacquainted Passion   by Kilted Wookie Hearing her name being called, Lorna stood up and turned round.  “Sorry I’m a bit late,” Martin said as he closed the distance between them, “the traffic was absolutely horrendous!” They hugged and exchanged a brief kiss, then stood back, each looking at the other. “Oh, you’re forgiven, I guess,” she replied with a smile, “But I was beginning to feel stood up.” “Like I’d ever do that to you,” Martin said.  “You haven’t changed a bit,” he added as he cast an appraising eye over Lorna, smiling the same slightly lopsided smile that she had always found so endearing.  “And don’t bother lying to me by saying I haven’t either.” “Don’t worry,” Lorna replied with a wicked grin, “I wasn’t going to.” She stuck her tongue out then added, “You are looking well though,” as she stepped forward to hug him again. They ordered their drinks and found a quiet table.  As they drank, they reminisced about the times they had had together when they were stu