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The Making Of An Adulteress

The Making Of An Adulteress by Kilted Wookie It had been the boredom and the loneliness that had resulted in Morag posting her profile on an adult contact site. That, along with the drunken urgings of her friend Beth, Morag admitted to herself. She quickly amended her thoughts. The truth was, if she hadn't been bored and lonely, she would never have done it, no matter how much vodka acquired courage she'd had. It had been fun though. She and Beth had laughed non stop as she had posed for the numerous suggestive photos that Beth had snapped for her profile. She'd enjoyed fooling around with Beth for the video clip that they'd shot too. All in all, Morag had been pretty pleased with the results. The photos were provocative but, amazingly considering how drunk they had both been, they were also tasteful. They were certainly nowhere near as revealing as the ones Beth displayed on her page. That, however, suited Morag. She was fully aware of her friend's exhibitionist te

Worth Waiting For

Worth Waiting For by Kilted Wookie Julie smiled from behind her coffee. "What?" Craig enquired. "Oh, nothing," Julie replied, barely suppressing a giggle. "It must be something." "Oh, all right then. It's just... It's just that we're actually here. I mean after all these months and all the times we could've done something but didn't, and now, well, now we're here and..." "And?" "And there's absolutely no bloody way I'm going to be satisfied with just a coffee tonight, mister!" "I see," Craig replied. "So just what is it going to take to satisfy you?" he asked with a slightly mocking grin. "Well, first I'm going to finish this coffee and then..." Julie's voice trailed off. She leaned towards Craig before continuing in a quieter voice, "And then, you're going to take me to your room where I'm going to give that lovely cock of yours a damned good s