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Hotel Get Together

Hotel Get Together by Kilted Wookie Pulling off the motorway, Kath made her way along the slip-road, eventually coming to a halt in the hotel car-park. Digging her mobile phone from her pocket, she quickly typed out " At hotel " and pressed 'Send'. She didn't have to wait long for a reply. " Traffic hellish. B abt 40 mins " came the response. Kath smiled to herself. Much as she was looking forward to seeing Craig again and would have been happy if he'd been just behind her, this gave her time to check in and have a shower before he arrived which, after a long drive, was just what she needed. Having checked in with a minimum of fuss, Kath sent a quick text saying: " Rm 237. Will b w8ing 4 u ;-)XxX The room itself was basic but Kath was content with that. So long as it was clean, which it was, the bed was comfortable, which still needed testing, and there was plenty of hot water in the shower, which she would soon find out, she was happy enough.