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Acting Out A Fantasy

Acting Out A Fantasy
by Kilted Wookie

Wicked Wednesday
Jess smiled to herself as she picked her way through the crowds and the street performers filling the Royal Mile. It was a warm August evening, almost too warm for the long black coat she wearing, but Jess didn't mind; it was all part of her plan.

The coat she was wearing stopped just above her knees, revealing her slender but shapely lower legs, over which she was wearing finely meshed stockings. Jess's favourite pair of black high-heels and slender-framed sunglasses finished the look.

As she approached her destination, Jess realised that she was becoming almost uncomfortably warm. She couldn't decide whether this was down to the heat of the early evening sunshine or the increasing anticipation that was growing within her.

As she approached the café, Jess saw him sitting there, just where he said he would be, casually reading a newspaper. He looked up but neither of them gave even the slightest flicker of recognition as Jess walked past his table and into the café to get a drink for herself.

Inside, it was even warmer and, as she waited to be served, Jess became increasingly grateful that he had chosen a table outside; not just because it would be more comfortable, given how she was dressed, but because it also added to the level of naughtiness of what she was going to do.

Finally, having been served, Jess made her way back outside. The early evening sun was bright and, while it was still warm, thankfully, it was noticeably cooler than it had been inside.

Jess made her way over to where he sat. Putting her drink down on the table, she asked, "Mind if I sit here?", addressing him as if he were a total stranger, pushing her sunglasses up over her fringe so that he could see her face. As Jess spoke, with her back towards the crowds, she undid the coat's belt, letting it fall open, revealing that, beneath the coat, she was naked except for her stockings and a lacy black suspender-belt.

A thrill of delight ran up Jess's spine as he looked up; a hungry grin spreading across his face that brought a warm blush to her cheeks. She stood there, exposing herself to his scrutiny for several moments as his eyes explored her. As the seconds ticked by, Jess became increasingly excited by the prospect that someone else might see her. His gaze lingered on her pert, shapely breasts. Jess followed his eyes as they moved slowly downwards to drink in the view of her smooth and increasingly moist cunt.

The sense of excited anticipation grew almost too much for Jess to bear. She shifted her weight anxiously from foot to foot as she endured his gaze, certain that, at any moment, someone in the crowd would notice what she was doing. At the same time, Jess could feel her cunt growing wetter with every passing second.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he smiled. "Sure. Be my guest," he said before seemingly returning his attention to his newspaper.

Jess let out a soft sigh of relief as she covered herself up, fastening her belt before sitting down. Her cheeks were burning, and not just from the heat of the early evening sunshine, as she took a sip of her tea.

Feigning an air of indifference as she sat there, Jess idly watched as he tapped a message into his mobile-phone. Seconds later, she felt her own phone vibrate in her coat pocket. As casually as she could manage, Jess drew her mobile from her pocket and read the message that he had just sent her.
"Play wth ur cunt" it read.

Jess looked around quickly. Satisfied that she couldn't be overseen, she parted her legs slightly and slid one hand inside her coat. She bit her lip to suppress a moan as she slipped her fingers between her moist folds. The temptation to cry out grew stronger as she slowly slid one, then two fingers into her cunt.

In her heightened state of arousal as she worked her fingers slowly in and out, Jess became increasingly aware of the crowds of people nearby; all of them going about their business, seemingly unaware of what was going on almost directly under their noses. The realisation that anyone of those countless people might be able to see what she was doing turned her on even more.

Of course, someone was watching her, a fact that Jess was reminded of when her phone began to vibrate again.

This time the message read: "Opn ur coat. I wnt 2 c more".

Slowly, not taking her fingers from her cunt, Jess shifted her weight, pushing her chair back slightly. With her free hand, she pulled the bottom of her coat open slightly. With just the slightest shake of his head, he let Jess know that he wanted her to reveal more.

Jess adjusted her coat again.

He shook his head.

Blushing, partly from embarrassment, but mostly from her extreme state of arousal, Jess opened her coat further.

Again, he shook his head.

From somewhere, Jess found the courage to comply once more. With her heart in her mouth and a look of pleading in her eyes, she looked at him.

He hesitated. The seconds ticked by. With her fingers deep in her cunt, Jess froze as she waited for his response.

Finally, with a smile, he nodded. Jess allowed herself a small sigh of relief before continuing. She almost cried out with frustration when, almost immediately, her phone came to life again.

"Opn ur legs jst a ltl bit more" the message read.

Painfully aware that if anyone were to look out through the café's window, they would almost certainly be able to see what she was doing, Jess spread her legs as far apart as she dared.

Her phone remained silent. His head remained still. Jess allowed another small sigh to escape as she set about pleasuring herself once more.

Under his scrutiny, with her fingers working rhythmically in and out of her cunt while her thumb pressed against her clit, Jess felt the tension and pressure for release build within her. Bolts of pleasure, as intense as lightening, surged through her. She wanted desperately to cry out, give voice to her pleasure. The need to remain silent combined with the brazen naughtiness of her behaviour only increased the intensity of the sensations she was experiencing, heightening her ever growing need for release.

Her phone buzzed once again. "Cum 4 me Jess. Cum 4 us bth!" it read.

Freed by his explicit command, Jess drove herself on, almost oblivious now to the bustling crowds all around her.

Her clit began to throb. Jess pressed her thumb firmly against it. The walls of her cunt began to contract around her fingers, gripping them tightly. Spasms ran through her womb. Jess longed to cry out, giving voice to her release. As her body began to shake, she fought for control, trying desperately not to be obvious, not to draw attention to herself as her orgasm grew stronger.

Her heart pounded. With every beat, the intensity of her climax grew higher. The evening had grown milder as the sun sank behind the Royal Mile's tall buildings, but Jess barely noticed. Her body was on fire as her orgasm held her in its grasp. What she wanted most at that moment was to feel his cock thrusting inside her, taking her hard as she rode the surging waves of her climax.

Finally, Jess could endure no more. She let her fingers slip from her cunt but made no move to cover herself. Fighting to regain control, she could see him smiling. There was a hunger in his eyes; a hunger that matched hers.

As the energy of her orgasm dissipated and her breathing became less laboured, Jess became increasingly aware of her surroundings; aware of the people around her; aware of what she had just done; aware that here, In the heart of Edinburgh's festival, she herself had, in her own way, become one of the performers.

The performance wasn't quite over. Slowly and very deliberately, Jess raised her fingers to her mouth. Their gazes locked. Jess smiled then began to lick her fingers clean, suggestively drawing each finger into her mouth, removing every trace of her juices from their surface. She took a long sip of her drink then, with a smile and a wink, she adjusted her coat, hiding her tender and very wet cunt from view.

Once again, he tapped a message into his mobile-phone. "Tht ws soooo hot! U hv gt me V. Hrd!" it read.

This time Jess replied. "I hope so! All the better 2 fuck me wth!"

He flashed her a smile. Seconds later he stood up and walked off.

Jess smiled. It was all part of the plan. For now, she would finish her drink and then, in a few minutes, she would follow after him.

As she got up to leave, Jess cast a quick glance through the window of the café, catching the eye of one of the customers inside. He smiled at her then winked. Jess felt her cheeks burn as the realisation dawned on her that at least one other person had witnessed her performance. Her embarrassment quickly passed, replaced by a returning sense of arousal. She smiled and winked back then turned and walked away. Even the growing realisation that it would be a very long time before she could show her face again in that particular café couldn't dampen her sense of elation, nor her mounting anticipation for the next stage of her plan.

With her excitement growing once more, Jess waited for what seemed like an age for the pedestrian crossing to change to green.

Crossing the road, Jess walked as fast as she could in her heels; wishing, not for the first time that evening, that her chosen outfit allowed for slightly less precarious footwear.

He was waiting for her, as agreed, at the top of Blackfriar's Street. He smiled hungrily as he saw her approach.

Jess kissed him. As their lips pressed together, his hand slid inside her coat to begin caressing her soft skin. "Mmmmm," she sighed as his hand lightly stroked her breast, his fingers teasing her nipple.

With a laugh, Jess pushed him away. "You evil git!" she teased, "I could've died when you made me keep opening my coat further and further." The words tumbled excitedly from her lips. "Did you know someone was watching me from inside the café?"

He laughed. "I counted at least three," he said. Jess's cheeks, already flushed with arousal, turned a deeper red. "Don't worry," he continued, teasing, " They probably thought you were one of the street acts."

Jess made a face. "That thought did occur to me," she admitted. "Anyway," she continued, "Your last text mentioned something about you being hard." Slowly, and very deliberately, Jess placed a hand on his groin. His cock was already hard but it stiffened further as she lightly rubbed and squeezed it through his jeans. "Mmmmm," she murmured dreamily, "Looks like you still are. I think I'm going to have to do something about that, and soon." She flashed him a mischievous grin and took his hand. "I know just the place," she said, "Follow me."

As quickly as Jess could manage in her heels, she led him down the hill on to the Cowgate. A few minutes later, they found themselves at the entrance to the small close that Jess had in mind.

"Quick, in here," she said quietly, gently pushing him in the general direction that she wanted him to go in. They quickly came to an alcoved doorway. "If we're quick, we should be safe here," she said, "Unless we're disturbed by someone else who has the same idea, that is."

He laughed. "The voice of experience?" he teased. Jess blushed even more deeply; it was all the answer that was required.

Hidden from view in the doorway, with their lips pressed firmly together, Jess slid her hand down the front of his jeans. His already stiff cock twitched in response to her touch.

Jess wasted no time. Unzipping his jeans, she crouched down in front of him. She smiled hungrily as she released his cock from its confinement. "My, my! Who's a big boy?" she teased as she stroked his cock with her fingers. "I know I'm going to enjoy feeling that inside my cunt."

She flicked her tongue lightly over his swollen knob. "Ohhhh, Jess!" he sighed as she licked along his length.

"One thing." Jess chided, playfully, "Try and give me some sort of warning before you come, if you can. It costs a fortune to get this coat dry-cleaned." With that, Jess wrapped her lips around his swollen knob and drew his cock into her mouth.

"Oh! Oh fuck, Jess!" he moaned as she slid her lips quickly back and forth along his length. Sucking hard, Jess wrapped her fingers around his shaft, working them in tandem with her lips.

Feeling the pressure mount, he gripped Jess's head with his hands and began driving his cock into her mouth with short, stabbing thrusts.

There was no subtlety or tenderness involved. As he fucked her mouth, Jess responded in kind, sucking harder and increasing her pace. His breathing soon became laboured, his cock was a rigid as steel, his knob became increasingly swollen in her mouth.

"This... This is so... so good!" he groaned, thrusting hard, driving his engorged knob roughly into the back of her throat.

Jess spluttered briefly, almost choking as tears trickled down her cheek, but she quickly recovered, getting back into her stride.

Gripping his buttocks as he fucked her mouth, Jess could feel his tension mounting. His gasped, almost strangled, "G... getting close, Jess. C... can't h... hold on much lo... longer!" came as no surprise to her.

Using one hand to restrain his thrusts, Jess slid her lips back along his cock until only his swollen knob remained in her mouth. She rubbed his shaft with her free hand as she sucked hard; rich, salty pre-cum oozed from his cock on to her tongue.

"Oh... Oh f... fuck! Oh Jess! C... can't hold on! I... I'm c... I'm com... I... I'm coming!" he groaned.

Still stroking his cock, Jess relaxed her mouth in readiness to receive his load. His cock pulsed in her grasp. "Ah! Mmmmmah! Ohhhhh fuck!" he groaned as he erupted, sending thick jets of hot cum into Jess's waiting mouth.

Jess swallowed hard as his cum flooded her mouth, determined not to spill a single drop. His initial torrent quickly subsided, allowing Jess to let it pool on her tongue so she could savour its rich, salty taste before swallowing it down.

When, finally, Jess sucked the last drops of cum from his still quite rigid cock, she used her tongue to lick any remaining traces from his shaft before tucking his cock back inside his jeans and zipping them up.

"I think someone needed that," she said, getting to her feet and straightening her coat, making sure that her somewhat questionable modesty was preserved.

"Oh fuck, Jess, that was... that was indescribable." he said.

Jess smiled then kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Glad you enjoyed it," she replied. "I do hope you don't take too long to recover though," she continued, "I want to feel that nice, thick cock of yours in my cunt, and I don't want to have to wait too long. After that show I put on for you, and anyone else that was watching, and now this, I'd say the very least you owe me is a bloody good fucking, the harder, the better."

He laughed. "OK. It's a deal," he said.

Jess kissed him again. "Good! Now let's get out of here," she said, taking his hand and leading him out of the close, back towards the Cowgate.

It took them about half an hour to reach the car park where he had left his car. As they walked, Jess would stop from time to time to pose next to some landmark or building of interest, holding her coat open while he used his mobile-phone's built in camera to take photographs of her. Each time she stopped to reveal herself, Jess experienced a thrill of excitement. Just the thought that she might be caught in the act by a passer-by proved to be a huge turn-on for her. Posing for a number of snaps outside the Scottish Parliament, Jess was particularly gratified to receive a number of whistles and cat-calls. Looking up, she identified their source. A couple of youngish men, students most likely, Jess thought, were leaning out of the window of their flat.

Jess smiled. Letting her coat sleeves slide down her arms to gather at her wrists, she stood, fully exposed for a few moments. The men clearly appreciated her gesture. The whistles and calls grew louder until, almost reluctantly, Jess covered herself again.

By the time they reached his car, Jess was almost bursting with excitement. Her cunt tingled with anticipation. She wished she had the courage to let him take her there, in the middle of the car park, bent over the bonnet of his car as he fucked her hard from behind. Just the thought caused an excited shiver to run up her spine.

Tempting though the idea was, it was too much even for the brazen exhibitionist within her. Jess shook her head and smiled. It didn't matter; they were only a few minutes drive from the slightly less public picnic spot on the side of Arthur's Seat where, she hoped, the next part of her plan would be put into action.

On reaching the car park, it was, as she had hoped, deserted. They parked as far from the entrance as possible. From past experience, Jess knew that while, from here, she could see the road and so be warned about the possibility of being disturbed, from the road, they wouldn't be seen.

It was still warm as she stepped out of the car. Jess walked around to the front then perched herself on the bonnet. As he stood in front of her, his hunger for her written clearly on his face, Jess slowly pulled her coat open while, at the same time, she spread her legs wide, opening herself up for him.

"Well," she said as he stood, watching her intently, "Don't just stand there staring. My cunt isn't going to satisfy itself, so get over here and do what needs doing!"

Smiling, he stepped towards her. Standing between her outstretched legs, he balanced himself against the car bonnet and leaned forward.

"Oh! Oh fuck!" Jess cried as his tongue licked along her slit and over her clit. Reaching down with one hand, Jess gripped the back of his head, pulling him towards her. At the same time, she used her other hand to play with her breasts, cupping and caressing them, and teasing her nipples with her fingers.

As had been the case when Jess had sucked his cock back in the close, there was no tenderness in the way he attacked her cunt with his tongue. Jess squirmed and moaned with pleasure as his tongue worked its way between her moist folds, darting in and out of her cunt and flicking over her clit.

Once again, the element of danger, the risk of discovery, the delicious naughtiness of the whole situation, heightened Jess's sense of arousal. Not caring if she was overheard, this time, Jess gave voice to her pleasure, moaning as the sensations in her cunt spread through her body.

The sensations as his tongue beat against her clit grew stronger with every touch. Reaching behind her, Jess gripped the edge of the bonnet to stop her from slipping as her hips began to buck.

"Fuck! Oh fuck! Oh! Oh fuck! Oh yessssssssss!" Jess cried as her womb began to contract.

As the sensations intensified, Jess lifted her legs over his shoulders, relying on him to stop her from slipping as she released her grip on the bonnet so that she could play with her breasts.

"Don't stop! Don't you dare stop!" Jess moaned as her climax peaked, subsided, then peaked again, over and over.

Jess pinched her nipples, multiplying the power of her orgasm. "Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss!" she cried, surrendering herself to the waves of ecstasy that surged through her. Lost in the powerful grip of her climax, from deep within, Jess found the strength to moan, "Enough! Enough! I... I want to feel you in me. I need to feel you in me, now!"

Giving Jess's throbbing clit one last lick, he stood up. He quickly undid his jeans. "Fuck me please! Fuck me now!" Jess pleaded. He grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him. Jess felt the head of his cock press against the entrance of her cunt. She closed her eyes, anticipation building as she waited to feel him slide into her.

Agonising seconds ticked past for Jess as he teased her; rubbing the head of his cock between her wet lower lips. The frustration was almost too much for her to bear. "Give it to me!" Jess demanded, "Give it to meeeeeaaaahhhh, mmmmm, ooooooohhhhhhhh!"

The walls of her cunt stretched to accommodate him as his cock slid slowly into her. "Ohhhhhhhh, that feels good," Jess moaned, wriggling her bum closer to the edge of the bonnet so that he could enter her more fully.

As he began to thrust, Jess wrapped her legs around the back of his. He gripped Jess's hips as he drove his cock into her. "Oh God, yessssssssss! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Jess demanded, reaching down to tease her clit as his cock pounded her cunt.

Almost immediately, Jess's orgasm re-ignited. Her body shook, her head tossed from side to side as waves of pleasure washed over her. Unlike earlier, where the proximity of the Royal Mile's crowds required her to remain silent, the apparent isolation of their location allowed Jess the luxury of being able to give full voice to her pleasure.

Letting her climax subside at last, Jess forced herself to a sitting position. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately as he fucked her.

Although the sensations as his cock penetrated from this unconventional angle were novel, Jess quickly found the position uncomfortable. Their lips parted. "Stop a second. I want you to fuck me from behind," she whispered in his ear.

Unlocking her hands from behind his neck, Jess sat back. He pulled out. Experiencing a sensation of emptiness where, just seconds before, she had felt stretched and full, Jess wasted no time getting into position, eager to feel him inside her again.

Gripping her hips as Jess braced herself on the car bonnet, he entered her with a single, hard thrust.

"Yessssssssss!" Jess gasped as his cock filled her cunt once more. Taking her weight on her elbows, Jess played with her breasts as she pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts.

"Oh God! Your cunt feels good, Jess!" he moaned as drove his cock into her with long, hard strokes.

"Your, ahhh, cock, ohhh, feels, mmmm, good, ohhhhhh, in mmmmmme tooooooo..." Jess replied.

The sound of a car on the road above intruded on them suddenly. They froze, ready to cover themselves if it should turn into the car park.

Agonising seconds ticked by until, eventually, the sound faded away as the car carried on along the road.

"That was close!" Jess exclaimed, her heart pounding as a result of their near discovery. "I wonder if they saw anything?"

"Probably not," he replied, "If they had, I suspect they'd have driven down here to take a closer look."

"Good point," Jess agreed, with a slightly nervous laugh. "Now, where were we?" she enquired, "Oh! That's right; you were giving my cunt a damn good seeing to! Do you think we might continue with that?"

"Sure!" he replied, driving his cock forcefully into her cunt once more.

"Better pick up the pace," Jess said almost reluctantly, "We might not be so lucky next time."

His only reply was to grip Jess's hips more tightly as he increased his pace.

Once again, Jess reached back with one hand to tease her clit while the other hand squeezed and tugged on her nipples. The walls of her cunt flexed around his cock, gripping it tightly as it powered in and out.

With her clit throbbing beneath her fingertips, Jess knew she was on the verge of another overpowering climax.

"That's it! Ohhhhh God! That's it!" she moaned as the spasms in her cunt spread to her womb. "Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me! Ohhhhh please keep fucking meeeeeaaaahhhh!" she urged as the sensations intensified with every powerful thrust of his cock.

The contractions in her cunt increased its tightness around his cock. With every thrust, the pressure within him mounted. His own approaching climax added to the urgency of his strokes, causing him to fuck Jess harder. "Getting close... Can't take much more..." he groaned, his voice strained.

Lost in the throes of her own overwhelming orgasm, Jess's only awareness of him was of his cock mercilessly pounding her cunt. His ragged breathing and strangled groans as he strove to hold back were almost completely lost on her.

Coming hard, Jess only distantly heard his almost tortured moans. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Jess! Ohhhhh Jesssssss!" he cried as he reached the point of no return.

His body collided with hers, pressing her hard up against the car bonnet. "Mmmmmmm, aaaahhhhhh!" Jess moaned as she felt the warm wetness of his eruption flood her cunt.

Letting her fingers slip from her throbbing clit, Jess reached back further to stroke his balls as he emptied his load into her. His hips still moved; short jabbing thrusts that he had no control over as he pumped his cum into Jess's cunt. Jess pushed her hips back, pressing herself firmly against him, squirming on his cock as the energy of her orgasm began to ebb away, savouring the sensation of their shared release.

Finally he pulled out. Turning, he slumped against the bonnet of the car as his strength deserted him. Once again, Jess experienced the sensation of emptiness where his cock had been, but she didn't care. He had given her the fuck she had needed so badly. Dropping to her knees in front of him, she took his cock into her mouth, savouring the taste of her own juices on him as she sucked and licked him clean.

Sitting in the car once more, Jess gave a rueful shrug and sighed. "Looks like I'm going to have to get this coat dry-cleaned after all," she said as his cum trickled from her cunt. She laughed. "Oh what the fuck," she continued, "It was worth it!"

"I'd be happy to pick up the bill," he said, "It was partially my fault after all."

Jess leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Don't be silly," she replied, "It's very sweet of you but, if I'd wanted you to be a gentleman, well, I guess my coat wouldn't need dry cleaning but my cunt wouldn't have had a much needed and extremely well provided seeing to." She kissed him again. "Trust me," she continued, "It was most definitely worth it."

"Well, OK," he replied, "If you're sure. So, what now."

Jess thought for a moment. "Um. Well. Why don't you drive me home, and we can take it from there?"

As they drove, with the bottom of her coat open, Jess spread her legs as wide as the confines of the passenger's foot-well allowed. Every now and then, she would dip her fingers into her cunt, coating them with a mixture of his cum and her juices, before lifting them to her lips and licking them clean, savouring the mixed taste of their essences. By the time they pulled up a short distance from the door to her stair, she had managed to finger herself twice to an orgasm.

"Would you like to come in with me?" Jess asked. He nodded. "Good," Jess continued, smiling, "I mean, I'd hate to have to call it a night with the job only two-thirds done, as it were..."

Inside her flat, Jess quickly removed her coat. Seconds later, her lips were on his as she began tugging at his clothes. Finally, she led him, naked, through to the living-room.

Pushing him on to the sofa, Jess began a thorough exploration of his body with her lips and hands; kissing, licking and caressing every inch. As she teased his nipples with her teeth and tongue, her hand reached down to encircle his cock with her fingers. Jess was pleased to discover that it was already hard again.

Sliding off the sofa, Jess positioned herself between his legs. "I hope you don't mind, but I have this overwhelming urge to suck your cock again," she purred.

"Ah, um, no. I don't mind at all," he replied.

Jess laughed. "Typical bloke," she teased, "Somehow, I just knew you'd say that."

Before he could reply, Jess wrapped her lips around his knob before slowly working them down his shaft. As she slid her lips up and down, he placed his hands lightly on her head, twisting her hair around his fingers.

Jess could still taste herself on his cock. She found the subtle taste of her juices, mixed with traces of the load he had earlier pumped into her cunt intoxicating.

She gently teased his balls with her fingertips and was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure combined with an involuntary thrust of his hips that drove his cock deeper into her mouth. As she always did in situations like this, Jess experienced a thrill, knowing how powerless men became when she had her lips wrapped around their cocks. She had often been praised by her partners for her cock-sucking abilities, but for Jess, the greatest compliment had always been the way her partner's body reacted to her touch. The almost agonised gasps of pleasure combined the thrusting of their hips and the way their cocks throbbed and pulsed in her mouth conveyed so much more than their spoken compliments alone.

Eventually, the need to feel his cock inside her cunt once more became too much. Almost reluctantly, Jess let his cock slip from between her lips. She climbed up to straddle his lap. As he bent forward to kiss and lick her breasts, Jess reached back and guided his cock into her waiting cunt.

"Mmmmmm, I love having you inside me," she murmured as she began to slide up and down on his stiff cock, "My cunt feels so lovely and full."

Leaning back, Jess braced herself with her hands on his knees as she rode his cock with a look of dreamy contentment on her face. He cupped and squeezed her breasts, flicking his tongue over them and teasing her nipples, adding to Jess's pleasure. "Tease my clit too," she pleaded as she ground herself against him.

He quickly complied with her request, teasing her sensitive bulb with his thumb. "Yessssssssss! Oh fuck, yessssssssss!" Jess moaned as a familiar tingling spread through her.

The sensations quickly overwhelmed her. "Oh God! I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh yessssssssss!! Jess moaned, surrendering once more to her climax.

Leaning forward, as powerful contractions gripped her cunt and womb, Jess wrapped her arms around his shoulders, holding him tight, almost motionless apart from the squirming of her hips against him as she savoured her release.

Her orgasm was small but powerful in intensity. Its energy quickly dissipated. "It's time for you to complete the set," she whispered huskily in his ear, "I want to feel that lovely thick cock of yours in my arse."

Jess let his cock slip from her cunt. She quickly shuffled over to kneel on the cushion beside him, supporting herself on the back of the sofa.

He got up and moved round behind her. Jess wiggled her bum suggestively. She braced herself as he gripped her hips. "Oi!" she protested, albeit unconvincingly, as he thrust his cock into her cunt again, "That's not my arse!"

"Just be patient," he teased, thrusting hard, "All in good time..."

"I... Uh... OK," Jess replied, "But my arse is definitely beginning to feel neglected."

He laughed. "We can't have that, now, can we?" he asked, punctuating each word with another thrust of his cock.

"Mmmmmmm, ahhhhhh, no!" Jess replied, "We, ahhhhhh, really can't."

He thrust his cock hard into her cunt then pulled out. Jess trembled in anticipation. He rubbed his knob up and down the length of her slit, making Jess flinch as he beat it against her clit.

Once again, Jess felt the seconds tick by with agonising slowness as she waited for what was about to come. "Please fuck my arse," she begged, "It's waited all evening to be fucked."

He slipped his cock quickly into her cunt for a few final, powerful strokes before pulling out and positioning the head of his cock at the entrance to her back passage. "Ohhhhhhhh!" Jess gasped as she felt his knob press against the resistance of her anal muscles. "Mmmmmm, ohhhhhhh," she moaned as she felt her arsehole yield to the steady pressure of his cock as it began to push into her.

"Ungh, ohh. Ohhh fuck! That's it! That's what I want!" Jess sighed as he slowly worked the head and then the shaft into her tight rear opening. She pushed her hips back slowly, taking him into her until, at last, his cock was buried deep in her back passage.

He placed his hands on her hips and paused, partially to let Jess become accustomed to having him inside her and partially to savour the sensation of feeling his cock gripped deep within her arse.

Jess gave a soft moan as his cock began to slide in and out. Her hips began to move back to meet his next inward plunge.

"Oh Jess! Your arse is so fucking tight," he gasped as he began to increase his pace.

With every thrust Jess felt his neatly trimmed pubic hair tickling the stretched and sensitive skin of her arsehole and his balls slapping against her enflamed labia.

In and out his cock plunged, filling and stretching the tight confines of Jess's back passage over and over. "Yes," she urged, "Fuck my arse! Go on fuck it! Fuck my arse! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeoooh!"

Jess forced her hips back to meet his thrusts as his cock sawed in and out of her arsehole with increasing force.

"Oh God," he moaned, driving his cock in hard, "It's so tight. Your arse is so tight. Oh Jess!"

Jess's legs began to tremble as the force of his strokes increased. The fronts of his thighs collided with the backs of hers as his cock surged deep into her bowels.

Jess reached back between her legs to finger her cunt and play with her clit as his cock slammed into her arsehole. "Fuck my arse! Fuck it hard!" she cried, pushing her hips back, impaling herself on his cock.

Reaching forward, his hands closed around her breasts. "Ohhhhhhh! That feels sooooooo good!" Jess moaned as his fingers squeezed her nipples.

Without warning, Jess came again. Needing both hands to support herself, she removed her fingers from her cunt. She moaned, loudly and incoherently, giving full voice to her climax as his cock kept up its relentless pounding of her increasingly tender arsehole.

As her climax subsided, Jess became aware of his ragged breathing. She could tell he was close to boiling point. Drawing on her last reserves of strength, she urged him on with a stream of obscenities, "Oh yes, that's it. Fuck my arse! Fuck me hard and come in my arse!"

"Oh! Oh fuck! Oh uuuunnh aaah!" he gasped as, with one final thrust, his cock erupted. Jess felt his cock twitch inside her back passage as it pumped his load deep into her bowels.

Unable to support herself any longer, Jess collapsed down on to the sofa. As she did, his cock slipped from her arsehole, which was now raw from he pounding it had endured. With a groan, he slumped, exhausted, on to the sofa beside her.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!" Jess gasped as her breathing returned to normal, "I think I'm going to be needing soft cushions for a while after that.” She sighed as his cum began to dribble from her back passage. "And it looks like I'm going to need to get this cushion cover cleaned as well as my coat."

"I've already told you I'm happy to pay for that," he said.

Jess kissed him. "You are very sweet," she said, "But believe me, you already have paid for it. Now, do you fancy a coffee?"

He nodded. "White, no sugar please."

Jess stood up wearily. "I hope you don't mind," she began as she kicked off her shoes, "But my feet are killing me."

They both laughed. Jess turned and walked, naked except for her stockings and suspender-belt, through to the kitchen.

That night, in bed, Jess relived the events of the evening as, with the help of her favourite vibrator, she drove herself to a series of small but intensely powerful orgasms. When at last, exhausted but extremely contented, Jess drifted of to sleep, her last conscious thought was wondering which of her many fantasies she would get him to help her act out next.

©Kilted Wookie September 2009


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