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Drunken Dalliance‏

Drunken Dalliance
by Kilted Wookie

Katie had had too much to drink, but she didn't care; she was enjoying herself. After three long weeks of revision and sitting exams, she had been in need of letting her hair down and a night out with her friends Muriel, Hannah, Emma and Nikki fitted the bill perfectly.

It was Muriel that noticed him first. "You've got an admirer," she said to her friend, nodding towards the group of young men at the bar; one of whom who was clearly giving Katie a good look-over.
Katie laughed. "Well, he's only human, I guess," she replied.

"Oooh, get you!" Emma teased, "You with the perfect boyfriend already. Why do they never hit on those of us that are single?"

"He's hardly hitting on me, Em," Katie replied, "He's just looking."

"Looking, hitting, same thing, he's a bloke after all," Hannah joked.

"Not bad looking, though," Nikki, observed, "For a guy, anyway..."

Katie sneaked another quick look. Nikki was right; he was good looking. About 6'2", short brown hair and well built. Had things been different, Katie might have been interested. She shook her head. No, she'd get plenty of what she wanted from Dan when they both got home from their respective nights out; assuming they weren't both too drunk to manage. It was tempting though, she admitted to herself.

"Well, if he wasn't so interested in Katie, I definitely would," Hannah said with a wicked smile. "Same again?" The girls all nodded.

As the drinks flowed, Katie found herself getting increasingly turned on by the unknown man's attention. It wasn’t so much him, but the idea that appealed to her. It had been a long time since she had last casually picked up a random guy in a bar for a casual shag. The last time had been before she had even started going out with Dan, she realised. Somehow, having got the idea into her head, she couldn't quite shake it off. The more Katie thought about it, the more uncomfortably turned on she became.

Suddenly, the temptation became too much. "I think I need some fresh air," she said to Muriel, "I'm going to pop outside for a few minutes."

"You're such a lightweight," Muriel teased, "You want me to come with you?"

Katie shook her head. "Nah, I'll be fine," she replied, "Just tell the others where I've gone."

Katie got up and walked towards the door. She cast a quick glance in her friends' direction to see if they were watching. They weren't. Steeling herself, Katie walked up to the guy. She tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and his dark brown eyes met hers. Katie felt a thrill of anticipation surge through her. "I'll be outside the gates. Two minutes," she said before turning and walking out.

Katie's heart pounded as she waited. She almost jumped when he asked, "OK. So where are we going?"

She thought for a second then smiled as an idea came to her. "Just follow me," she said, taking his hand.

As quickly as Katie could manage in her heels and short, tight skirt, and taking account of her less than sober state, she led him on to the Cowgate. A few minutes later, they found themselves at the entrance to the small close that Katie had in mind.

"Quick, in here," she said quietly, gently pushing him in the general direction that she wanted him to go in. They quickly came to an alcoved doorway. "We should be safe here if we don't make too much noise," she said, "Unless we're disturbed by someone else who has the same idea, that is."

He laughed. "The voice of experience?" he teased, "Do you do this often? I bet you do, don't you, you naughty little slut?" Katie blushed even more deeply; it was all the answer that was required. She and her boyfriend, Dan, had frequented this particular alley-way, and any number just like it, on many occasions for a drunken quickie on their way home from nights out. Realising this, she felt a momentary pang of guilt, but her excitement and state of drunken randiness drove her on.

Hidden from view in the doorway, with their lips pressed firmly together, Katie slid her hand down the front of his jeans. His already stiff cock twitched in response to her touch.

Katie wasted no time. Unzipping his jeans, she crouched down in front of him. She smiled hungrily as she released his cock from its confinement. Seeing the object of her need for the first time, Katie smiled to herself. His cock was long, at least 7", and thick. It was heavily veined and the large, swollen head was angrily purple. Stroking his cock with her fingers, Katie knew she was going to enjoy feeling that inside her, wherever he decided to put it.

She flicked her tongue lightly over the swollen head of his cock. "Ohhhh, fuck!" he sighed as she licked along his length.

Katie wrapped her lips around his swollen knob and drew his cock into her mouth.

"Oh! Oh fuck!" he moaned as Katie slid her lips quickly back and forth along his length. Sucking hard, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, working them in tandem with her lips.

Without warning, he gripped Katie's head with his hands and began driving his cock into her mouth with short, stabbing thrusts.

There was no subtlety or tenderness involved. As he fucked her mouth, Katie responded in kind, sucking harder and increasing her pace. His breathing soon became laboured, his cock was a rigid as steel, its head became increasingly swollen in her mouth.

"This... This is so... so good!" he groaned, thrusting hard, driving his engorged head of his cock roughly into the back of her throat.

Katie spluttered briefly, almost choking as tears trickled down her cheeks, but she quickly recovered, getting back into her stride.

Gripping his buttocks as he fucked her mouth, all Katie could do was brace herself against him for support. "You've got a hot mouth slut!" he groaned, driving the head of his cock into the back of her throat, "I bet you love having your mouth fucked." Katie did, but with his cock filling her mouth, the was no way she could reply.

Suddenly he pulled out. "Stand up!" he demanded. Katie did as she was told. He grabbed her and kissed her roughly on the lips, his tongue briefly exploring her mouth. "Your hot, slutty mouth tastes good after having my cock in it," he said hungrily. "Now I'm going to give your cunt a good pounding!"

Katie felt a thrill of anticipation as he spun her around to face the door. She braced herself against the frame, trembling with excitement as he lifted her skirt. Seeing the butterfly tattoo on her right arse cheek, he teased, "You are a hot little slutty minx, aren't you?" Without any further hesitation, he pulled the gusset of her lacy thong to one side and plunged his cock deep inside her waiting cunt.

"Oh fuck!" Katie cried out as he took her with all his force, not caring if she could be overhead. His cock slid in and out with a force that made her knees go weak. She could feel his balls slap against her with every thrust. He reached forward and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them through the material of her top as his cock pounded at her cunt.

Enjoying the rough pounding her cunt was receiving, Katie supported herself with one hand reached down to rub her clit with the other. Savouring the sensations, she thrust her hips back to meet each stroke of his cock, taking him in deeper.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you, you little slut?" he asked as he thrust hard, roughly squeezing her breasts to emphasise each stroke of his cock.

"Y... Yes!! I... I'm loving it, mmmmmm," she replied.

"I love fucking slutty student cunt," he said, driving his cock in harder still.

Katie's orgasm took her by surprise. The sensations coming from her tits, her clit and her cunt, combined with the riskiness of their situation overwhelmed her. "Ssssshiiitttt!! Oh fuck!" she sobbed as powerful contractions shook her body. She felt her knees go weak. It was only his cock, buried deep in her cunt, that stopped her from collapsing.

"My big, hard cock, makes my slutty student feel good, doesn't it?" he asked as Katie's cunt pulsed around his cock.

"Mmmmmm, yesssssssss!" she replied dreamily, lost in the throes of her climax.

Never relenting, he continued to fuck Katie hard. He suddenly reached down, touching where they joined, coating his fingers in her juices. He began spreading it around with his fingers. "Oooooh!" she sighed, nearly jumping out of her skin when a finger lightly brushed against her arsehole.

Slowly, he pushed his finger into her arse. Having both holes filled at the same time drove her over the edge and her orgasm re-ignited. Katie gripped his cock with the walls of her cunt. He slid his finger in and out of her arse as he thrust his cock into her. Katie rubbed at her clit, grinding her hips against him, drawing his cock as far inside her as it would go.

The pace of his fucking slowed until, unexpectedly, he stopped and Katie felt him remove his cock from her cunt. He spun her around. "Get down on your knees and suck it again, slut! Taste your cunt on my cock!"

Katie didn't hesitate. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and drew him into her mouth. The taste of her juices on his shaft added to her arousal.

"Take it slut! Take my cock!" he demanded, grabbing the back of her head and driving his cock into her mouth.

Choking, as he drove his cock into her throat, Katie felt tears well up in her eyes. Her jaw ached; her throat was raw, but she was loving every second. She had never been abused like this before, and she felt every bit like the slut he kept calling her. It was a feeling that Katie was relishing.

Once again, he pulled his cock from her mouth. "Enough of that, slut!" he said, pulling Katie to her feet and spinning her around, "I'm going to fuck your pretty little arse. You'd like that, wouldn't you slut?"

"Oh yes," Katie replied, I'd love to have your big, thick cock in my arse."

"Good slut!" he said, flipping her short skirt up to reveal her bum again.

Katie braced herself against the door-frame as he slid his cock up and down her slit, occasionally dipping it into her cunt, coating it with her wetness. She trembled in anticipation as he began pressing against her arsehole.

His thick cock was well lubricated but it still hurt as it pushed against the resistance of her arsehole. It was such an incredibly dirty feeling, taking a complete stranger's cock in her arse in a dark alleyway in the heart of a busy city where they could be disturbed at any second, and Katie loved it. Ignoring the pain Katie pushed her hips back and felt his cock slide, inch by inch, into her arse.

He began to move his cock in and out. Katie moved her hips to meet his strokes. He began to increase the pace and Katie heard herself yelling "Harder! Harder!"

Her arse was being fucked with powerful strokes. Katie began to rub her clit again, occasionally sliding a finger into her cunt. He reached forward, up under her top and, pulling the cups of her bra down, began rubbing her breasts and teasing her nipples as his cock slid in and out of her arse.

"You like getting your arse fucked, don't you, slut?" he asked, plunging deep into her back-passage.

"Oh fuck, yes!!" Katie replied, "I love it. I love your cock!! I love feeling it in my arse!!"

Rubbing her clit furiously as he abused her tender arsehole, Katie felt another orgasm grow quickly inside her. Her body began to tremble again and she came once more. Oblivious to their location, she screamed, "Yes! Yes! Fuck my arse! FUCK me!!!"

He continued to fuck her relentlessly, stabbing his cock into her back-passage with rapid, powerful thrusts. His breathing was becoming increasingly laboured. Katie sensed he was getting close.

Suddenly he pulled out. Spinning her around, he kissed her roughly on the mouth. "Undo your top, slut!" he demanded, "I'm going to dump my load all over your lovely tits.

Katie unbuttoned her top as he stroked his cock in front of her. She got on her knees and pushed down her bra, freeing her large, 32DD breasts.

"I'm going to come on your tits!" he moaned, furiously pumping his cock. "I'm going to spray your tits with my cum!"

His breathing deepened. His hips bucked. "Get ready, slut!" he groaned, "Here comes my load!"

His cock erupted, sending jets of hot, sticky cum over Katie's breasts. He came so hard, she wondered if he was ever going to stop as he coated her breasts with cum.

He staggered back, tucking his cock back into his jeans. "Eat it up, slut!" he said, I want to see you enjoying my cum.

Katie didn't hesitate. She scooped his cum from her breasts and raised her fingers to her mouth, sucking each one in turn, savouring the rich, salty tang of his cum.

"Christ! You really are a cum hungry little slut, aren't you?" he asked, still struggling for breath.

Katie simply nodded, licking her fingers clean before rubbing the remains of his load into the skin of her breasts.

After a few moments, Katie stood up and straightened herself up. "Thanks," she said with aplomb, "I guess I needed that."

They made their way back to the pub. "Do you want my number?" he asked as they reached the gate.

Katie smiled, "No thanks," she replied. "Fantastic as it was, I'm afraid I'm already spoken for."

"Oh," he replied, "I see. Well, he's a lucky guy to have a hot little slut like you to come home to. Another time maybe?"

"Maybe," Katie agreed, giving him a wink.

As she walked across the courtyard, Katie was grateful that neither Muriel nor Nikki, the two smokers in her group had chosen that moment to come outside. Her top clung uncomfortably to the sticky residue on her skin and Katie realised she was going to need a shower when she got home.

"Feeling better?" Muriel asked as Katie rejoined her friends.

“Much,” Katie replied, “Just what I needed.”

“I see your admirer’s back,” Hannah commented dryly.

“Oh?” Katie replied, trying not to blush.

“Yeah, he left just after you,” Muriel added, “We thought maybe you’d snuck off together for some you know what...”

Katie tried desperately not to let the colour rise in her cheeks. “Who? Me?” she asked, “As if I would do something like that...”

“Yeah, probably not,” Hannah agreed.

“Well, I don’t know about her, but I would have,” Muriel continued.

“Oh? And what about Jamie?” Emma asked.

“Oh, well, I guess, what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, would it?” Muriel replied coyly.

“No, I guess it wouldn’t hurt at all,” Katie replied, thinking about how much she was looking forward to the seeing-to she would get from Dan when he got home from his night out.

©Kilted Wookie August 2010


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