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Acting Out A Fantasy

Acting Out A Fantasy by Kilted Wookie Jess smiled to herself as she picked her way through the crowds and the street performers filling the Royal Mile. It was a warm August evening, almost too warm for the long black coat she wearing, but Jess didn't mind; it was all part of her plan. The coat she was wearing stopped just above her knees, revealing her slender but shapely lower legs, over which she was wearing finely meshed stockings. Jess's favourite pair of black high-heels and slender-framed sunglasses finished the look. As she approached her destination, Jess realised that she was becoming almost uncomfortably warm. She couldn't decide whether this was down to the heat of the early evening sunshine or the increasing anticipation that was growing within her. As she approached the café, Jess saw him sitting there, just where he said he would be, casually reading a newspaper. He looked up but neither of them gave even the slightest flicker of recognition as Jess walked pas