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The Making Of An Adulteress

The Making Of An Adulteress
by Kilted Wookie

It had been the boredom and the loneliness that had resulted in Morag posting her profile on an adult contact site. That, along with the drunken urgings of her friend Beth, Morag admitted to herself. She quickly amended her thoughts. The truth was, if she hadn't been bored and lonely, she would never have done it, no matter how much vodka acquired courage she'd had.

It had been fun though. She and Beth had laughed non stop as she had posed for the numerous suggestive photos that Beth had snapped for her profile. She'd enjoyed fooling around with Beth for the video clip that they'd shot too.

All in all, Morag had been pretty pleased with the results. The photos were provocative but, amazingly considering how drunk they had both been, they were also tasteful. They were certainly nowhere near as revealing as the ones Beth displayed on her page. That, however, suited Morag. She was fully aware of her friend's exhibitionist tendencies and her own, comparative, lack of them.

In her mid-twenties, Morag was an attractive woman. She was 5'6" and of slim, yet curvy build, long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She wore glasses and had made a point of wearing them in her photos, but these only served to accentuate the attractiveness of her features.

Despite all that she had going for her in her favour, Morag was pretty certain that her profile was unlikely to generate much in the way of interest. Even in the less than sober state that she'd been in, she had laid out detailed criteria about the type of people she would and wouldn't meet. She had also taken pains to draw attention to the fact that she was married and was looking to find someone (or possibly several someones) to help her relieve the loneliness she experienced two weeks out of every four while her husband was away.

For the next few days, Morag fretted about what she'd done. At the time, with Beth urging her on, it had seemed like nothing more than a bit of fun. Now, in the cold light of day, and completely sober, it didn't seem to be quite such a good idea after all. Almost a week passed before she summoned up the courage to log in again. During the intervening days, she had had the urge on several occasions to simply remove her profile but something had stopped her.

Somewhat ruefully, Morag admitted that there was something about the whole thing that she found perversely exciting. After all, she told herself, it's not as if she actually had to go through with anything. She was still, technically, in the clear. She was still uncommitted and could still walk away, so what harm was there in having a look to see what, if anything, might be available if only she were too? Was it really any different from perving at some good-looking guy or letting herself get chatted up when she was on a night out with her girlfriends? She done that often enough and, while it always made her feel good to know that, despite the rings on her finger, men were still attracted to her, she had never let things progress beyond some harmless flirting; so why should this be any different?

Pouring herself a glass of wine, Morag steeled her resolve and sat down at her PC to log in. Having expected to receive no more than a handful of messages at most, she was shocked and very pleasantly surprised to find more than a hundred waiting for her. Mentally, she kicked herself for having left it so long before checking.

As she began wading through the messages, her initial elation quickly gave way. The vast majority consisted of one line efforts along the lines of, 'Hi babe, let's fuck!' accompanied by a picture of what was obviously meant to be the sender's penis, although, in a number of cases, she doubted whether that was, in fact the case. Other messages were clearly from people who hadn't taken the time to read her profile; the sender being either too old, too young or lived too far away.

She did laugh when she found a message from Beth, wishing her 'happy hunting' and admonishing her not to get too disillusioned when she found herself overwhelmed with the type of message that she'd just spent the last forty minutes or so wading through. Morag wished she'd found Beth's message earlier. If she'd read it first, she might have decided not to have bothered going in any further.

In the end, after a little over an hour, Morag had found only three messages that, in her opinion, were worthy of further consideration. One of those, although well written, she dismissed on the grounds that he didn't have any pictures. The other two, well, she'd have to think about them.

After another glass of wine and, having read both messages again several times, as well as having viewed both senders' profiles, Morag decided to grab the bull by the horns and type out replies.

Over the next few days, Morag exchanged a flurry of messages with both Craig and Neil; sometimes three or four messages each day. As the days went by, the conversations moved from e-mail to instant messenger and from there to texts via their mobiles. As Morag grew more comfortable with the men, so the tone of their correspondence grew increasingly frank; the text messages more outrageously flirtatious; the web-cam sessions leaving progressively less and less to the imagination.

All in all, Morag was extremely satisfied with what she chose to call her 'cyber affair'. She enjoyed the online attentions of Craig and Neil; so much so that she felt a vague sense of loss when she had to curtail her activities during her husband's periods at home. That said, her husband's physical presence and the attention he lavished on her when he was at home more than made up for not being able to 'spend time' with Craig and Neil. That and the fact that a certain amount of discrete flirting still went on via text message.

And so things continued...

It was Neil who first suggested an actual meeting. "No strings," he had said, "Just a friendly chat over a few drinks."

Morag had hesitated at first but eventually, egged on by Beth, her curiosity had got the better of her.

"Why not?" Beth had asked. "It's only a drink. Nothing more needs to happen. Not unless you want it to, that is," she'd added with a knowing wink.

"It's the wanting to I'm worried about," Morag had admitted. "He's a good looking guy and, well, you know what I can be like when I've had a few to drink, especially if I'm feeling lonely and frustrated."

"Well, don't drink too much then," Beth had advised, albeit not particularly helpfully, "and have a bloody good session with your rabbit before you meet him. That way you won't be too frustrated and you'll probably be too knackered to do anything."

In the end, Morag decided to chance it. As it turned out, their meeting was exactly what they had 'arranged'; a friendly chat over a few drinks; nothing more. It wasn't that Morag hadn't been attracted to Neil; quite the reverse. She was quite prepared to admit that, had circumstances been different, she'd have been happy to have let him give her 'a good seeing to' but, as things were, she wasn't quite ready to go down that route. Yet...

In the end, they both left, content to let things carry on as they were, albeit on the basis that should Morag ever change her mind, she knew where to find him.

Later that evening, sitting at her PC, chatting online with Craig, Morag told him all about her meeting. The conversation quickly descended into an explicit description of what might have happened if Morag had allowed things to go further. With their web-cams switched on, they entertained each other as they described, in as much detail as they could using only one hand to type, the various things they would do to each other if the opportunity ever arose.

They both came. In Morag's case, a number of times. By the time they bade each other goodnight, they had arranged a meeting in a little over two weeks time, after her husband had gone back offshore. They arranged it on exactly the same terms as the one she'd had earlier that evening with Neil, a drink and a chat; no strings; no expectations of anything more.

"So?" Beth enquired the next day.


"Last night, silly. How was it?"

"Yeah, it was good," Morag replied noncommittally.


"And nothing really," Morag admitted. "We had a nice chat over a couple of drinks and that was pretty much that."

"Is that it?" Beth exclaimed. "Sometimes I despair!"

Morag smiled. "Craig came online a bit later; and I mean came. I did too, several times," she admitted. "We're going to meet up as well in a couple of weeks, once Colin's away again."

"And I suppose that'll just be a chat and a drink too?" Beth asked.

"Probably," Morag admitted, "but who knows?" Beth gave her an arch look. "Don't look at me like that, Beth, it's ok for you to shag anything that moves, you're happily single. I do have Colin to think of."

"True, but do either of Craig or Neil know Colin?"

"No, but..."

Beth cut her off. "So if something were to happen between you and one of them, or even both of them, how would Colin find out unless you told him?"

"I know," Morag sighed, "but, well, I don't know. Sure it's tempting. I hate being on my own for anything up to a month at a time. It's exciting to in a way but, well, to be honest, I haven't been with anyone but Craig for the best part of six years and, well..." Her voice trailed off. Much as she loved her husband, Colin, it was tempting. That was the problem. For almost six years, she'd lived with the on/off lifestyle that his job forced upon them but, despite having good friends like Beth, Morag did spend the equivalent of six months of every year, on her own and, sometimes the loneliness was almost too much for her to bear. Was there really any harm in her finding a little consolation for herself during those times, she wondered.

It wasn't as if her lifestyle didn't have its compensations. Colin was caring and attentive and the on/off nature of their relationship did help keep a certain element of freshness to it that had helped prevent staleness from setting in but, despite all that, Morag was frustrated. Much as she had no complaints about the quality of hers and Colin's sex life, she had often found herself wondering what it would be like to experience another man's cock inside her again, filling her up as her pounded her cunt. As she sucked Colin's cock, she imagined how it would feel to taste someone else's cum on her tongue before swallowing it down. The six years that she and Colin had been together had given her husband's cock a familiarity that, if not having bred contempt, had robbed it of some of the excitement of the early days of their relationship, when they were still learning about each others' bodies.

It was that sense of newness, the novelty that Morag missed. A newness that she and Colin had once had and that, perversely, her previous relationships had never lasted long enough to lose completely. It was this, as much as the boredom, the loneliness and the frustration, Morag admitted to herself, that had brought her to where she was now.

For the next two weeks, while enjoying her husband's attentions, Morag still found time to flirt outrageously with both Craig and Neil via text message. Somewhat ironically, her 'cyber-affair' added a new jest and excitement to her and Colin's lovemaking.

Sucking hungrily on Colin's cock, taking its familiar length deep into her mouth, Morag tried to imagine what it would be like to be kneeling between Craig's legs, pleasuring him with her mouth. In her mind's eye, her lips slid along the unfamiliar contours of Craig's shaft as she moved her back and forth, driving her husband closer and closer to the point of release.

Colin came, flooding Morag's mouth. As she held his load on her tongue, savouring its rich flavour, she tried to imagine the subtle differences of taste and texture that Neil's or Craig's cum would have as she swallowed it down.

Later, as Colin ate her cunt, driving her to one intense climax after another, Morag couldn't stop herself from wondering what Neil or Craig's technique would be like. Would they be rough or gentle? Would they rush her to her orgasm or would they take their time, letting her savour every moment?

Even when, at last, their bodies were joined, Colin's cock filling her cunt with its long familiar length and thickness, Morag's imagination was still trying to make comparisons with the unknown, trying to imagine Neil or Craig inside her; occasionally trying to remember how one or other of her previous lovers, the men she'd known before she'd given herself unreservedly to Colin, had made her feel.

It was as she lay there, Colin's cock inside her, gently massaging her inner most being that she made her decision. If the circumstances dictated, she would risk it with Craig. Much as she loved and needed Colin, she also needed something else when Colin wasn't there, something to banish the boredom and loneliness, something to make her feel special and desirable, something that was hers and hers alone. It was then, as if her decision had caused a dam to burst, that she came again.

"Oh God Colin, I love you!" she moaned, at last concentrating only on her husband and the pleasure he was giving her as her orgasm washed over her.

Colin thrust harder and harder as his own climax approached.

"Come, come for me, Colin," Morag sighed softly as her husband's breathing deepened, his body stiffened, his cock swelling and twitching inside her.

"Oh Morag! Oh fuck Morag!" he whispered in her ear, holding her tight as his cock erupted inside her, filling her cunt with his load.

As she lay in bed, feeling warmly satisfied, Colin snoring lightly as he lay beside her, Morag realised that somewhere, she had crossed a line. Only at the very end, when their shared climaxes had consumed them, had she been making love with her husband. Until that moment, in her mind at least, she had been with someone else. Lost in the world of her imagination, she had already been unfaithful to Colin, and she knew, no matter what actually happened when she met Craig, it was only going to be a matter of time until imagination became reality.

Morag's excitement grew with every day that passed. As she waited for Craig in their agreed meeting place, her anticipation grew as the minutes ticked down to the appointed time.

For the last three nights, ever since Colin had left to return to work, Morag had been waiting for this moment to arrive. Each night, they had 'chatted' online; their conversations frank and explicit. During the days, they had continued their conversations by text message; the contents of which had become so graphic that they could no longer be described as simple flirting. Time and time again, Morag had found herself distracted while at work, finding it almost impossible to concentrate on the mundane, every-day details of her life.

As she sat, nervously sipping her drink while she waited for Craig to arrive, Morag still didn't know what to expect from this encounter. She knew exactly what, in an ideal, uncomplicated world, she wanted to happen, but reality was far from uncomplicated. She still didn't know if she could go along with anything, no matter how much she might want to. "I guess I won't know until it happens; if it happens," she murmured quietly to herself.

Her phone went off; a text message had arrived. Fumbling, Morag opened it and read: "B thr 2 mins. Cxx". Morag's heart pounded. She took a deep breath then sipped her drink as she tried to calm herself.

When he walked into the bar, Craig was exactly what Morag expected; about 5'10", well built with slightly thinning dark brown hair. When he saw her, he flashed her his trademark slightly lopsided grin that she found particularly endearing.

"How are you?" he asked as he reached her table.

"I... Um... I'm good, thanks," Morag replied, cursing herself under her breath for the note of uncertainty in her voice. "You?"

"Yeah, I'm good too. Can I get you a drink or anything?"

"Um, yes. Vodka and coke would be nice."

"Single or double?" Craig teased.

"Ah, a single will be fine. For now, anyway."

Craig smiled then turned and made his way to the bar. Morag sat nervously until he returned with their drinks.

They chatted for the next couple of hours, mostly about inconsequential things; they both knew why they were there and, as a result, neither consciously felt the need to refer to it directly. As the evening progressed, helped in part by a moderate intake of alcohol, Morag found herself becoming increasingly comfortable in Craig's presence.

Despite the fact that she was enjoying Craig's company, as the evening wore on, Morag became ever more aware that she was going to have to make a decision.

Morag finished her drink. "Shall I get us some more?" Craig enquired casually.

Morag realised with a start that the moment of choice had arrived. "Do you want another?" she asked.

"Um, I don't mind either way," Craig replied. "Did you have something else in mind or have I bored you to the point that you want to make a dash for freedom?"

"Yes. I mean, no. I mean, no, you aren't boring me, quite the opposite in fact," Morag replied.

Craig looked at her; she continued. "Look, I... I'm not very good at this, lack of practice mostly I guessed but... Well, I... I'm really enjoying this evening."

"That's a relief," Craig replied with a theatrical sigh. "Me too."

"Well...," Morag continued, "I, er, well, I... I'd like to carry on enjoying it. In fact, I'd really like to enjoy it a whole lot more, it's just, well, do we carry on enjoying it here or would you like to go somewhere else?"

Craig's eyebrows raised. "Did you have somewhere else in mind?"

Morag sighed. This was turning out to be even harder than she'd thought it would be. She cleared her throat. "Well, yes, actually. I... I was... Oh hell! Look, would you like to come back with me to mine? It's only about five minutes away. Don't worry if you don't. I mean I'm quite happy just to sit here and chat if you prefer..."

Craig smiled. "That would be nice," he agreed, "But only if you're sure. I don't want to do anything you aren't comfortable with." He shrugged then continued, "Well actually, there're lots of thing I want to do, but only if you want to do them too, if you get what I mean."

Morag laughed; a small, nervous laugh. "Yes. I get you," she replied. "And there are quite a few things I want you to do to me too. Not to mention the things I want to do to you in return."

Craig sighed theatrically. "Well, that's a relief," he said. "But, seriously," he continued, "I know this is a big deal for you so, if you change your mind or find that you can't go through with it, just say. OK?"

Morag nodded, not trusting herself to say anything. She was glad that Craig had graciously given her an escape route, even if, at this exact moment, she had no intention of using it. Even though she had made her decision, she knew that that she would be on tenterhooks until Craig had his cock safely buried in her cunt. Just picturing that image in her mind made her already damp cunt even wetter.

The short walk to her flat passed in a daze of nervous anticipation. As her trembling hands struggled with the front-door key, Morag still couldn't quite believe that something she'd fantasised about for so long was within touching distance of becoming reality.

"Here we are then," she said with her heart in her mouth as she fumbled with the light switch, ushering Craig into the living room.

Craig paused briefly as he entered the room. "Nice place, you've got here."

"Thanks," Morag replied. "Here, let me take your coat. Make yourself at home while I get us some drinks. The stereo's in the corner. Feel free to put some music on; assuming you can find some you like."

Craig smiled. Morag excused herself briefly as she hung up their coats and made her way to the kitchen. Her hands shook slightly as she took a couple of bottles of beer from the fridge. She paused, trying to compose herself before returning to the living room.

Suddenly, on a whim, Morag dug her mobile out of her pocket. With fingers that trembled with excited anticipation, she typed out a message to Beth: "I've gt Craig bk @ mine wth me. Wish me luck..."

Her heart racing; she took a few deep breaths before returning to find Craig studying the CD rack.

"Here you go," she said, passing one of the cans to Craig. "Hope it's OK. I'm afraid it's all we have."

"Don't worry, it's fine," Craig replied, trying to reassure her.

"So?" Morag continued, "What now?"

Craig took a sip of his drink before answering. "I'm not sure. I guess it's sort of up to you. What would you like to do?"

Morag paused. "Um... I... Er... Oh hell! I don't know. This is all so new to me." She took a couple of mouthfuls of her drink. "It's weird," she continued, "I've had all those thoughts and daydreams about what we'd do but, in my imagination, we're just doing them. I never gave any thought to how we actually get from this point to that one."

Craig laughed. "Yeah. I know what you mean," he admitted. He paused again, smiling.


"Hmm, well, you're a little tense, which is only natural under the circumstances, so how about I start off giving your neck and shoulders a bit of a rub? Maybe it'll put you at ease a bit and we can see where things go from there..."

Morag smiled. "Yes. That would be nice."

Craig sat on the sofa. Morag got up and dimmed the lights slightly before putting some cushions on the floor and sitting down, resting herself against Craig's legs. Craig flexed his fingers then began lightly rubbing Morag's shoulders. "Mmm, that feels nice," she murmured softly as Craig's strong but gentle hands began their work.

As Craig's fingers worked their way over her upper back, across her shoulders and up her neck, Morag felt her tension beginning to ebb away. As her lightly massaged her temples, occasionally running his fingers through her hair, she felt a comfortable, relaxing warmth spread over her.

"Hold on," Morag said softly as Craig's hands returned to her shoulders, "Let me get out of this so you can get to me properly." She undid her blouse and slid it down, off her shoulders until it fell to the floor. "Mmmm, that is nice," she purred contentedly as she felt his hands on her bare skin for the first time.

Craig continued slowly but methodically, working his hands over Morag's skin. She leant forward slightly, allowing him access to more of her back.

"Mmmm," Morag sighed as his fingers ran lightly up and down her spine.

Feeling increasingly relaxed, she reached up to slide the straps of her bra down over her shoulders. Feeling slightly more daring she said, "Feel free to undo it if it's getting in your way." Almost at once, she felt his fingers deftly undoing the clasp.

Morag moved and stretched out on her front on the floor. Craig quickly joined her. Sitting astride her thighs, his hands worked their way up her back, along her shoulders and down her sides. As she became increasingly relaxed, Morag also became aware of how increasingly warm and wet her cunt was becoming.

Occasionally, Craig would slide his thumbs below the waist of her skirt as he worked on the small of her back. Morag squirmed. She raised her hips slightly. Understanding her implicit invitation, Craig moved slightly and began to ease her skirt down over her hips and along her legs until Morag lay, dressed only in her increasingly damp knickers in front of him.

Unable to restrain himself, Craig leaned forward and began to kiss his way up Morag's spine to her neck. Morag squirmed beneath him. "Mmmmmm," she purred softly as his lips caressed her soft skin. Somehow, she managed to turn around on to her back. Reaching up, she pulled him towards her.

Their lips met, tentatively at first but then with increasing passion. As they kissed, Morag's fingers started to undo the buttons of Craig's shirt. Once undone, her hands slipped inside and began exploring his firm body, reaching round to run her fingers up and down his broad back.

Craig shrugged off his shirt. Morag's hands moved lower to begin undoing his jeans. Her lips were still firmly on his as she slowly slid her fingers inside, under the waist of his shorts, until she found the object of her search.

"I can't quite believe I'm doing this," Morag whispered as her fingers circled his shaft and began stroking it lightly.

"Doing what?" Craig teased.

"Um, you know, this..."


"Lying here naked except for my knickers, which are uncomfortably damp, with my hand wrapped around another man's cock."

Craig smiled. "Oh, I see. And how does it feel?"

"Well, to be honest, a little strange," Morag admitted.

"My cock feels a little strange?"

"No silly. Your cock feels pretty good if you must know; all thick and hard and ready for action. No, it's the situation that's strange. It's been over six years since I was last in this position, being with someone for the very first time; feeling them, seeing them, letting them see me naked." Unable to prevent it, she allowed a small laugh to escape. "The last time I did this," she continued, "I ended up marrying him. Sorry, that was possibly a little inappropriate wasn't it?"

Craig grinned then kissed her. "A little bit, perhaps, but I guess I'll be able to forgive you; although I'll probably need to exact a suitable penance from you first."

Morag giggled. "Fair enough," she replied coyly. "Now, why don't we get you out of these," she said, giving his jeans a meaningful tug, "Then you can sit yourself down on the sofa, relax, and I can see what I can do to start earning your forgiveness."

"And just what did you have in mind?" Craig asked, removing his jeans and shorts as he stood up and made his way back to the sofa.

"That would be telling," Morag replied as she moved the cushions to between Craig's feet and knelt between his legs. "I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you," she added.

Morag smiled as she got her first proper look at Craig's cock. She'd seen it often enough on the web-cam and was pleased that the reality compared more than favourably with her expectation. It was about the same size as Colin's, her husband's, maybe just a little longer, but just as thick. She stroked it gently with her fingers. Above his cock, his pubic hair was trimmed short and neat. His balls were smooth and hairless. "I like the way it feels," she purred, "I hope it likes what I'm going to do to it."

"I'm sure it will," Craig agreed.

"Oh, I do hope so," Morag replied then leaned forward and gently kissed its tip.

Craig sighed. Morag slowly but deliberately planted kisses all over his cock, her lips coming into contact with every part of its surface.

Having explored every inch with her lips, Morag repeated the process with her tongue. "God! That feels good!" Craig gasped as her tongue licked lightly along the underside of his shaft and over his balls. "Oh fuck!" he groaned as she sucked each of his balls into her mouth in turn, working her tongue over them.

Returning her attention to Craig's cock, Morag worked her tongue slowly back up from the base to its tip, taking care to cover every exposed inch with a warm film of saliva. She paused briefly. "Catching Craig's eye, she asked, sweetly, "I'd really like to suck your cock now. Would you mind if I did?"

Craig grinned. "Be my guest," he replied with aplomb. "In fact, I insist."

Morag laughed. "Typical bloody bloke!"

"Guilty as charged," Craig replied. "We're all biologically programmed never to turn down a blow-job. It's an ahhhhh immmmposahhhhbility mmmmmm...," his voice trailed off as Morag wrapped her lips around his cock and drew it into the warm confines of her mouth.

Taking her time, Morag worked her lips up and down Craig's cock. As she took him into her mouth, she realised that she was aware of the subtle differences between the cock she was now happily sucking and her husband's more familiar member. It wasn't so much the size; they were similar enough in that respect that it made little difference; it was the smaller, almost imperceptible differences, the texture of Craig's skin, the way his cock bent slightly to the left, his scent and any number of other things that her heightened awareness detected.

Above all, what Morag was most aware of was how much she was enjoying having Craig's cock in her mouth. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy giving head; nothing could be further from the truth. She loved being able to turn men, and especially her husband, to jelly using nothing more than her lips and tongue. The fact was that she had expected to be nervous, possibly even inhibited but instead, here she was, sucking happily and hungrily on the cock of a man that she hardly really knew and had met, properly, only for the first time a few hours earlier and, what's more, she was enjoying every second of the experience.

Morag wasn't the only one enjoying herself. Craig moaned his appreciation as she feasted on his cock. Reaching out, he ran his fingers through her long, blonde hair as her lips travelled along his shaft. "Oh Christ, that feels good," he gasped as she drew him in deep, his knob lodging briefly in the back of her throat.

Morag gave herself entirely to the task of pleasuring Craig's cock. She lightly stroked and tickled his balls with her fingertips as she slid her mouth back and forth, varying her pace from time to time as Craig groaned his appreciation. Every now and then, she'd slip his cock from between her lips and run her tongue over its length, swirling it around his knob and flicking the tip of her tongue over the slit at its top.

Craig's groans of pleasure grew increasingly frequent; his breathing deepened. He felt the pressure in his loins increase as Morag drove him inexorably onward. As she sucked, his hips began to move, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth.

Morag could feel the increasing tension in Craig's thighs and knew she was bringing him ever closer to the point of release.

Hungry for the taste of his cum, she began to suck harder as Craig thrust his cock between her lips. Slipping one hand inside her damp knickers, she began fingering her cunt and teasing her clit.

Almost instantly, a familiar warm, tingling sensation spread through Morag's body. Her clit began to throb beneath her fingertips. The impending arrival of her own climax caused her to suck harder on Craig's cock as he drove it into her mouth.

Craig felt the pressure mount as he fucked Morag's mouth with short, stabbing thrusts. Her mouth was warm and her tongue worked along the underside of his shaft as he slid it in and out between her lips. "Getting close," he groaned, the need for release evident in his straining voice. "C... Can't h... hold on much lo... long... longer, ahhhhh!"

As Craig got closer and closer to boiling point, Morag could taste the pre-cum that oozed from his cock. Its rich taste added to her already high state of arousal. With her fingers furiously rubbing her clit, Morag was torn between her own approaching orgasm and Craig's.

Suddenly, almost as if he sensed her indecision, Craig began to moan. "I... I'm... I'm going to c... come, Morag! I'm g... going to ahhhhh, ohhhh, commmme!"

Morag let her mouth relax, in anticipation of Craig's eruption. Her fingers still teased her clit Her own climax was almost upon her; it seemed as if they were both in a race to the finish.

Craig stopped thrusting. He pulled his cock back until only his knob was still in Morag's mouth. He gripped his shaft and began to stroke, faster and faster, his hand almost blurring in front of Morag's face.

Still sucking and teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue, Morag felt Craig's knob swell in her mouth. "Fuck! Shit! Oh God! Oh fuck!" Craig moaned. "Here it come!"

There was a brief pause; no more than a heartbeat, then suddenly, Craig's cock erupted. "Ahhhhhh, yessssss!" he groaned as Morag felt the first hot jet of cum fire into her mouth. She swallowed hungrily and, in that moment, she came too. Her body shook as Craig filled her mouth with his load. Morag swallowed by reflex, unable to exercise any control as powerful orgasmic contractions gripped her.

Being unable to give voice to her pleasure heightened the intensity of her climax. She wanted to cry out but was prevented by the thick cock in her mouth depositing thick, cteamy drops of cum on her tongue.

Eventually Craig's torrent slowed to a trickle before dribbling to a finish. Relieved that she hadn't choked while lost in the throes of her own climax, Morag swallowed down the last of Craig's cum before letting his cock slip from between her lips.

As Craig slumped back on to the sofa, Morag let her orgasm wash over her, its energy slowly dissipating, leaving her feeling warm, content but yet hungry for more.

"I need a glass of water," she said at last, strength returning to her. "Would you like one too?" she asked as she dragged herself slowly to her feet.

"Please," Craig sighed, "that would be nice." He flashed a broad smile. "That was unbelievable."

Morag bent forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Mmmmmm, yes, it was, wasn't it? I think I enjoyed that almost as much as you did."

Making her way to the kitchen, Morag quickly poured two glasses of water. As she added some ice, she noticed her mobile blinking away on the worktop. It was a text from Beth. "Naughty naughty! I wnt all the detls" it read.

Morag smiled as she typed out, "I jst came hard sckng his cock & he filld my mouth wth lts of cum!"

She put her mobile back down on the worktop, picked up the glasses and made her way back through to Craig.

"Thanks," Craig said as she passed him the glass. He took a long drink. "Ahhhh, I needed that," he admitted as he settled the glass down on the coffee table.

As Morag sipped her water, she became aware of how uncomfortably damp her knickers had become.

She put her glass down next to Craig's. Smiling coyly, she slid her fingers under the elastic at her waist and said, "You know, I think I can safely dispense with these." With that, she slipped her knickers down over her shapely bum and thighs and let them fall to the floor before kicking them to one side with a carefree laugh.

Craig smiled. "Yeah. I noticed you were a bit overdressed."

Standing naked in front of Craig, Morag slowly and deliberately slipped a finger between her moist wet folds and buried it in her cunt. It was quickly followed by a second. A shiver ran up her spine as she slowly worked her fingers in and out, coating them with her juices. With a dreamy smile on her face, she slipped her fingers from her cunt and raised them to her mouth.

Craig watched, entranced, as Morag cleaned her glistening juices from her fingers then repeated the process with the fingers of her other hand.

Morag dipped her fingers into her cunt for a third time. This time, instead of raising her fingers to her mouth, she held her hand out towards Craig. "Would you like a taste?" she asked in a voice barely more than a whisper.

Without answering, Craig leaned towards her. He took Morag's hand in his and drew it towards his mouth. "Mmmmmm, you taste good," he said as he licked her juices from her slender fingers.

Morag moved back and sat down on the armchair opposite Craig. She opened her legs giving him clear view of her cunt. Her smooth lower lips were pink and glistened with her juices.

She smiled. "If you want some more, why don't you come over here and help yourself?" she asked coyly, dipping a finger suggestively into her cunt again.

Craig stood up and crossed the room to where Morag sat. Kneeling between her outstretched legs, he took her hand and sucked her juice coated finger into his mouth again. Morag felt her anticipation rise as she waited for what was to come next.

Slipping her finger from between his lips, Craig smiled up at her. "Just so you know, your cunt really does look good enough to eat," he said.

"Well, feel free to do just that," Morag replied, spreading her moist labia with her fingers.

Craig leaned forward. As he moved, he planted soft kisses on the insides of Morag's thighs. Morag bit her lip, squirming with anticipation as Craig's mouth moved closer and closer. She could feel his breath, warm against the tender flesh of her cunt as he approached.

His tongue flicked out. "Ooooooh, fuck! Mmmmm," Morag sighed as the tip of Craig's tongue dipped into her warm, wet opening.

Slowly and gently, Craig began exploring Morag's cunt with his tongue and lips, savouring the rich flavour of her essence as he lapped it into his mouth.

Morag sighed and murmured dreamily as Craig's tongue licked along her slit and over her clit. Every now and then, she would reach down and run her fingers through his hair, while at the same time, pulling him more firmly against her. His technique was slower and more gentle than Colin's and Morag luxuriated in the difference as a warm glow spread through her body.

"Oh Craig!" she gasped, "That's just so, sooo good." She felt her pulse rate quicken, her juices flowed even more readily as Craig's tongue darted in and out of her opening.

Focusing his tongue's attention on Morag's clit, Craig slowly slid one finger into her cunt. "Yessss!" Morag sighed as he began to work it in and out. Craig inserted a second and began twisting them around as he slid them back and forth.

A shiver ran up Morag's spine. Lifting her hands to her breasts, she began to squeeze and caress them, teasing her nipples between her fingertips as Craig fingered and feasted on her cunt. A gentle tingling sensation started in her womb and quickly spread through her body. Morag closed her eyes and began surrendering herself to the sensations.

Morag's hips began to rock back and forth as Craig drove his fingers into her cunt. He sucked on her clit, flicking its tip with the tip of his tongue.

"Yes Craig. Oh yessss!" Morag moaned as the sensations grew in intensity. She squeezed her nipples hard, tugging at them, bolts of electricity burning through her veins. Gripping Craig's fingers with the walls of her cunt, she felt her womb slowly begin to pulse.

Driving his fingers deeper and harder into Morag's cunt, Craig lapped up her juices and flicked his tongue over her clit as her hips began to buck. Looking up, he could see the muscles across her tummy begin to tighten as the contractions that gripped her slowly increased in intensity.

"Fuck yessss, Craig! Don't stop!" Morag cried, tossing her head from side to side as she struggled to hold back. As the sensations became ever more powerful, she gripped the arms of the chair, her knuckles turning white as she fought to hold on, savouring the sensations and delaying her climax for a few more seconds.

The pressure inside her mounted until Morag was unable to contain it any longer.

She came hard. Her body heaved, almost causing her to slip off the chair; only the presence of Craig, positioned between her legs, prevented her ending up in an undignified heap on the floor. "Fuck! FUCK!! FUCK!!! Yessss!" she cried, gripping Craig's head and pulling it towards her, increasing the pressure of his tongue on her throbbing clit. "Don't stop! Ohhhhh fuck! D... don't you dare s... stop!" she moaned as the waves of her orgasm crashed and broke over her.

Taking his lead from Morag's urgings, Craig continued to lick, his fingers fucking her cunt as his tongue lashed her clit. Morag's hips surged and bucked, grinding her cunt against Craig's mouth as intensely powerful contractions gripped her. She flinched with every beat of his tongue against her clit; each contact eliciting a corresponding "Mmmmm," or "Ahhhhh," of pleasure.

Finally, driven almost to the brink of her endurance, Morag feebly pushed Craig away. Sliding off the chair to join him on the floor, she purred, "I want to suck your cock again."

Craig rolled on to his back. His cock was showing signs of returning to life as Morag began to stroke it gently. Dipping her head forward, she wasted no time in wrapping her lips around it and sucking it into her mouth. Almost immediately, it began to stiffen as Morag slid her lips along its length.

As she sucked Craig's cock back to life, Morag changed position, moving above him into a 69. Pushing her hips back, she ground her cunt against his mouth.

Craig needed no further instructions. He grabbed her hips, pulling her towards him then slid his tongue between her soft, moist folds, lapping at her cunt as she sucked hungrily on his cock.

Almost immediately, Morag felt the walls of her cunt tighten again. Her breasts tingled and contractions began to pulse through her womb once more. As her orgasm gripped her, the only thing she was aware of was the overwhelming desire to feel Craig's cock inside her, filling her cunt as she impaled herself on it.

She let his cock slip from her mouth. Somehow, she found the strength to move away from the reach of Craig's tongue so that she could turn around to face him.

Reaching back between her legs, Morag took hold of Craig's cock and began flicking its tip over her still throbbing clit. As she prepared to guide him into her, Morag realised that this was it, the point of no return, with just the slightest movement of her hips, Craig would be inside her and she would be fucking another man.

Not, she admitted to herself, that if she were to stop right now, going no further, would it make any difference. Having already sucked Craig's cock, swallowing his cum, and having had him eat her to two glorious orgasms, she had already been cheating on her husband from the moment she'd invited Craig home; maybe even from the moment he'd joined her in the bar. She had cheated on Colin and she had enjoyed every moment. Fucking Craig would be no more than the icing on, what had so far been, a particularly delicious cake. Not fucking him wouldn't make her any less of a cheat.

Closing her eyes to heighten the sensation, Morag began to push her hips slowly back.

"Oooooohhhhhhh, mmmmm," she sighed as the head of Craig's cock pushed past her opening into the warm confines of her cunt. Slowly, almost imperceptibly she moved, taking him in deeper and deeper, savouring the feeling as her cunt stretched around his shaft, accommodating him as he filled her. With a dreamy smile on her face, Morag took him all the way in, stopping only when her tender labia pressed firmly against the root of his cock.

Opening her eyes, Morag saw Craig smiling up at her. She bent forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. "It feels so good having you inside me," she purred softly, flexing the walls of her cunt around his cock to emphasise her words.

"It feels great being inside you, too," Craig agreed.

"Mmmmm," Morag sighed, "I love the way your cock fills me."

She began to move, slowly, taking her time, savouring the experience. Craig bent forward to kiss and lick her breasts as Morag slid her cunt up and down his cock. "I still can't quite believe I'm actually doing this," she said, gripping his cock tightly and revelling in the sensations.

Morag slowly increased her pace, moaning softly as she impaled herself on Craig's cock over and over again. Craig's hips thrust beneath her, driving his cock into her cunt as she pushed her hips back.

Squeezing her breasts together, Craig flicked his tongue back and forth over her nipples, occasionally sucking them into his mouth and biting them gently between his teeth. Every now and then, he'd reach down, between Morag's legs, finding the point where their bodies joined, letting her juices coat his fingers. Lifting his fingers to Morag's breasts, he anointed her nipples with her juices before slowly and deliberately, licking them clean. "Fuck, that feels good!" Morag sighed as Craig repeated the process again and again.

As she rode Craig's cock, Morag was vaguely aware that perhaps, she should be feeling at least slightly guilty about what she was doing. She was almost surprised that she didn't, in fact, feel the slightest twinge of guilt or remorse. Perhaps that will come later, she thought to herself but at that moment in time she was enjoying herself too much to feel anything other than the intense pleasure Craig's cock was giving her.

"I want to be taken from behind," Morag purred. Sliding off Craig's cock, she turned around, positioning herself on all-fours, leaning on the soft cushion of the armchair for support. As she waited for Craig's cock, she became aware of how stretched and empty her cunt felt. She looked back over her shoulder. "Fuck me, Craig!" she demanded, "Stick that lovely big cock of yours in my cunt and fuck me hard!"

"You wish is my command," Craig replied, smiling as he gripped her hips.

"Ooommmfuck!" Morag gasped as Craig entered her with a single thrust. "Yes! Ohhhhh fuck, yessss!" she cried as his cock began to hammer her cunt.

Reaching back, as Craig's cock pounded her, Morag began to tease her clit. As her body moved in response to the force of Craig's thrusts, her nipples rubbed against the rough nap of the fabric of the cushion she was leaning on, adding to her arousal. "Harder, Craig! Fuck me harder!" she demanded, becoming increasingly vocal as her pleasure intensified.

Morag soon found herself on the brink of another thundering climax. As her orgasm approached, she bit her lip to stifle her moans while increasing the pressure of her fingers on her clit.

The pressure mounted. Fire screamed through Morag's veins. She whimpered softly as she struggled to hold on, denying her body the release it craved in an attempt to prolong the sweet agony of anticipation.

Sensing how close Morag was to boiling point, Craig increased the pace and force of his thrusts. He could feel Morag's cunt tighten reflexively around his cock as she moved closer and closer to the moment of release.

The dam burst suddenly. "Oh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck! I... I'm cu... coming, Craig! I'm commmmmming! Mmmmmohhhhahhhhh," Morag cried as the powerful contractions that gripped her womb caused her body to shake violently. Gripping her hips and pulling them back firmly towards him as he drove his cock into her, Craig felt Morag's cunt tighten around his shaft as intense spasms rippled through it.

Morag rode the waves of her orgasm as they lifted her higher and higher, becoming increasingly vocal as the sensations intensified. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" she moaned each time Craig's cock filled her, pushing her hips back to meet his thrusts.

Feeling her strength drain away as her orgasm peaked, subsided, then peaked again, Morag was grateful for the armchair's support. Fighting to regain a measure of control, she managed to gasp out, "Oh... Oh, Craig. I... I want you... I want you on t... top of m... me."

Craig pulled out. Once again, Morag experienced a feeling of emptiness where his cock had been just seconds before. She slid on to the floor, finding the strength to roll on to her back. Slowly, languidly, she spread her legs. Craig moved into position above her. "Ready for the final onslaught?" he asked, smiling down at her.

Morag smiled back. "Oh fuck yes," she replied, "I don't think I'll ever have enough of feeling your cock inside me."

Moving his hips, Craig pressed forward. "Ohhhhh, mmmmm," Morag sighed as inch by delicious inch, his cock slid into her again. Once again, she tightened the walls of her cunt around him, flexing rhythmically as he began to move in and out.

"I probably won't last much longer," Craig admitted as their bodies moved together.
Morag kissed him and smiled. "That's OK," she replied, "I'm looking forward to feeling you explode inside me."

"Only too happy to oblige, ma'am," Craig responded, driving his cock into her.

"Good!" Morag replied. "Now... shut up... and... fuck me... hard!"

They both laughed. "Anything... you... say," Craig said as he began to increase the pace and force of his thrusts.

Running her fingers down Craig's spine as he pinned her to the floor, Morag realised that although Craig and Colin were roughly the same height and build, Craig was slightly heavier than her husband; his body was also considerably hairier too. Morag pushed these thoughts away. Even lost in the throes of passion, she couldn't prevent herself from making comparisons. The most important comparison at that very moment in time was much more fundamental; Colin wasn't there and Craig was, his cock deep inside her cunt, fucking it hard and, very soon it would be flooding her tender cunt with a lovely load of hot, thick cum.

Concentrating on that fact, Morag's anticipation grew. With every stroke of his cock, Craig was getting closer and closer to the moment of eruption. Morag spread her legs wider, pulling her knees back to let him in deeper.

"Getting close," Craig groaned, his breathing becoming deeper.

"Come for me, Craig," Morag purred, "I want to feel it."

Gritting his teeth as the pressure mounted, Craig somehow managed to increase his pace. The walls of Morag's cunt gripped him tightly as he plunged his cock into her. With each thrust, he felt himself getting closer and closer. "Come, Craig, come," Morag purred in his ear as he struggled to hold on.

Feeling his seed boil up, Craig gasped, "Oh shit! Oh God! I... I'm comming Morag! I... Aaaahhhhhh..."

"Yessss! Oh Craig, yesssssssss!" Morag breathed as she felt his cock erupt inside her. She clutched at his backside, pulling him towards her as jet after jet of thick, hot cum filled her cunt.

Craig slumped down on top of her, crushing Morag to the floor as his hips surged, moving of their own volition. "Fuck! Oh fuck!" he gasped as he emptied his load into her.

Squashed as she was beneath him, Morag could feel Craig's heart pounding in his chest, his breath hot against her neck. She held him tight, savouring the feeling of his release.

Finally, spent, Craig rolled off to lie, breathing hard beside her. Morag kissed him then whispered in his ear, "That was wonderful. Thank you." She kissed him again, running her fingertips through the soft curls on his chest. "Would you like me to clean you up?" she asked softly.

Unable to speak, Craig simply nodded. Morag slid down. Taking his cock gently in her hand, she marvelled at the fact that, even when soft, how large and full it seemed. Craig groaned as she worked her tongue over his cock, cleaning his cum and her juices from its surface. Relishing the mixed tastes, Morag diligently removed every trace before taking his cock between her lips for one final time and sucking the last drops of his cum into her mouth. After that, she wriggled up beside him, snuggling up close to bask in the afterglow of the experience.

"Would you like a coffee or something?" Morag asked, recovering slightly from her exertions, although still feeling the sense of contentedly warm drowsiness that always followed such satisfyingly good sex.

"Please," replied Craig, "Just white, no sugar."

Wearily Morag got to her feet and, after collecting her dressing-gown from the bedroom, made her way to the kitchen.

Once again, the light on her mobile phone was blinking. She smiled as she read "Who is a naughty ltl slut thn?;-)Tell me more..."

As she waited for the kettle to boil, Morag typed out her reply: "I've jst hd the mst fntstc fuck. I stl dnt believe I did it. It ws SOOO good :-)"

Almost immediately, the reply came back: "Lucky bitch. I wnt 2 knw evrythng!"
"2moro, I promise ;-) Mxxx" Morag replied.

Returning to the living room, Morag found Craig getting dressed. She kissed him as she handed him his coffee.

Eventually, Craig decided it was time for him to leave. "Thanks for such an amazing evening," he said as he got to his feet.

"No, thank you!" Morag replied emphatically, "I... I don't suppose you'd like to do it again sometime, would you?"

Craig smiled then leaned forward to kiss her. "I was hoping you'd say that," he said.

"You were?"

"Of course I was."

Morag gave a small sigh of relief.

Just let me know and I'll be round here like a shot," Craig said.

Morag kissed him as Craig opened the door. "In that case, I'll be in touch soon. Very soon!" she replied before giving him a final kiss to say goodnight.

With the door closed, Morag sank to the floor, smiling as the realisation of what had happened began to sink in. She sat there, leaning against the door for a few minutes, reliving the events of the evening over and over in her mind and, as she did, she realised that she didn't regret any of it and she hoped she would be able to enjoy a lot more of Craig's company. Just contemplating it was turning her on again.

Later, as she lay in bed, Morag realised that she was still far too aroused for sleep. Images from earlier that evening replayed constantly in her mind, arousing and frustrating her in equal measure. Finally she decided she was going to have to do something about it. Reaching into the drawer of her bedside cabinet, she dug out her favourite vibrator. As she positioned it between her moist lower lips, her finger poised on the switch, she decided that she would have to see Craig again soon, and the sooner the better. Before that though; tomorrow even; she was going to find out when Neil was going to be free.

Maybe, at some point in the future, if both he and Craig were agreeable, she might be able to enjoy being with both of them at the same time.

With that thought firmly in the front of her mind, she flicked the switch...

©Kilted Wookie November 2008


  1. No point to her marriage. Just cut the husband loose.

  2. When the husband finds out. And he will. If I were him I would file for divorce from the whore Morag. Maybe I would move away. As for Neil and Craig well they would be in court paying for their stupidity. As to the question of why this whore stays married? That is simple. Her husband is nothing but a meal ticket. If anything goes wrong and she can't replace Neil or Craig or both she has old hubby to fall back on. Men are not as stupid or oblivious as stories like this make out. Had the writer indicated that the husband was getting suspicious I would have given a higher score. But that is the formula of these stories that loving husbands are somehow stupid.

  3. She should enjoy life as it happens. Her love for her husband will not diminish as long as she reminds herself that she is only getting fucked, and not making love. That's not saying she shouldn't enjoy sex and have orgasms,along with showing her partner of the moment that she appreciates having sex with him. She should just except what her body is craving, and relax and take advantage of the man that is giving her body what it wants. When her husband is at home, she should be most attentive to all of his needs, and make love to him with all of her heart and soul.As long as she makes sure she makes love to her husband and just doesn't fuck him for a sexual release, she shouldn't have any problem keeping her two situations separated.It's as simple as keeping her love life for her husband and her sex life to her sex partners.I enjoyed reading the adventures of the lonely housewife and I hope that you will write of more of her sexual encounters....

  4. Well written story. Come on guys, it is just a story - fiction. Why is it alright for guys to fool around on their spouses but not gals? Double standard maybe! How about a section for "Loving [Cheating] Husbands" - would you be so quick to castigate? After all I walked in on my now ex-husband with a client in our bed. Found out afterwards that he had been fooling around for 17 of the 18 years we were married. This is just a good, well written story.

  5. This is a well written story and I like the way that you have her starting to regret putting her profile on the site. I am looking forward to reading about Morag's encounter with Neil.

  6. I give a 75% because the writing was pretty good. If the plot were more credible I'd give it 100%. The marriage is short yet Morag (led astray by her single friend Beth -- obviously Morag would not have cheated otherwise, yeah, right) is so lonely that with her husband Colin gone for only two weeks at a time, she has to find other companionship. She is inwardly unhappy (resentful?) that her husband chose a job that separates them for two weeks out of four, or essentially six months out of a year, she tells us. She rationalizes everything to justify her adultery and has not a shred of guilt. She never talks to her husband about how lonely she is while he's gone. They don't talk regularly on the phone. She fantasizes about her secret lovers while making love with her husband. In my view, their marriage is dead, unless one can believe that a person can really be in love with two other people at the same time and truly keep separate one's feelings for each intimate partner. I used to believe that (when I was Morag's age) but now I realize that one really can't fully love multiple people at the same time because the love for one will always conflict with the love for the other. What happens when Colin gets a vacation and wants to go somewhere with Morag during the time she usually fucks Craig, for example? She can't help but resent it, at least subconsciously, because number one husband is taking time away from number two "husband." Even worse, what if she decides she wants children? The chance for the child's father being someone other than her husband is significant. And why is Colin so clueless? His character is not really developed, we have no insight into his job, his thinking -- all we know is he is fairly good in bed. Has he been faithful? Maybe a later chapter will be from his point of view. Morag exemplifies a self-centered woman who wants to have her cake and eat it too, but there are always consequences in real life and those are simply a matter of timing. She thinks she is so clever with her secrets. She thinks she is so good at hiding what she is doing. But people inevitably make mistakes. She has gone bareback with Craig and is already thinking of a three-way. And bareback sex is always more exciting, it's the 'real thing.' When Colin discovers that wart on his penis, isn't he going to wonder how it got there? Please write more chapters soon, I'd like to see where you are going with this . . .

  7. This was a well written story that was exciting and creative. I think Morag may in the future decide that she may want to be with either Craig or Neil and send Colin packing. It is nice to have something to break up the two weeks he is gone but it would be so much nicer to have someone with you all the time because their job allows that. If Morag wants kids and I think she is approaching that time she does not want to get pregnant by one of her lovers so in that respect she may want to cut Colin loose. Sound like her and Craig really hit it off. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Get a grip!!! Not the author, but some of you folks leaving comments. It's (at least I assume it is) a piece of fiction. You do know what that is don't you? It means it's not real. No-one is going to get hurt, no-one has been betrayed because the characters aren't real.
    Some people obviously need to get out more.
    Anyway, for what it's worth, I rather enjoyed it. If it has a fault it's that too long is spent on justifying the woman's situation at the start. The 'morality' or otherwise of the plot may not be everyone's cup of tea but the sex scenes were well written and there was a certain reality to the characters. It was certainly more entertaining than a lot of the wham, bam thank you ma'am crap that a lot of 'writers' inflict on us.
    Anyway, keep it up mate, and don't let the detractors who can't distinguish between reality and fiction put you off.


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