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Hotel Get Together

Hotel Get Together
by Kilted Wookie

Pulling off the motorway, Kath made her way along the slip-road, eventually coming to a halt in the hotel car-park. Digging her mobile phone from her pocket, she quickly typed out "At hotel" and pressed 'Send'.

She didn't have to wait long for a reply. "Traffic hellish. B abt 40 mins" came the response. Kath smiled to herself. Much as she was looking forward to seeing Craig again and would have been happy if he'd been just behind her, this gave her time to check in and have a shower before he arrived which, after a long drive, was just what she needed.

Having checked in with a minimum of fuss, Kath sent a quick text saying: "Rm 237. Will b w8ing 4 u ;-)XxX

The room itself was basic but Kath was content with that. So long as it was clean, which it was, the bed was comfortable, which still needed testing, and there was plenty of hot water in the shower, which she would soon find out, she was happy enough. It was, after all, for just one night.

Pausing only long enough to unpack her dressing-gown, Kath quickly undressed and made her way through to the bathroom. Turning the shower on, she quickly adjusted it to the correct temperature then stepped in. The warm water felt good against her travel-weary body and she quickly began to relax as it cascaded over her.

Kath let out a long sigh as the hot water slowly washed away the tensions of her long drive. She quickly washed her long, blonde hair then, lathering up her hands, she began to give herself a well needed rub down.

The hot jet of the shower felt like a thousand fingers massaging her skin. Without any conscious thought, her hands slid over her breasts. Kath sighed and closed her eyes as her hands rubbed against their soft skin.

Perhaps it was because of Craig's imminent arrival but as the hot water flowed over her and her hands glided over her skin, her imagination took over; erotic images filling her mind.

As her hands continued to stroke and caress her breasts images became more and more vivid. She saw herself on her knees, in front of Craig with his long, thick cock between her lips as her mouth slid up and down its length. The scene changed and this time he was above her, pinning her down as his cock thrust deep inside her cunt. Her knees began to tremble as scenes unfolded before her. As she imagined him behind her, his cock buried deep inside her arse, she realised that she was looking forward to 'catching up' with Craig even more than she had previously thought.

Kath and Craig had been friends for several years, having originally worked together when she had joined the firm he worked for as a graduate trainee. There had always been an 'undertone' to their friendship; one filled with suggestive banter and innuendo. It was only when she had left the company, a few years later, that their relationship had become physical.

It had been on her leaving night when, having bolstered her courage with a certain amount of alcohol, she had blurted out her attraction to Craig.

One thing had led to another and, before they knew it, they had been back at Kath's flat, their hands roaming all over each others' bodies as they struggled to remove each others' clothes.

Kath remembered how her hands had fallen to his jeans tugging at the buttons. With one movement she'd pulled his jeans and boxers down over his hips, revealing a cock that was long, thick and very, very hard.

Kath had quickly dropped to her knees, taking his cock between her lips before proceeding to suck it. That had been for starters. Much as Kath enjoyed sucking on a nice juicy cock, and would normally have been happy to have taken him all the way, feeling him fill her mouth with his cum, that night she had had a fire in my cunt needed to be put out. In only a matter of minutes after arriving at her flat, Kath had found herself lying on her bed, her legs wrapped around his, her cunt stretching to accommodate him as he began fucking her.

She remembered how she had pushed her hips back to meet his slow, powerful thrusts, and how she had pulled her knees up to let him in deeper. "Harder! Ooh harder!" she had moaned as his cock ground in and out and a warm glow spread out from her cunt to engulf her whole body.

Craig had driven her to climax after climax as he fucked her cunt and then her arse.

In the end, after having both her cunt and arse soundly fucked and filled with cum, she and Craig had collapsed, spent, together in each others' arms, holding each other close.

Without even realising it, while lost in her reverie, Kath's left hand had found her cunt. With two fingers inside her, her thumb gently massaged her clit. Her other hand still caressed her breasts, massaging the rich suds into her skin while in her mind, once again, she was with Craig, stroking his cock until it erupted, sending a final load of hot sticky cum over them.

Kath began to moan as her imagination and the sensations from her clit gripped her. She drove her fingers deep into her cunt and began to pump them in and out. She leaned against the wall of the shower unit to steady herself as her passion rose. "Ohhh, mmm, ahhh," she moaned as she pinched her nipples with the fingers of her right hand, the fingers of her left hand twisting inside her cunt.

With her body on fire, Kath rubbed at her clit with her thumb. Her womb began to contract. "Mmmm yessss!" she cried out as her climax rose up to claim her. Her body trembled so violently she had to grab the towel ring to stop her from falling. "Oh yesss! Oh fuck yessss!" she cried as she gave herself up to her pleasure. Breathing hard, she let her fingers slip out of her cunt. She used both hands to massage her breasts, rubbing them and squeezing them together as she rolled her nipples with her thumbs,

Breathing hard and almost unable to stand, Kath savoured the sensations as her climax peaked then slowly subsided. Turning the water off, she grabbed a towel and made her way wearily but contentedly through to the bedroom where she began to dry herself off.

Kath had barely finished drying her hair when someone knocked on the door. A shiver of excited anticipation ran up her spine. Getting to her feet, she quickly pulled on her dressing-gown, tying the belt loosely around her waist, and made her way to the door.
It was Craig.

"Yes?" Kath enquired coyly, "Can I help you?"

Craig smiled; that familiar lopsided, slightly ironic smile that Kath had always found so endearing.

"Well," he drawled, "I understand there's a pretty but very frustrated damsel in distress being held captive somewhere on this floor and apparently, she needs a good seeing-to to help set her free. I was hoping to offer her my services. I don't suppose you know where I might find her do you?"

Kath laughed. "Oh, her, I'm afraid you're too late," she replied with aplomb, "She was in the room next door but some tall, handsome young stud fucked her brains out then swept her away not more than ten minutes ago. Will I do instead?" she asked, opening the front of her dressing-gown to give Craig a glimpse of her toned, yet generously curved body.

Craig's eyes lingered on Kath's body until she covered herself again. He laughed. "Well," he began at his drollest, "I suppose you might, just, at a push."

"Well," Kath replied, "I wouldn't want to keep you away from anything more important."

Craig pretended to think about it. "No, that's OK. I'm sure I could spare some time since you offered so generously."

Laughing, Kath grabbed Craig's arm. "Well then, get your arse in here and give me a bloody good seeing-to," she said, pulling firmly on his arm.

The door closed behind him as Kath pulled him into the room. Almost at once, she was in his arms and their lips were pressed firmly together.

"It's wonderful to see you again, Craig," Kath said when their lips finally parted.

"It's great to see you too," Craig agreed. "You still look fantastic."

"Why, thank you," Kath replied. "Just for that, you've earned yourself a closer look." She smiled impishly, shrugging off her dressing-gown and letting it fall to the floor to stand naked in front of him. "I must say, you're looking pretty hot yourself and I hope I'm going to get to have a closer look too!"

"I'm fairly certain that can be arranged." Craig agreed, casting an admiring eye over Kath's body.


Kath kissed him and, as she did, she began tugging at his clothes. As they kissed, Craig assisted her and was quickly as naked as she was.

Kath moved into his embrace, pressing her body firmly against his. "Mmmmm, I'd almost forgotten how good you feel," she purred contentedly. Craig murmured his agreement.

"Hmmmm, it feels like you are pleased to see me," Kath murmured, feeling his cock stiffen and press against her. She reached down and stroked it gently. "Mmmmm, long, hard and ready for action, just how I remember it and just the way I always like it." Kath's grip became firmer as she worked her fingers along Craig's shaft. "Would you mind awfully if I were to give it a bit of a suck?"

Smiling, Craig replied, "I wouldn't mind in the slightest. In fact, you can give it as much of a suck as you like."

Kath smiled. Taking his hand, she led him towards the large bed in the centre of the room. "Make yourself comfortable," she said, pushing him gently towards the bed, "Then I'll see what I can do to make you uncomfortable again," she added with a coy grin.

Craig settled himself on the edge of the bed. Kath quickly positioned herself between his legs. She stroked his cock lightly; it twitched in response to her touch.

"How long has it been since I last did this?" she asked.

"Too long," he replied, "Far too long."

Kath smiled. "Yeah. Far too long," she agreed.

Holding his cock lightly, she leaned forward to kiss its tip. Craig was powerless as Kath proceeded to tease him. He moaned as she leaned forward and kissed his stomach, her breasts rubbing against the insides of his thighs, his cock sliding between her firm, fleshy globes. She smiled up at him as she reached down to press her breasts together, squashing his cock between them.

"Oh, Kath! That's so good!" Craig gasped as she rocked slowly back and forth, his cock sliding between her breasts.

"Glad you approve," Kath replied coyly before flicking her tongue over his knob as it poked from her cleavage. Craig groaned as Kath coated the head of his cock with a warm film of saliva.

"Damn!" Craig sighed, "Oh fuck yes!" he gasped as Kath took his knob into her mouth and slowly slid her lips along his shaft. As she worked her mouth back and forth she let her teeth drag lightly against his cock, her tongue swirling over its surface. Craig's hips bucked slightly, forcing his cock deeper into her hot and hungry mouth. "Oh, Kath!!!!!" he moaned as she took the head into the back of her throat and swallowed repeatedly.

Kath began to move her head back and forth, sliding her lips along his shaft. At the top of each stroke she swirled her tongue around the head then flicked it lightly across the slit.

"Ohhh, mmmm," Craig groaned as, sucking hard, Kath lips slid down his shaft, taking as much of his cock as possible into her mouth. Wrapping her fingers around the remaining inches, she moved her hand in time with her mouth. Cupping his balls with her free hand, her mouth and other hand slid up and down in tandem. "Fuck! That feels so good!" Craig groaned in appreciation.

Craig's breathing deepened. He moaned as Kath's mouth slid lightly up and down his shaft, sucking gently as she moved. She began to vary the pace; first slow and gentle than hard an fast before slowing down again. As she devoured his cock with her mouth, she cupped and squeezed his balls, pressing her middle finger into the sensitive spot between his balls and arsehole.

"Shit! Ohhh fuck!" Craig groaned as his hips begin to buck. Reaching down, he held Kath's head as he fucked her mouth, thrusting his cock with short, angry stabs into her eager mouth.

Kath could tell that Craig was getting close; she could feel his cock begin to twitch; she could taste his rich pre-cum as it oozed on to her tongue. Kath slid her lips up until only the very tip of his swollen member remained in her mouth. Gripping his shaft between her thumb and forefinger, she began to rub up and down.

Craig's moans became increasingly desperate. Kath stroked his cock harder, increasing her pace, sucking hard as the head of his cock swelled in her mouth.

"I... I can't t... take much more, Kath," Craig groaned from between clenched teeth as the pressure for release mounted unbearably, "I... I'm going t... to c... come!"

With her lips securely wrapped around the head of his cock, Kath let her mouth relax. Tilting her head back, their eyes met as she gave his balls one final, gentle squeeze. Craig's balls seemed to contract and, with a growl of sheer animal lust, he let go.

Jet after jet of hot, sticky cum surged into Kath's hungry mouth. As Craig forced his cock between her lips, deep into her mouth, she swallowed his cum quickly, savouring the taste and the sensations as it trickled down her throat.

Kath's jaw began to ache as the force of release caused him to fuck it harder. She almost gagged as he drove his knob repeatedly into the back of her throat.

As his climax subsided, Craig's thrusting slowed and eventually stopped. Still sucking hard, Kath wrapped her lips around his knob and let the last of his stream pool in on her tongue.

With a sigh, Craig slipped his cock from between Kath' lips, leaving a small trail of cum dribbling down her chin. Looking him in the eye, Kath smiled. Opening her mouth wide, she made a show of savouring the cum she'd collected on her tongue before greedily swallowing it down. "Mmmm, I enjoyed that," she purred, wiping her chin and licking her fingers before sucking the last few drops from his rapidly diminishing cock.

Kath scrambled up on to the bed to lie next to Craig. "I take it I haven't lost my touch?" she asked.
"You're kidding, aren't you?" Craig replied, "I'd say you've managed to get even better!"

Kath kissed Craig lightly on the cheek then smiled. "That's good to know," she purred, "I guess all the practice I've had over the years has paid off."

"I'd say so," Craig agreed emphatically, "I only hope I can acquit myself as admirably."

"Oh, I'm sure you will," Kath replied, giving Craig a reassuring pat on the arm, "Yours was always one of my favourite tongues. Even most of my girlfriends never come close to giving me what that tongue of yours could. I swear it has a mind all of its own."

"So glad you approve," Craig drawled.

"I do indeed," Kath replied. "Now, do you think you could stop talking about it so that you can put your tongue to a much better use?" she enquired with aplomb.

Craig laughed. "I guess, since you put it so nicely, I suppose I could. After all, it's going to take me a little time to be ready again, so I suppose we need to have some way to occupy ourselves until then."

"Oh, I couldn't agree more," Kath replied, feigning innocence, "We see each other so rarely and we have so little time, it just wouldn't do to waste any."

Craig's smile broadened. Leaning forward, he kissed her lightly on the lips. The kiss quickly increased in passion and intensity. With their lips pressed firmly together, Craig let his hands begin exploring Kath's body.

"Mmmm. That feels good," Kath sighed as Craig's fingers traced the curve of her breasts and gently teased her nipples. A few moments later, his lips replaced his fingers and he began feasting on Kath's breasts.

"Ooooooh, Craig," Kath cooed as his tongue coated her breasts with a film of warm, wet salvia. "That feels so good." Craig sucked each of Kath's nipples into his mouth in turn. Kath moaned as he gently but firmly fastened his teeth around one nipple and began to pull, flicking his tongue over its stiffened tip as he teased the other with his thumb.

Despite their size, Kath's breasts were extremely sensitive. With the tenderly skilful way with which Craig played with them, it was no surprise to Kath when her womb began to pulse. "Ooooooohhhhhhh yesssssssss!" she cried, throwing her head back as a small but intensely powerful orgasm spread through her, causing her body to shake. Craig paused briefly, smiling as he watched Kath's face contort with pleasure as her climax washed over her.

As her breathing returned to normal, Kath smiled at Craig. "That was good!" she said appreciatively.

Craig laughed. "You're the only woman I know who can come from having her tits played with and nothing else," he said.

"I know," Kath replied, "I've always been able to. My tits are so sensitive, it's almost as if they're connected directly to my clit."

Craig laughed. "So it would seem," he said, "Shall I continue?"

"Oh yes," she replied, "And don't worry, that one was just for starters, just like yours. I'll probably have at least a couple more before we're finished."

"Good," Craig replied with a smile, "Still the same old Kath I used to know then. Now where were we?"

Kath affected a thoughtful expression, lifting a finger to her lips. "I think..." she said slowly, "I think you said you were about to eat my cunt. Why don't we start with that? Then, hopefully, you'll be ready to give me a good, hard fucking!" she added coyly.

"Sounds good to me," retorted Craig. He knelt between Kath's legs and leaned forward. "Ahhhh," he sighed as inhaled the rich scent of her cunt. Kath's juices glistened on her enflamed labia, The entrance to her tunnel was open and inviting.

Craig pressed his tongue against the moist wet flesh and worked his tongue up from the entrance of Kath's cunt to her clit. "Oooooooohhhhhh," sighed Kath, squirming with pleasure in response to Craig's touch.

"You taste soooo good," Craig sighed then curled his tongue into Kath's cunt, darting it rapidly in and out. Kath writhed on the bed, biting her bottom lip as Craig took each of her labia between his lips and sucked them, running the tip of his tongue along their edge. His nose pressed briefly against her clit, sending a shiver up Kath's spine.

"Fuck, Craig!" Kath exclaimed, as his tongue explored every fold of her cunt. "You're so good at that," she breathed, "I swear I've never met anyone else that's so good with their tongue." Craig paused briefly to smile before continuing with his feast. He relished the compliment Kath had just given him and felt the first stirrings of recovery in his cock.

"What is it?" Kath demanded as Craig chuckled to himself, reflecting on the restorative power of Kath's words.

"Oh, uh, nothing!" Craig replied glibly.

"Well get on with it then!" Kath demanded.

"Yes Ma'am," Craig replied before returning to his task.

Craig lapped hungrily at Kath's cunt as her warm, rich juices flooded his mouth. Kath began to tease her nipples as his tongue grazed her clit. "Ohhhh fuck, yesssss! That's it! Lick me right there!" she demanded.

Craig did as Kath requested, concentrating his attention on her clit, occasionally sucking it between his lips. "Ahhhhhh, mmmmmmm!” Kath sighed as she tugged her nipples with her fingers, feeling the fire in her cunt begin to spread through her.

Humming softly as he sucked on Kath's clit, Craig slowly slid one finger into her warm, wet cunt. After pumping it in and out briefly, he added a second, feeling Kath squirm as he twisted them around inside her. "Oh yes, Craig... that's it... don't stop..." she moaned as his fingers plunged into her depths, his tongue lashing her clit.

Kath could feel her orgasm approaching. She clutched at the bed covers with her fingers as she tried to hold back. Craig's tongue beat mercilessly on her throbbing clit, his fingers pumped rapidly in and out of her cunt. Suddenly, she felt the tip of another finger press against her tight rear opening. Her sphincter yielded slightly as the tip worked its way in. That final touch was too much for Kath to bear. "Ooooooooohhhh fffuuuucccckkkkk!!!!!" she cried, throwing her head back to give voice to her release as her body began to thrash.

Never slowing his pace, Craig continued to lap at Kath's clit. Spasms wracked her body every time he touched her. Her rich juices flooded into his mouth as she came.

"Fuck... fuck... ooooohhhhh fffuuucccckkkkkk!!!!!" Kath cried, her body jerking, her head tossing from side to side as she rode the rising waves of her climax.

Kath's heart pounded in her chest as her orgasm peaked again and again. She felt herself torn between conflicting desires, wanting to feel Craig's long, thick cock plunging forcefully into her cunt while not wanting the sensations she was experiencing to come to an end. She reached down and grabbed Craig's head, pulling it forward so that his tongue pressed even more firmly against her throbbing clit. The resulting sensations almost caused her to faint as her climax reached an intensity that she had seldom experienced before. The release was overpowering, pushing Kath beyond the brink of her endurance.

"Fuck me, Craig!" she heard herself cry, "I want to feel you inside me! Stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me hard!"

Craig paused. He made a show of wiping Kath's juices from his face and smiled. "Your wish is my command," he teased as he worked his way up to position himself above her.

"Oh fuck yessssss!" Kath moaned as Craig's thick cock pierced her with a single thrust, sliding deep into her inner core, the walls of her cunt stretching to accommodate it. "Fuck me!" she urged, pulling her legs back and digging her fingernails into the skin of his buttocks. "Fuck me, Craig! Fuck me hard!!"

Flexing his hips, Craig rode Kath with powerful thrusts. Kath rocked her hips to meet Craig's thrusts. The walls of her cunt gripped his thick cock as he buried it inside her. "Oh, Kath!" gasped Craig, "This feels so good! Your cunt's so hot."

With her eyes screwed tightly shut, Kath savoured the feeling of having Craig's cock pump in and out of her cunt. His balls slapped against her with every thrust, the outsides of his thighs almost bruising the insides of hers with the intensity of their collision.

"Oh yes... Oh fuck... Harder, Craig... Fuck me harder!" cried Kath, her fingernails almost drawing blood as she dug them even harder into his buttocks.

With sweat running down his face, Craig increased his pace, his body slamming against Kath's with every thrust. "This h... hard enough for you?" he panted as he drove his cock into her with long, lunging strokes.

"Oh fuck yessssss! That's it! Don't stop! Please don't stop!" Kath moaned, her quivering cunt aching from the pounding it was taking. She felt herself slipping over the edge again and began tugging on her nipples once more. "Ohhhhhhh Craig!" she cried as she came, her body shaking below his.

Craig groaned as the walls of Kath's cunt contracted tightly around his cock. Her hips bucked uncontrollably, pushing up to meet his downward thrusts. He could feel his cock throb as Kath's climax transmitted itself through the walls of her cunt along his shaft. Lifting himself up with his arms, he impaled Kath with all his force, pumping rapidly in and out.

"Do... Do you m... mind if I, if I get on t... top?" Kath asked.

"No, not at all," Craig replied. He slowly slid his cock from her cunt then rolled on to his back. "Be my guest, climb aboard," he said.

Laughing, Kath moved herself on top of Craig, reaching between her legs to guide his cock towards her entrance as she positioned herself above him. "Fuck, your cock is sooooo good," she purred as she slowly impaled herself on its length. "I'd forgotten how good it feels having you inside me."

She began to slide slowly up and down, flexing the walls of her cunt around his thick shaft as she rode him with a leisurely pace.

Up and down, she rocked her hips, coating his cock with her juices as she moved, murmuring dreamily to herself as she savoured the sensation of being filled by his cock. "Play with my tits," she said softly, leaning forward to let them hang in front of his face. Craig reached up and cupped one in each hand, teasing her nipples with his thumb, slowly rocking his hips up and down, driving his cock deeper into Kath's cunt. "Oh yes, suck them!" she gasped as his lips fastened around one nipple and drew it into his mouth.

Slowly increasing her pace, Kath worked her cunt up and down Craig's cock, enjoying the feeling as his long, thick pole stretched her walls while his mouth feasted on her breasts. "Oh fuck, Craig, I'm coming again!" she moaned as the first rippling contractions gripped her womb, causing her cunt to tighten around his cock.

"Christ, that feels good," Craig sighed as the walls of Kath's cunt milked his cock. Kath moaned and whimpered as her climax grew in intensity, the pace of her hips increasing unconsciously in response. Craig clutched at Kath's arse, pulling her down on to him, thrusting his cock upwards at the same time.

Opening her eyes, Kath looked down and saw the strain on Craig's face. "Getting close?" she asked softly. Craig merely nodded in response.

"Mmmmm," Kath murmured dreamily, "I'm looking forward to feeling you explode inside me." She slid off his cock then stretched out beside him "Get on top of me again and really give it to me," she demanded quietly but firmly.

"Oooommmmffff! Ahhhhhh, mmmmmm," Kath sighed as Craig slid into her from above. Wasting no time, he quickly found his pace, pinning Kath to the bed with long, hard, powerful thrusts. Clutching at his back, Kath pulled her knees back, opening herself up fully so that she could take him in deeper.

With every thrust, the tension mounted in Craig's groin. Kath's fingers clawed at his back, her nails leaving long, red scratch marks on his skin. "Fill me!" Kath urged. "Fill my cunt with your cum!"

Craig groaned as he tried to hold back, Kath's body still thrashing below his. His movements became automatic as his own climax approached, his cock stabbing Kath's quivering cunt with short, sharp thrusts.

Unable to restrain himself any longer, he plunged his cock deep inside Kath's trembling body. "Oooooohhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!" he cried, throwing his head back as his seed surged up through his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yesssssssssss!" Kath murmured as she felt his cock erupt inside her, filling her with jet after jet of his hot, sticky cream. Collapsing against her, Craig continued to thrust as he disgorged his load into her. Their hearts pounded in their chests as they shared an exquisite few moments of ecstasy that were painful in their intensity.

At last, with his load spent, Craig rolled away, breathing hard. Kath rolled over and cuddled up beside him. Holding him close, kissing him lightly on the cheek as they began to bask in the afterglow of their shared experience.

Gaining control of her body, Kath slid down to take Craig's cock into her mouth. As she sucked the last drops of cum from his cock, cleaning him with her mouth, she savoured the rich taste of her juices that coated his shaft. Craig was still breathing hard when she returned to his side, snuggling into the embrace of his strong arms. "Thank you," she whispered breathlessly into his ear, "You've no idea how much I enjoyed that."

Craig chuckled. "I've got a pretty good idea," he said, "And so, probably, has anyone in the next three rooms in any direction."

"I wasn't that loud!" Kath protested, "Was I?"

Craig laughed. "You were a bit vocal at times." There was a knock at the door. "That's probably someone come to complain now," he added. "Were you expecting anyone else?"

Kath just smiled. Getting up, she pulled on her dressing-gown and made her way to the door. Craig had known Kath long enough not to be too surprised when her husband, Fraser, walked through the door grinning broadly. Chuckling ruefully to himself, Craig realised he probably should have been expecting something like this.

Fraser strode into the room. "Evening, Craig. You're looking well." Craig started to rise but Fraser cut him off. "No need to get up," he said, "From the look of things, I'd say Kath has been taking pretty good care of you."

"I can't deny that," Craig admitted, "Kath always did know how to look after me."

"Don't listen to him, love," Kath said to her husband, "If you must know, it was Craig who had just finished taking care of me. If you'd been a couple of minutes earlier, you'd have interrupted us just at the crucial moment."

"A-ha!" exclaimed Fraser, giving his wife a wicked grin. "So it was you I heard from the car park!" he teased.

Kath blushed.

"See. Told you," Craig added.

"Watch it, you two," Kath responded tartly, "Or I may just decide to go on strike. Then what would you do?"

"Probably go down to the bar and watch the match over a couple of pints, eh Craig?" Fraser replied, his grin broadening.

"Hmmm, yeah. You probably would too," Kath admitted ruefully. "Well, I'm not going to allow that after all I did to arrange tonight, so..."

"So?" Fraser and Craig enquired in unison.

"So, why don't we get Craig a drink while he recovers a bit and I'll do my best to bring you up-to-date, as it were?"

Fraser smiled. "Lager OK, Craig?"

"Sure," Craig replied, "Whatever's handy."

With his drink in hand, Craig sat back and watched as Kath turned her attention to her husband.

Kath opened her mouth and stretched her lips around the head of Fraser's cock, taking it deep into her mouth. He leant back in the chair as Kath's head bobbed back and forth, working her lips up and down along his length.

Sucking hard, Kath swirled her tongue around the head and flicked it over the slit at its tip. With a long, deep, lust filled groan, Fraser reached forward to grab the back of Kath's head, twining his fingers in her long, blonde hair. Holding her head in place he began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth increasing the pace with every stroke.

Already turned on from her earlier activities with Craig, Kath was loving every second. Now, having him as an audience as she sucked her husband’s cock only heightened her arousal. With one hand she reached up to squeeze her husband’s balls, reaching down to stroke her clit with the other, while sucking hard on the thick cock that was being forced into her mouth.

Kath's body quickly began to tremble as she drove her fingers into her cunt, her thumb pressing against her throbbing clit. Her impending climax caused her to suck harder on the cock that was being forced roughly between her lips.

Fraser groaned as he fucked his wife's mouth. Kath's display of uninhibited wantonness was already having an effect. He could feel the tension mounting and knew he wasn't going to last too much longer.

Craig watch from the bed. As the scene unfolded before him, he could feel life return to his cock. He marvelled at how well Kath coped with her husband's rough treatment, never complaining as Fraser drove his cock deep into her mouth. From the way Kath's skin flushed, it was clear she was enjoying everything that was happening.

Pre-cum was beginning to ooze from Fraser's cock and she swallowed it down eagerly. "Better get ready," he groaned from between clenched teeth, "I'm goin' to blow any second!"

A thrill of anticipation ran up Kath's spine. The walls of her cunt began to flex around her fingers.

Suddenly, Fraser's fingers tightened in her hair. He thrust as much of his cock as he could into Kath's mouth then exploded, sending a thick jet of hot cum down her throat. He pulled back, leaving only the tip between her lips. Kath wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began to pump, forcing his cum into her aching mouth, letting it pool on her tongue before swallowing it hungrily.

Kath let her husband's cock slip from her mouth. "Mmmmmm, that was good," she sighed, licking her lips.

She turned to Craig. "I don't suppose I could trouble you for one of your neck and shoulder rubs, could I?" she asked, "All that bobbing my head backwards and forwards is beginning to take its toll." Craig readily agreed. "It'll also pass the time while we're waiting for Fraser to recover," she added coyly as she positioned herself in front of him.

"Mmmmmm, that feels good," Kath sighed As Craig began to work on her shoulders with his fingers. She leaned back, into his touch as a warm relaxed glow began to spread through her.

Craig worked his fingers down her neck, across her shoulders and down her back. As her worked them back up, along her sides, he lightly brushed against her breasts, causing Kath to squirm and sigh.

Fraser soon joined them, concentrating oh his wife's front as Craig worked on her back. He began to kiss and suck on her breasts. "Ohhhhhh, mmmmmm," Kath sighed, pulling her husband's head firmly to her chest as his tongue flicked lightly over her nipples.

Occasionally, Kath would reach down and stroke her husband's cock, slowly teasing it back to life.

Craig began to kiss and nibble Kath's neck and shoulders. Fraser worked his fingers into his wife's cunt. Kath squirmed and moaned softly in response to their ministrations. A small tremor ran through her. It was quickly followed by another stronger one.

"Ohhhh, fuck, yessss!" Kath sighed as she came, her cunt tightening around her husband's fingers as he worked them in and out, twisting them around inside her.

As Fraser and Craig explored her body with their hands and mouths, Kath experienced a thrill as she thought about what was going to come next. Just thinking about it intensified her climax. This evening had been a long time in the planning but, now that it had finally arrived, Kath knew she was going to enjoy every second.

"Get up on the bed beside Craig," Kath whispered to her husband as her orgasm slowly dissipated. Slipping his fingers from his wife's cunt and giving her nipples a final flick of his tongue, Fraser quickly did as she asked.

Reaching out, Kath wrapped her fingers around each of their cocks, rubbing them as Fraser and Craig continued to kiss and caress her all over. She leaned forward and flicked her tongue over each of their knobs in turn and was rewarded with gasps and moans of pleasure.

Kath's cunt was already wet with the excitement of anticipation, combined with the effects of Craig's and Fraser's earlier attentions. She looked up at them, her hunger and excitement written clearly on her face as she prepared to set about her task in earnest.

Kath made a quick decision and moved in front of her husband. Wrapping her delicate fingers around his shaft, she began to run her tongue along its length, coating it with a warm film of saliva. The slow, deliberate strokes of her tongue drove Fraser wild. Kath looked him straight in the eye then, giving his balls a gentle squeeze, she took his cock into her mouth. "Ohhhh, God!" Fraser gasped as her warm mouth encased his prick, his knob nestling in the back of her throat.

Varying her pace as she slid her lips up and down Fraser's cock, Kath reached out to stroke Craig's. Her fingers slid up and down, mirroring the motion of her mouth as it devoured Fraser's.

After a few minutes, Kath changed places, taking Craig's cock into her mouth as her hand worked up and down her husband's thick shaft. "Fuck that's good!" Craig groaned as she took his knob into the back of her throat and began to swallow.

Fraser got up and moved round behind Kath. Leaning forward, he slid his tongue between her enflamed lower lips and began to lap at her juices. Kath's body flinched at the contact. Already incredibly turned on, the contact of Fraser's tongue against her clit was enough to ignite her orgasm.

"Fuck!!!" Craig moaned as Kath responded to her climax by sucking harder on his cock. Kath's body trembled as the sensations in her womb engulfed her body.

"Mmmmm, you taste so good," Fraser murmured, savouring the rich taste of her essence as Kath's juices, mixed with Craig's earlier load flooded his mouth.

As her orgasm peaked again, Kath let Craig's cock slip briefly from between her lips to give voice to her desire. "Fuck me, Fraser!" she demanded, "I want to have a cock at each end."

Fraser grinned as he lifted his face from Kath's cunt and moved closer to her. "Anything you say, dear," he replied, grinning. Kath bit her lip in anticipation as she felt him press the head of his cock against her opening. "Ohhhhh!!!" she moaned as he slowly sank his cock into the warm, wet confines of her cunt.

"Oh fuck, that feels good," Fraser sighed as he felt the warm tightness of Kath's cunt envelope his shaft.

As Fraser began to pump in and out, Kath lowered her head to Craig's lap and took his cock into her mouth once more. Craig reached forward to play with her breasts as his cock disappeared between her lips.

Kath's large, shapely breasts were extremely sensitive. As Craig's thumbs pressed against her small, pink nipples, she came again, the walls of her cunt tightening around Fraser's cock.

Responding to the sensations in her cunt and breasts, Kath sucked harder on Craig's cock. Both Fraser and Craig groaned. "Oh fuck, that's good!" said Craig as his knob slid along the roof of Kath's mouth.

"Yes!!" gasped Fraser as Kath's cunt flexed around his shaft, gripping him tightly.

Kath was lost in the sensations of her climax, savouring the feelings of being taken at each end.

Without warning, Fraser pulled out. Think you could take both of us together?" he asked.

Kath let Craig's cock slip from between her lips. "Mmmmm, I'd love to. In fact, it's just what I've been waiting for all evening," she purred.

Fraser exchanged a quick glance with Craig. "Tell you what," he said, "I'll get underneath her and she can ride my cock while you give it to her up the arse."

Craig looked questioningly at Kath. "Sounds good to me. What do you think?" he asked her.

"Fuck, so long as I'm getting fucked by you both, I don't mind which cock is where!" exclaimed Kath, her excitement mounting at the prospect of getting the double fuck she wanted so badly.

"Well, that's OK then," Craig replied drolly, "Is your hubby always so generous?"

"Craig, mate," Fraser chipped in before Kath could reply, "I can have her arse any time and will probably get it later once you've gone..."

"Oh, you will, will you,?" Kath interjected coyly.

"Ssshhh woman!" Fraser replied, giving his wife's backside a playful slap. "As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted," he gave Kath's bum another slap, "Since I can have her arse any time, it's only fair that I let you have it now."

"Well now," Craig replied, "That is very kind of you."

Kath cleared her throat. "Do you think you both might just get on with it?" she asked plaintively, "I mean, you were both planning on doing me tonight weren't you?"

Both men smiled somewhat sheepishly.

Without any further hesitation, Fraser lay down and Kath positioned herself above her husband. "That's more like it," she said as, reaching back, she guided his cock into her cunt, sliding down his shaft to impale herself on its length. She rocked her hips up and down, preparing herself for what was about to come. "OK," she said at last, smiling over her shoulder to Craig who stood stroking his cock as he waited, "I guess its your turn."

Craig pressed his knob against Kath's puckered rear hole. "Ohhhhhhh!" she cried as she felt the muscles yield to his pressure.

Craig leaned forward, pushing against her slowly but firmly. "Oh fuck, Craig, you feel soooo big in there!" Kath gasped as, inch by inch, his cock crept into her tightly back passage.

Fraser and Craig began to thrust, their cocks stretching Kath's holes. Kath groaned as she pushed herself back, impaling herself fully, her cunt and arse stretching to accommodate their shafts. Fraser reached up to play with his wife's breasts, his fingers kneading her large but firm globes, teasing her nipples with his thumbs.

Kath delighted at the sensations of having both holes filled at once. Her only regret was that there wasn't a third cock for her to suck as Fraser and Craig thrust their cocks deep inside her.

Feeling herself wedged between her husband and Craig, their cocks filling her, Kath felt the pressure in her clit rise again. They were both thrusting into her as hard as they could. She pushed her hips back, grinding hard against them, drawing the two cocks deep into her cunt and arse.

"Oh fuck, yes!" Kath cried as she felt another orgasm build within her. "Fuck my cunt! Fuck my arse! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she demanded, losing herself to her sensations.

Craig and Fraser alternated their strokes, Fraser thrusting in as Craig pulled back. Kath's body shook as they stabbed their cocks into their respective holes. "I'm coming! Oh fuck... I'm commmmming!" Kath cried.

Craig gripped Kath's hips as he drove his cock deep into her back passage. As Kath came hard, he could feel her cunt tighten around Fraser's cock. "Oh... Oh fuck, Kath," he groaned, "I... I'd forgotten how good your arse feels!"

As her orgasm gripped her, Kath lost control. Her body, pinned on the cocks of Craig and Fraser, trembled. "Oh! Ohhh!! Ohhhhhh!! Mmmmmmmmm!! Yesssssssss!" she moaned as wave after wave of pleasure washed over and through her.

Fraser licked and sucked on his wife's breasts, feeding her climax. Pushing her breasts together, he took both nipples into his mouth at once, biting down softly and sucking hard as he pushed his cock deeper into her quivering cunt. Kath whimpered softly, unable to make her vocal chords produce anything more coherent.

As he battered Kath's tight and tender arsehole with his cock, Craig felt his seed begin to boil up inside him. "Fuck, Kath... Ohhh... Uuunnnhhhhh..." he groaned as his cock erupted sending a fountain of hot cum deep into her bowels.

"Yesssssss!" cried Kath as she felt him unleash his load inside her. His sudden release heightened the intensity of her climax, the walls of her cunt tightened reflexively around her husband's shaft.

As Craig pulled out, Fraser responded by rolling Kath on to her back. As his cock began to plunge in and out of her quivering cunt, Kath became aware of Craig's cum as it trickled out of her stretched and tender arsehole to pool on the floor beneath her.

"Oh Fraser!" she cried, digging her fingernails into his buttocks, "Fuck my cunt! Fuck it hard!"

Lifting himself up, Fraser increased the force of his thrusts, putting all his weight behind them, the tip of his knob pressing against Kath's cervix at the bottom of each stroke. Kath moaned, screwing her eyes tightly closed as her husband's cock punished her cunt. She pulled her legs back and rocked her pelvis forward, increasing the depth of Fraser's thrusts.

Fraser was breathing hard as his own climax approached.

Filling the air with screamed obscenities, Kath urged her husband on. "Fuck me you brute!" she demanded, "Fuck me so hard it hurts!"

Summoning the last of his strength, Fraser hammered his cock in and out. His balls felt as if they were on fire as he tried to prevent his release.

As Kath writhed beneath her husband, Craig moved so that he could kiss her. He teased her nipples with his fingers as her tongue danced in his mouth.

The pressure inside Fraser built until he could take no more. Throwing his head back, he roared, "I'm coming!!!!!" as his hips surged forward, burying his cock in his wife's hot, quivering cunt, his knob pressing against her cervix.

"Oh fuck, yessssss!" Kath sobbed, coming again as she felt Fraser's cum explode against the neck of her womb. Craig moved away. Kath's back arched and she clung to her husband tightly as he flooded her cunt with his rich, sticky seed, his hips still driving his cock in and out of her tunnel.

When Fraser finally pulled out, Kath was overcome with a sudden feeling of emptiness. She pressed her fingers to her enflamed cunt, letting his cum trickle over them before lifting them to her mouth, savouring the rich flavour of her husband's cream as she licked them clean.

"Well, I don't know about the pair of you," Kath said at last, licking her lips and removing the last traces of cum, "But after all that, I've worked up quite an appetite. So, why don't we get ourselves cleaned up a bit, then go out and get something to eat and maybe afterwards, Craig can join us for one last session before he goes home?"

Fraser laughed. "Sounds good to me. You up for it Craig?"

Craig sighed theatrically. "Yeah, sure, why not?"

©Kilted Wookie March 2009


  1. Good Job....liked the way the husband was involved so that no one was a "cheater" and everyone enjoyed the hot sex.


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