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Taking A Chance

Taking A Chance
by Kilted Wookie

Slowly, almost nervously, Linda approached the café. Looking through the window, she could see him sitting at the table, drinking his coffee and casually reading a newspaper as he waited for her.

Linda hesitated at the door and cursed herself silently for her uncertainty. She knew why she was here and she had been looking forward to it for weeks. Well, actually, months would be more accurate but, since that first ice-breaking meeting, circumstances had transpired to ensure this meeting had been delayed again and again. Linda had to almost pinch herself to remind her that this time, it was actually happening.

They had, of course, chatted online any number of times, describing in detail what they would do to each other if the opportunity ever arose and it had become Linda's favourite recurring fantasy.

And that, Linda admitted to herself was the source of her hesitation. Could reality ever live up to her expectations? Might it not be better to savour the fantasy and not have it replaced by some less than perfect reality.

"Bugger!" Linda swore again. If she turned away now she'd never know and she'd almost certainly regret it. She had let him down before, calling off at the last minute and she knew she was lucky to get a second chance. If she backed out again now, patient and understanding though he may be, she was certain she wouldn't get a third.

"The worst that can happen is that it won't be as good as I imagined it would be," Linda said to herself, "But then, who knows, it might be even better and he does come highly recommended." she smiled, thinking about the comments that the other women who had met him had left on his profile page. Hadn't her motivation for joining an adult contact site simply been to get herself some good, uncomplicated, no-strings sex, after all? Her life was too busy for a 'proper' relationship and it had seemed like an ideal compromise when she first joined. Had she not first contacted him because she thought there was a strong possibility that he could provide her with just that?

"Fuck it! What have I got to lose?" Linda asked herself as she reached out to open the door.

"Hi, Linda," he said, rising to his feet and smiling warmly as she approached his table, "Can I get you anything?"

"Uh, hi, Craig," she replied, cursing herself for the note of uncertainty in her voice, "Um, a large Earl Grey, white, no sugar would be lovely."

Linda made herself comfortable as Craig went to place their order. "What the hell am I doing here?" she asked herself again. She caught Craig smiling at her and, despite herself, she smiled back. It occurred to her that, at the very least, she could enjoy her drink and his conversation, nothing else actually had to happen. They both knew why they were there but that didn't mean that anything more than a pleasant chat over a cup of tea had to follow. Of course, deep down, she hoped that something else might develop, she wouldn't have come otherwise but the fact that she could still walk away if she wasn't certain provided her with a degree of comfort.

Absently, she wondered if the other women on the site, or even the men, felt anything like this when they first met someone purely for the purpose of hopefully getting naked and naughty with them. She suspected they must. There was always a certain nervousness attached to 'first times', she felt, no matter how meticulously planned they might be.

"There you go," said Craig, putting her tea down before her, snapping her out of her reverie.

"Thanks," Linda replied, noticing his warm, friendly smile once again and responding in kind.

As they chatted, Linda relaxed and was relieved when she realised that the chemistry that had been present at their first meeting was still present. They talked about inconsequential things; neither of them feeling any particular need to discuss the actual reasons they were there; they both knew why they had met up that evening.

When their drinks were finished, Craig offered to get some more. Linda realised that, if she was going to make her move, this was probably the perfect opening.

"We could do, I guess," she replied, "Or, if you prefer, we could, um, wait and have it at mine. It's only five minutes from here and it won't cost the small fortune that they charge in here."

Craig smiled. "That sounds like a plan," he replied, "And I guess there are other ways I could repay your hospitality."

Linda laughed. "I'm glad you said that, and yes, I'm pretty certain I'll find a way of extracting full payment."

"I was pretty certain that you would," Craig replied, smiling his lopsided smile.

The walk to Linda's house took no more than the five minutes she said it would but Linda was totally unaware of the passage of time. Having made her decision and discovering that Craig was just as keen as she was to move things along, Linda had been lost in a haze of excited anticipation.

"Here we are," Linda announced when they reached her door. In her growing excitement, she fumbled with her keys as she tried to open the door.

Almost as soon as the door closed behind them, Linda's lips were on Craig's. As her tongue explored his mouth, she struggled out of her coat, letting it fall to the floor.

Craig's coat quickly joined Linda's. As they kissed with increasing passion, their hands explored each other's bodies. Linda pressed herself against Craig, feeling his firm body against hers.

Electricity, pulsed through Linda's veins as her arousal climbed higher in response to Craig's touch. "Ohhhh, Craig," she sighed softly, "I... I can't believe this is finally happening. I've imagined this so many times, and now it's... it's really happening."

Craig laughed. "Yes it is," he said as Linda rubbed herself against him, his cock stiffening inside his jeans in response to her blatant display of desire, "It's really happening".

"Mmmmmm," Linda murmured softly as they kissed again. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths as their passion grew. Linda's hands continued to roam all over Craig's body as he began to stroke her breasts through her blouse, his fingers undoing a couple of buttons.

Linda slid one hand down the front of Craig's jeans, feeling his stiff cock with her fingers, imagining again what it would feel like inside her. Feeling her juices begin to flow at the thought of having her cunt filled with his warm, hard, thrusting cock, Linda felt another tingle of anticipation as a warm glow spread over her.

Finally, their lips parted. "C'mon," Linda breathed, "Let's go upstairs." Craig nodded and let Linda take his hand as she guided him towards her bedroom.

Without any awareness of how she'd got there, Linda found herself lying on her bed, her blouse lying in a crumpled heap on the floor, Craig's body pressed firmly against hers as they kissed passionately. The bed moaned slightly under their weight as they squirmed together on its surface, Craig kissing the exposed tops of Linda's breasts, teasing her nipples through her bra as she bit on his neck.

As her excitement grew, Linda slid her hand between their bodies, seeking out the growing bulge in the front of Craig's jeans. "Is that for me?" she asked coyly, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"I… uh… I guess it must be," Craig replied, squirming slightly in response to her touch. "Oh good!" Linda said, smiling as her fingers deftly released his zip and wriggled inside.

Craig pressed his lips to Linda's again, kissing her deeply as her fingers stroked his cock. Linda felt his organ growing in her hand and, once again, found herself wondering what it would feel like buried deep inside her. "I suppose you're going to want me to do something about this?" Linda asked, giving his cock another squeeze.

"Well… um… yeah, I guess," Craig replied, rendered almost speechless by the attentions of Linda's fingers.

Linda smiled then slid down the bed until her face was level with his crotch. She fished his stiff rod out of his jeans then flicked her tongue over the swollen knob. "Was this what you had in mind?" she asked, fluttering her long lashes at him.

"Uh… why, yes. Something like that," Craig stammered.

Holding his shaft lightly with her fingertips, Linda ran her tongue along its length, swirling it over his knob. Craig groaned with pleasure as she employed her mouth to drive him wild. "Fuck, Linda, that's so good," he gasped as her lips circled his shaft, engulfing his knob in her hot mouth. She began to slide her lips back and forth along his length, sucking lightly and flicking her tongue along the underside of his cock. "That's so good, Linda!" he moaned, "You're the best cocksucker I've ever had!"

"Thanks; but I bet you say that to all the girls," Linda teased.

"Um... Well... Yeah, maybe, I guess," Craig admitted, "But it's still true."

Linda laughed. "Yeah, OK, I guess I believe you," she replied before wrapping her lips around his shaft again.

Linda purred contentedly as she slid her mouth along Craig's cock. She knew she was good but she loved it when the beneficiary of her skills complimented her mid blow-job.

Rocking her head back and forth, Linda's lips slid up and down Craig's pole, her tongue teasing his knob. Sliding her head forward, she swallowed as Craig's swollen knob lodged in the back of her throat and heard him gasp with pleasure. "Oh fuck, Linda!" Craig groaned as her throat tightened around his knob.

Linda wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft and began to stroke lightly, her fingers moving in tandem with her lips.

Craig's hips began to surge forward. "I'm getting close Linda," he moaned as he pushed his cock into Linda's mouth. She sucked harder and could taste his pre-cum on her tongue.

"Oh Linda! Ohhhhh fuck, Linda!" Craig sighed, the pressure for release building.

Linda slid her mouth back. Circling her fingers around Craig's shaft, just below his knob, Linda squeezed gently, preventing his release as the tip of her tongue teased his slit.

Craig's cock began to twitch. He squirmed, his hips thrusting as the need to release consumed him. Linda kept up the pressure on his shaft, teasing his knob with her tongue, sucking it hard. Craig groaned as the pressure mounted unbearably. Linda could feel his cock begin to pulse under fingers, she sensed the tightening of the muscles in Craig's groin.

"Please, Linda," Craig moaned, "Let me come. I… I'm going to explode!"

Linda let her mouth go slack in preparation for Craig's eruption. She slowly loosened her grip on his shaft and instantly felt his seed surge up through his straining cock.

"Aaaaahhhhhh, fffuuucccckkkkkk!!!!!" Craig moaned as he began firing his cum into Linda's mouth, the sensations of his denied release, painful in their intensity.

Linda swallowed hard as jet after jet of hot, thick cum flooded into her mouth and down her throat.

As Craig's eruption subsided, Linda let his cum pool on her tongue, savouring its rich flavour before swallowing it down. With his torrent reduced to a slow dribble, she used her fingers to squeeze the last drops into her mouth, teasing them out of his slit with her tongue.

Linda let Craig's spent cock slip from her mouth then stood up, kicking off her shoes. She smiled down at Craig who lay on the bed, breathing hard, trying to recover from his intense climax. "Pull yourself together, lover," she said as she let her short skirt fall to the floor around her feet, "My cunt is in need of some TLC." Linda peeled off her ankle socks before reaching up to unhook her bra. She slid the straps down her arms, freeing her large, firm and full breasts. They jiggled as she bent forward and began to wriggle out of her damp knickers.

Stepping up to the bed, Linda leaned forward, rubbing her breasts against Craig's face before swinging one leg over to straddle him. The bed squeaked below them and Linda giggled as she deliberately rocked back and forth. Craig reached up and pressed her breasts together, leaning forward to flick his tongue over their surface. "Oh fuck, Craig, yes! Lick my tits! Make 'em wet all over!" Linda demanded, grinding her cunt against his recently drained cock.

Coating her breasts with a warm film of saliva, Craig's hands slid easily over their surface. Linda purred contentedly as Craig's mouth explored every inch of her breasts, kissing and licking them, drawing each of her nipples into his mouth in turn and flicking them with his tongue. As she ground her cunt against him, stimulating her clit, the bed squeaked and groaned in time with her movements and a warm glow spread through her body causing her cheeks to blush.

From the testimonials left by other women on his profile page, Linda was already pretty confident that Craig would be good with his tongue. Very soon, she would be finding out for herself just how good he really was and then her clit would soon be getting all the stimulation it needed.

Much as she enjoyed the attention her breasts were receiving from his mouth, Linda needed more. Torn between the desire to take things slowly, to give Craig's cock the time it needed to recover and the need to feel his tongue on her clit, Linda surrendered to her need. "I need to come, Craig," she moaned, "I need to feel your mouth on my cunt! I need to find out if you really are as good as the others say you are."

"I hope I can live up to your expectations," Craig said coyly.

"Ohhh, don't worry. I'm sure you will!" Linda replied, "I've read the comments they've left and we women never lie about important things like these."

Craig laughed then began to slide down the bed, between Linda's legs, kissing her flat stomach as he moved into position. Reaching up, he gripped her breasts with his hands as he settled his face between her thighs. Linda's lower lips glistened with her juices. The scent of her rich nectar filled Craig's senses as he began to run his tongue up the insides of Linda's thighs, pinching her nipples with his fingers, his warm breath flowing over and around her moist folds.

"Eat me! Don't tease me, Craig!" Linda moaned, pushing her hips back, trying desperately to press her cunt against his mouth.

Craig laughed. "In a hurry are we? Have you got someone else waiting?" he teased.

"N… noooooo," Linda moaned, "I… I just want to feel your tongue on my cunt! I've waited too long for this, I... I don't want to wait any longer," she pleaded.

Craig laughed again but continued his slow teasing, his mouth coming close to, but never quite touching Linda's cunt. Linda's complaints became increasingly urgent as her frustration mounted. "Eat my fucking cunt, Craig!" she moaned as the suspense became unbearable.

Suddenly, without any warning, she felt his tongue graze her moist lower lips. "Ooooohhhhhhh!" she sighed, "Ooohhhhhh yesssss!"

Slipping his tongue between Linda's moist folds, Craig lightly nuzzled her cunt. Her juices flowed out of her tunnel and Craig lapped them into his mouth. His tongue darted in and out of Linda's cunt and she squirmed above him, moaning and sighing with pleasure as the sensations in her cunt spread over her. Craig moved his tongue to Linda's clit, his hands rubbing and squeezing her breasts.

"That's sooooo, good!" Linda moaned, grinding her cunt against his mouth. As his tongue teased her clit, Craig reached down and slid the tips of two fingers into her cunt. "Oooooh Craig!" Linda sighed, pushing back to let his fingers penetrate her more deeply.

Craig twisted his fingers inside her, coating them with her juices. Suddenly, he pulled them out and his hand returned to her breast. Linda moaned as he anointed her nipple with her juices.

Repeating the process with the fingers of one hand, then the other, Craig coated Linda's breasts with her juices as his tongue lashed her clit. "Ohhhhh Craig, I... I love that," Linda sighed as he rubbed her juices into the soft skin of her breasts, "It... it feels sooooo dirty!" Drawing a deep breath, she felt the first rippling tremors of her approaching climax spread through her cunt.

They rolled over. As Craig's tongue lashed her clit, Linda reached down and began pulling his head towards her as she pushed her hips forward. The tip of Craig's tongue flicked her throbbing clit, intensifying her sensations as the contractions spread to her womb.

"Oh fuck, Craig, yesssss! That's it! Don't stop!" Linda cried, struggling to force the words out as her body began to shake. Craig reached up and tugged on her nipples as his tongue lashed her clit, causing Linda to cry out as the pain increased her pleasure. "Ooooooooh, Craig!" she cried, "I... I'm commmmmmming!"

Linda's body thrashed. Writhing on the bed, thrusting her hips, she ground her cunt against Craig's mouth, pressing his tongue firmly against her clit. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oooooooooohhhhhhh!" she moaned as she surrendered to her climax.

Slowly circling her clit with his tongue, Craig fed Linda's climax, keeping her at boiling point as she came again and again. Linda moaned and cried out, becoming louder and more vocal as Craig drove her on. As the waves of her orgasm rose and fell Craig hoped that her neighbours were out, he had never known any girl who gave voice to her pleasure as loudly as Linda was doing at that moment.

When Linda could finally take no more, she forced herself to push Craig's head away. She lay on the bed breathing hard, her eyes closed, her body shaking as her climax subsided. "Oh Craig," she sighed, "That was fantastic. Even better than I expected. Those girls on your profile didn't even come close to describing how good you are."

Craig smiled. He stroked Linda's cheek lightly. "Thank you," he said, "It's always nice to know your efforts are appreciated."

"Ohhhh, they were. They most certainly were," Linda replied dreamily.

As her breathing returned to normal and control returned to her body, Linda opened her eyes. She smiled as she noticed that Craig's cock had recovered. "I want us to do it now, Craig," she breathed, "I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me and I want you to fuck me hard!"

Slightly surprised by Linda's frankness, Craig hesitated, glued to the spot. A small frown crossed Linda's face. "Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked testily, "Don't you want to fuck me?"

Craig smiled. "Of course," he replied, "I'm just not used to being told so forcibly," he added.

"Sorry," Linda replied, "I'm like that some times; but I really, really do need a good, hard fuck and I really need it now, so, will you fuck me now? Pretty please?"

Craig laughed. Spurred into action, he quickly undressed. Linda smiled again, holding out her arms to gather him to her as he lay down on top of her. "Oooohhhh, Craig," Linda sighed again, "I really want to feel your lovely big cock inside me."

Craig nodded, smiling. "Your wish is my command," he said as he began to slowly press forward, moaning slightly as he felt the warmth of Linda's juices coat his knob as it spread her lower lips and pressed against the entrance of her cunt.

"Oh, Craig!" Linda sighed, wrapping her arms around his neck as she felt her entrance stretch around his knob. He began to push in slightly deeper and Linda suddenly tensed. "Ohhhhh, oh stop a second. Sorry. Let me relax a bit," Linda sighed. She made herself relax as Craig kissed her tenderly, the first inches of his cock still inside her, as her hands moved down his back to rest lightly on his buttocks. "Ok," she sighed after a few seconds then kissed him, "Sorry about that. The excitement got to me suddenly. You can keep going now."

Pushing slowly forward, Craig edged in deeper, feeling the walls of Linda's cunt stretch around his shaft until he was fully inside her. "Fuck Linda, that feels good!" he groaned, "It's so warm and tight."

Linda nodded. "Don't move," she sighed, "I want to get used to it. Your cock feels sooooo good inside me."

Linda flexed the walls of her cunt around Craig's shaft, accustoming herself to the feeling of her tunnel stretching around his shaft. Her cunt felt deliciously full; fuller than it had been for far too long, she thought to herself. She flexed her walls again, causing Craig to gasp.

"Fuck, Linda, that's good," Craig groaned as the walls of her cunt tightened and relaxed around his shaft.

Linda reached up and pulled Craig's face towards her, kissing him deeply, her tongue swirling in his mouth as she ran her hands down his back to grip his taught buttocks again. As she savoured the feeling of having him inside her, any tension she had felt, quickly melted away.

Linda gazed up at Craig, her brown eyes smouldering. "OK," she purred softly, "I'm ready now."

Craig kissed her tenderly then slowly began to move his hips, sliding his cock in and out, the length of his strokes slowly increasing. "Ohhhhh Craig!" Linda moaned, "We're doing it! We're really doing it at last! You're fucking me!" she cried, "After all this time, you're finally fucking my cunt!"

Laughing, Craig shook his head as he replied, "You know, Linda, you have a talent for stating the obvious."

Linda slapped one hand against his buttock. "Brute!" she moaned, "You're going to have to make it up to me now for that".

Slowly increasing the pace of his thrusts, Craig worked his cock in and out of Linda's tight cunt, the squeaking of the bed matching the tempo of his strokes. Linda rocked her hips up and down, meeting his strokes, her tunnel flexing around his shaft. "Oh yes, Craig! Fuck me! It feels sooooo good!" Linda cried, dragging her fingernails up and down Craig's back.

"You feel so tight around my cock," Craig groaned as Linda's cunt tightened around him.

Linda pulled her legs back, opening herself up, allowing Craig to sink in deeper. "Harder, Craig!" she urged, digging her fingernails into his buttocks again, "Fuck me harder!"

The slapping sounds of their bodies colliding filled the room. The bed groaned in protest beneath them. Linda's cries of pleasure increased in volume as Craig's cock pounded her. "I can feel your balls slapping against my arse," she giggled as he drove his cock into her cunt.

As Craig's cock plunged in and out, Linda reached up to play with her breasts. Craig raised himself up, giving Linda more room. The shift in weight pinned Linda even more firmly to the bed, increasing the friction as his short pubic hair tickled her swollen clit.

Linda squeezed her breasts, tugging at her nipples as Craig's cock impaled her. Suddenly, her body began to shake. "Ooooooooh fuck! I'm commmmmmming!" she gasped as her sudden climax took her by surprise.

As her sensations became more and more intense, Linda became even more vocal, urging Craig on, demanding to be fucked harder and faster. Craig found the strength to increase his pace as the spasms rippling through the walls of Linda's cunt gripped his cock even more tightly.

Linda came again and again, each climax more powerful than the last. She hadn't expected it to be like this the first time Craig fucked her. Based on the experience of her previous partners, she had been prepared not to come at all the first time someone fucked her; it usually took a number of attempts before anyone stumbled across and managed to press the right buttons. The unexpected novelty of the experience added to the intensity of her sensations. The room echoed with her cries of joy as her orgasm peaked repeatedly, her cunt deliciously full of cock.

The flexing walls of Linda's cunt around his shaft slowly brought Craig to the edge of his own climax. "I… I'm g… getting close Linda," he groaned.

"Yesssssss!" Linda cried, "Come in my cunt! Fill me with your hot cum!"

Craig groaned, driving his cock into Linda with long, hard, powerful thrusts as he tried to hold back.
The pressure mounted. Craig's body became as rigid as his cock as he tried to delay his climax.

"Oh yes!" Linda cried, urging him on, "Come for me Craig! Fill my cunt!"

Throwing his head back as he reached the point where he could hold back no longer, Craig buried his cock in Linda's quivering cunt. "I... I'm coming Linda! I'm coming!" he yelled as he felt his seed surge up from his balls. His cock erupted, sending a thick stream of cum into Linda's cunt, splashing against the neck of her womb.

"Ohhhhh Craig!" Linda cried as her climax re-ignited, her cunt tightening its grip on his cock. "I can feel your cum in my cunt! I can feel its heat inside me!"

Craig groaned, no longer in control of his movements. His hips thrust automatically, his cock pulsed as he fired jet after jet of cum into Linda, moving with short, jerking stabs.

Linda murmured her pleasure as she felt Craig's cum fill her cunt.

Exhausted, Craig slumped down on top of Linda, breathing hard, his cock still buried in her cunt. Linda wrapped her arms around Craig's neck and kissed him. "Ohhhhh, Craig," she sighed, "That was wonderful. I never imagined it would feel sooooo good."

Craig groaned, pulling his cock from Linda's tender cunt as he rolled over.

"I think you need a little reward," Linda giggled as she began to slide down the bed.

Taking hold of Craig's flagging cock with her fingers, she sucked his knob into her mouth, savouring the mixed flavour of their juices before swallowing the last drops of cum and licking his shaft clean.

"Mmmmmm. Thank you, Linda," Craig sighed as she moved up beside him again.

"Mmmmmm, thank you," Linda purred contentedly. She could feel Craig's cum begin to trickle from her cunt. Pressing her fingers between her lower lips, she let it dribble over them, coating them with its sticky warmth. She raised her cum covered fingers to her lips and sucked them into her mouth. "Mmmmm, she sighed, "Your cum tastes sooooo good."

Craig and Linda lay together on the bed for about half an hour, occasionally kissing and letting their hands caress each other's bodies as they basked in the afterglow of their experience. "Craig?" Linda enquired softly, "Do you think you could give my back and neck a bit of a rub?"

Craig chuckled. "Of course," he replied.

"Mmmm, that's nice," Linda sighed as Craig's fingers began to work on her neck. Warmth flowed into her muscles as he gently but firmly applied pressure.

Craig worked slowly but methodically, moving from Linda's neck to her shoulders and then down her spine, her thighs and her lower legs. Linda felt warm and relaxed as Craig's hands eased away her tension.

Planting kisses as he worked his hands over her skin, Craig smiled as Linda squirmed and sighed dreamily in response to his ministrations. "You're turning me on again," she admitted as the warm glow of relaxation turned to one of arousal.

Linda rolled over. "I think my front would like some attention too," she breathed. Craig smiled and traced the curve of her breasts with his fingertips.

Leaning forward, Craig flicked his tongue over Linda's nipples, sucking lightly on each one in turn. "Ahhhh, mmmmm!" Linda sighed as, once again, he coated her breasts with a warm film of saliva.

As he licked and sucked on Linda's large, firm breasts, Craig lightly ran one hand up the inside of her thighs. "Oooooohhhhh! Mmmmmm!" Linda moaned softly as the tips of his fingers lightly grazed her moist and tender lower lips.

Still licking and sucking on Linda's breasts, Craig worked his fingers between the moist folds of her cunt. "Yessssssss!" she exhaled sharply as his fingertip brushed against her clit, "Ooooooh, fuck, yesssss!"

Linda's body began responding to Craig's attentions. Her hips began to rock as he worked one, then two fingers into her cunt, his thumb teasing her clit. As her arousal climbed, she became increasingly vocal. "Yes, Craig, yesssss! Suck my tits!" she demanded, "Finger my cunt! Mmmmm, ahhhhh!"

As Linda's breathing deepened and her body squirmed, Craig worked a third finger into her cunt. Once it was coated with her juices, he removed it and slowly began working it into her tight rear hole as he twisted the other two inside Linda's cunt.

As Craig teased both holes with his fingers, Linda felt herself slip over the edge. "Fuck! Oooohhhh Fuck!" she cried, screwing her eyes tightly closed as her climax gripped her.

Fucking both holes with his fingers, Craig circled Linda's clit with his thumb. Biting down softly on one nipple, he teased its tip with his tongue. The sensations overwhelmed her. Arching her back as powerful contractions pulsed through her, Linda exhaled a long, barely audible, "Yesssssssssss!" of release.

Unable to endure any more, Linda reluctantly begged Craig to stop. Craig slipped his fingers out of her cunt and arse and held her tight, feeling her body tremble in his embrace.

"Oh fuck, Craig. That was wonderful!" Linda announced as control slowly returned to her body.

Craig kissed her cheek. "Glad to have been of service," he replied.

"Ohhhh, you most certainly have. Do you think you could do it again?" Linda asked softly, "Give me another good seeing-to, I mean? I'd really enjoy trying to get some more attention from that lovely thick cock of yours."

"I, um, er, I don't know. Probably," Craig replied.

Linda reached down and circled his cock with her fingers, rubbing gently, feeling it begin to stiffen again. "Part of you seems keen," she purred. Craig laughed and Linda continued, "And I do still have a third hole to fill after all, especially since you went and got it all worked up," she added. As she spoke, Craig's cock grew harder. Linda giggled. "Someone seems to like the idea of fucking my tight little arsehole," she breathed, tightening her grip around Craig's shaft.

Craig found himself becoming increasingly turned on. "You've fucked my mouth, you've fucked my cunt, wouldn't you like to fuck my arse too?" Linda teased.

"Well, I can hardly refuse an offer like that now, can I?" Craig teased.

"Well, only if you think you can manage," Linda replied, giving his now fully erect cock another gentle tug, "I mean, I wouldn't want you to overdo things, but my arse really does want a good pounding too."

Craig nodded. Affecting an air of mock seriousness he replied, "Oh, I'm sure I can manage if you can."

"Good! That's settled then," Linda said as she got on to all fours. "Fuck my cunt again first," she said, "Get that lovely big cock of yours nice and wet with my juices so you can stick it into my delicate little arsehole."

Craig got into position behind her and slid his knob up and down between Linda's moist lower lips, brushing it over her clit. His cum still trickled from her cunt as pressed the head of his cock against her opening.

"Yesssssss!" Linda sighed as Craig's cock slid into her, filling her once more. She gripped it with her cunt walls as Craig began to stroke it in and out. "Can you reach my tits from there?" she asked, looking back over her shoulder to smile at him. Craig leaned forward. Reaching out, he took her firm, large breasts in his hands, squeezing them as his cock plunged in and out of her hot and very wet cunt. Reaching back between her legs, Linda began to finger her throbbing clit. It was slick with a mixture of her juices and Craig's cum. Linda had to press firmly to achieve enough friction. "Fuck me, Craig! Fuck me! she cried, pushing her hips back to meet his thrusts. Craig teased her nipples as his cock stroked in and out.

The pressure of Linda's fingers on her clit combined with the sensations in her breasts and cunt and she quickly found herself on the brink of another orgasm.

"I'm coming! I... I'm coming again!" Linda cried, riding the waves of her climax as they washed over her. Craig's cock pounded her, his fingers on her nipples sent bolts of electricity through her body.

As her climax peaked, Linda cried out, "Now, Craig! I want to feel your cock in my arse."

Craig pulled his cock from her cunt and Linda experienced a fleeting sense of disappointment as she felt the emptiness in her cunt. Leaning forward, thrusting her bum in the air, Linda reached back to spread her cheeks. "Ooooooooh," she giggled as she felt Craig's knob press against her puckered rear entrance. Her giggles turned to gasps as Craig pushed forward, slowly edging the head of his cock into her tight rear entrance.

Linda forced herself to relax as Craig's cock slid slowly into her back passage. "Ohhhh fuck! That feels so good!" she moaned as her tight rear hole stretched around his invading cock.

As she accustomed herself to the sensations, Linda pushed her hips back as Craig continued to slide his cock into her back passage. The up-thrust cheeks of her bum pressed against the front of his thighs, his pubic hair tickled her stretched and tender rear opening.

"Yes!" Linda cried emphatically, "Ohhhhh yesssss! Fuck my arse, Craig! Fuck it now!"

Starting slowly with short, smooth strokes, Craig began to slide his cock in and out of Linda's tight arsehole. Linda murmured her pleasure, her face buried in the pillow, muffling her voice as she pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts. "Harder!" Craig heard Linda say and he increased his pace to comply with her demands.

As Craig's cock impaled her, Linda reached back between her legs once again to tease her clit. Craig sawed his cock in and out of her tight rear hole, his balls slapping against the enflamed lips of her cunt.

"Fuck, Linda!" Craig groaned, "Your arse is so fucking tight" he groaned as he pumped in and out.

As bolts of electricity pulsed from her clit, Linda began to wish she had another man there so she could have both holes filled at the same time. She had had a couple of threesomes in the past and had always enjoyed that particular feeling that came with having both holes stretched and filled by a thrusting cock at the same time. For the present, she had to be satisfied with her imagination and the images in her mind turned her on even more.

Craig was breathing hard as he fucked Linda's arse. Despite having been drained of two loads of cum, one in her mouth and the other in her cunt, the tightness of her back passage as his shaft rubbed along its walls was bringing him close again. Linda felt her climax approaching as her fingers rubbed her clit. "Yesssss! Oooohhhhhh yesssssss! Fuck my arse, Craig! Fuck it hard!" she cried as her clit throbbed beneath her fingers.

Spasms began to grip Linda's womb, her body began to shake as she surrendered herself to the most powerful orgasm of the evening. "Oh yesssssss! Ooooooooh fuck yesssss! It feels sooooo good!" she cried as she lost control of her pleasure wracked body.

Craig felt the pressure mount as his cock plunged into Linda's tight rear tunnel. Linda thrust her hips back as she came, impaling herself on his cock.

Feeling the spasms of Linda's orgasm through the walls of her back passage pushed Craig over the edge. "I… I'm coming, Linda!" he roared as his cock erupted for a third time, firing his seed deep into her bowels.

Having had his balls drained twice already, this time it was over quickly, emptying his load almost all at once. Craig pulled out and slumped to the bed, breathing hard. Linda quickly curled up beside him, letting him take her in his arms.

"Do you still want that coffee?" Linda asked once she had recovered slightly.

Craig laughed. "I'd forgotten all about that for some reason," he admitted.

"Me too. Funny how that happened," Linda agreed. "Let's get cleaned up and I can fix us both one before you head off."

"Sounds good," Craig agreed, nodding.

"Sorted then," said Linda. "Oh, and Craig?"


"Let's do this again soon!"

©Kilted Wookie April 2009