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Reacquainted Passion

Reacquainted Passion by Kilted Wookie Hearing her name being called, Lorna stood up and turned round. "Sorry I'm a bit late," Martin said as he closed the distance between them, "the traffic was absolutely horrendous!" They hugged and exchanged a brief kiss, then stood back, each looking at the other. "Oh, you're forgiven, I guess," she replied with a smile, "But I was beginning to feel stood up." "Like I'd ever do that to you," Martin said. "You haven't changed a bit," he added as he cast an appraising eye over Lorna, smiling the same slightly lopsided smile that she had always found so endearing. "And don't bother lying to me by saying I haven't either." "Don't worry," Lorna replied with a wicked grin, "I wasn't going to." She stuck her tongue out then added, "You are looking well though," as she stepped forward to hug him again. They ordered their drink