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Ready And Rough

Ready And Rough by Kilted Wookie The key was where she had told him it would be. Slowly and quietly, he let himself in through the front door. The house was silent but, just as he was about to call out, he noticed the handwritten sign saying " Come on upstairs. I'm a little tied up... " He made his way upstairs, trying to make as little sound as possible. When he reached her bedroom door, he cast a quick glance inside and had to stifle a chuckle. Lying there naked on her bed, she really was tied up, or, to be completely accurate, she had handcuffed herself to the rails of the headboard. The blindfold was an added detail. Pausing only to undress quickly, he tiptoed into the bedroom. He had almost made it to the foot of the bed when a squeaky floorboard betrayed his presence. "Is that you?" she asked a little nervously. He laughed. "What would you do if it wasn't?" "Probably not much," she replied, "given my current predicament and eve