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Mixing Business With Pleasure

Mixing Business With Pleasure by Kilted Wookie Selina quickly checked herself in the bathroom mirror one last time. She’d been looking forward to tonight’s job and her preparations had been meticulous. She smoothed down her knee-length black dress that clung to her, showing off her shapely body to full effect. The low cut neck-line showed off her d├ęcolletage, with just a hint of the lacy black Basque she was wearing below it. Sheer black stockings and stilettos completed her outfit. She was looking good and she knew it. With a smile and a confident stride, Selina stepped out into the hotel lobby and into the lounge where she knew her client for the evening was already waiting for her. As he saw Selina approach, Tom rose to greet her. As always, he was wearing a smart black business suit. Selina felt a thrill of anticipation surge through her as she crossed the room towards him. Their greeting kiss was brief but yet subtly passionate. Although Tom was a client who paid her generously fo