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Taking A Chance

Taking A Chance by Kilted Wookie Slowly, almost nervously, Linda approached the café. Looking through the window, she could see him sitting at the table, drinking his coffee and casually reading a newspaper as he waited for her. Linda hesitated at the door and cursed herself silently for her uncertainty. She knew why she was here and she had been looking forward to it for weeks. Well, actually, months would be more accurate but, since that first ice-breaking meeting, circumstances had transpired to ensure this meeting had been delayed again and again. Linda had to almost pinch herself to remind her that this time, it was actually happening. They had, of course, chatted online any number of times, describing in detail what they would do to each other if the opportunity ever arose and it had become Linda's favourite recurring fantasy. And that, Linda admitted to herself was the source of her hesitation. Could reality ever live up to her expectations? Might it not be better to savour