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Drunken Dalliance‏

Drunken Dalliance by Kilted Wookie Katie had had too much to drink, but she didn't care; she was enjoying herself. After three long weeks of revision and sitting exams, she had been in need of letting her hair down and a night out with her friends Muriel, Hannah, Emma and Nikki fitted the bill perfectly. It was Muriel that noticed him first. "You've got an admirer," she said to her friend, nodding towards the group of young men at the bar; one of whom who was clearly giving Katie a good look-over. Katie laughed. "Well, he's only human, I guess," she replied. "Oooh, get you!" Emma teased, "You with the perfect boyfriend already. Why do they never hit on those of us that are single?" "He's hardly hitting on me, Em," Katie replied, "He's just looking." "Looking, hitting, same thing, he's a bloke after all," Hannah joked. "Not bad looking, though," Nikki, observed, "For a guy, anywa

The Final Fling

The Final Fling by Kilted Wookie Sitting in her car, Claire stopped to pause, her head resting on the steering-wheel as she absorbed the significance of the evening's events. It was over at last, that much was certain. In all honesty, she admitted reluctantly to herself, it had been over for a long time. It had been good, of course; it had always been good, but tonight however, Claire realised, that it was finally time to close the door on that particular episode in her life firmly and finally. This particular episode had lasted now for three years. He had a girlfriend, of course, and it had become clear to Claire very early in their relationship that he was never going to leave his girlfriend for her. As she had done countless times since she'd met him, Claire cursed herself for getting involved with an attached man. Although she had come, reluctantly, to accept her position as 'the other woman', she had always hoped it would come to more. Time after time, she had told