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A Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming
by Kilted Wookie

Gemma and I had known each other for years. We’d been colleagues together and even after our careers had taken us in different directions we’d kept in touch, sometimes more frequently than others. Whenever circumstances allowed, we’d meet up for a drink and a chat on a number of occasions.

There had always been a certain ‘something’ between us but our friendship had always been strictly platonic on account of the fact that she had a boyfriend and because I hadn’t wanted to jeopardise her relationship or our friendship.

We met, this time, when I was on one of my business trips down south. As it turned out, she worked quite close to where my company’s office was and so we agreed to meet up for a meal and a drink after work. The weather was absolutely rotten so we decided, since the hotel I was staying in was just around the corner, just to eat in the restaurant there.

The meal was good and over its course we caught up on all that had happened since we’d last seen each other about 18 months before. It was while we were chatting that I discovered that she and her boyfriend had split up about 6 months earlier. Since then, she’d had a couple of short term ‘flings’ but was currently single.

After we’d eaten, we made our way to the bar for a few more drinks and continued chatting. Our conversation was, as always, interlaced with innuendo and obvious flirting; we had always been like that; but somehow, despite its familiarity, I could sense a subtle change.

Somewhat to my surprise, it was Gemma who made the first move. I’d been aware of her leg occasionally brushing against mine as we’d talked but hadn’t read anything more into it. When she did make her move, it was anything but subtle. After finishing her drink, she stood up, looked at me and said. “Well, are you going to call me a taxi or invite me up to your room?”

I was slightly taken aback but there was no way I was going to turn her down if that was what she wanted. I asked her if she was sure and she replied, “We’ve known each other for years and we’ve wasted so many chances because I was faithful to that prick of a boyfriend of mine. I don’t have to consider him anymore so now I can do what I want. I assume that you want to too?”

Without any hesitation I agreed that I did and together we left the bar.

My room was on the second floor. As I reached to open the door I asked her again if she was sure about this. Gemma nodded and kissed me on the cheek. I put the key-card in the lock and the door opened. Once inside, her lips were on mine. We kissed with increasing passion as she pressed her body against mine. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. I’d known Gemma since she was 16 when she had joined the firm we both then worked for as a temp. Now, almost ten years later, here she was, in my room, kissing me with an ever growing urgency, her smart business suit skirt was already on the floor around her ankles while her fingers struggled with the buttons of my shirt. I helped her out of her blouse as she undid my belt and pushed my trousers to the floor.

Seconds later we were on my bed, our bodies pressed firmly together as we kissed with increasing passion. Gemma's hand slipped inside my boxer shorts as her tongue swirled in my mouth. She sat up and removed her bra, then began tugging my shorts off. Smiling, she moved between my legs, took my cock and positioned it between her large breasts then, squeezing them together, she began to rub them up and down along my shaft, flicking her tongue over its head whenever it came into reach.

The unexpected nature of this encounter, coupled with the way Gemma expertly worked my cock soon brought me to the point where I was struggling to hold back. I realised, somewhat absently, that Gemma was no longer the shy, somewhat awkward (if incredibly sexy) teenager that I had known all those years before but was now a confident, sexual (and even more incredibly sexy) young woman who was currently sucking hungrily on my cock with carefree abandon.

As the pressure mounted, I warned her that she was either going to have to stop and let me cool down or carry on and gave me time to recover. She smiled, obviously deciding on the latter course, then wrapped her lips around my shaft again and took me deep into her mouth.

Gemma's mouth was warm and she worked her lips up and down along my shaft, sucking with obvious relish as she did. I groaned, feeling the pressure mount as she sucked hungrily on my cock with an expertise that suggested a level of experience I would never have expected.

I conveyed my appreciation with gasps of pleasure and a number of incoherent groans. My fingers tangled in her hair and I had to resist an ever increasing urge to ram my cock down Gemma's throat as her mouth brought me inexorably closer to my climax.

In virtually no time at all I was at the point of no return. I managed to gasp a warning that I was about to come. Gemma paused, smiled, then, with a wink, took me into her mouth again and began to work my cock with her fingers.

My hips began to buck. "Oh fuck!! I'm coming!!!" I cried as I erupted, firing jet after jet of cum into Gemma's hot and hungry mouth. With her lips still firmly wrapped around my pulsing shaft, I could feel her swallow as she took my load; her fingers skilfully milking my cock as my seed flooded into her mouth.

When my climax finally subsided, Gemma sucked the last drops from my straining cock then, licking her lips, she looked at me and smiled. "Somebody needed that," she said as she moved up beside me. She smiled then added, "and so did you by the looks of things."

Still somewhat taken aback by Gemma’s blatant display of raw sexuality and her flippant comment, I responded in kind. “That was fantastic,” I said, “I’d never have guessed you’d be a swallower.”

A slight frown crossed Gemma’s brow but quickly faded as she realised I was teasing her. “Would you rather I spat it out?” she asked archly, “I can do that next time if you’d prefer.”

I kissed her then gave her my assurance that swallowing was fine by me and that she shouldn’t feel any pressure to spit just on my account. Gemma gave me a gentle dig in the ribs. “Cheeky sod!” she said with a smile and a mischievous wink. As I made a show of nursing my ‘poor bruised ribs’ Gemma kissed my cheek lightly then asked me if I was ready to give her some of the same.

I groaned theatrically as I rolled over and began to kiss her. My hands explored her body and she squirmed against my touch. "I never knew you were ticklish," I laughed as my fingers found a sensitive spot on her side.

"That could be because you've never had me naked beside you in bed before," Gemma replied with a grin. "You'd have found about that and my swallowing tendencies and possibly a whole pile of other things a lot sooner if you hadn't insisted on behaving so properly in the past," she added.

"Can you ever forgive me?" I teased, my finger tracing the curve of her breast.

"That depends on how well you do tonight," she replied with a mischievous glint in her eye.

I returned my attention to her body, kissing and caressing her skin. She moaned as I ran my tongue up her side then over her breast before lightly flicking her nipple. I took it into my mouth, sucking gently and flicking it with my tongue. I caressed her other breast with my hand, teasing the stiffening nipple with my fingertips.

"Oooooh, that's good,” Gemma gasped as my mouth moved from one breast to the other, back and forth, over and over, coating their surface with a warm film of my saliva. She squirmed, squeezing her thighs tightly together as my mouth continued its exploration of her breasts.

As Gemma's moans became deeper, I began to work my way downwards, kissing her stomach, licking the sides of her abdomen, running my fingers up and down her sides and over her breasts. I felt her legs part I as moved closer to my goal. Slowly, deliberately, I positioned myself between them and began to kiss and lick the insides of her thighs.

Gemma’s body responded as my tongue snaked its way towards her cunt. I felt her body tense as my tongue drew closer and closer to its target; her lower lips glistened with her juices. Soft moans of anticipation issued from her mouth as she waited to feel the touch of my tongue on cunt. Her moans were replaced by a gasp of frustration when, at the very last moment, I moved my head away and began to kiss down the inside of her thighs again.

Again and again, my mouth drew close and then retreated again. As I slowly teased her, her frustration became almost palpable. I reached up and began to caress and squeeze Gemma's breasts with my hands as I continued to tease her with my mouth.

Finally, unable to take any more of my teasing, Gemma reached down to grip my head. "For fuck sake, eat me! Don't tease me!" she moaned, as she pulled my head towards her, pushing her hips forward at the same time, trying desperately to press her cunt against my mouth. I laughed. "In a hurry are we? Have you got someone else waiting?"

"N ... noooooo," Gemma moaned, exasperation and frustration evident in her voice. "I ... I just want to feel your tongue on my cunt!"

“Your wish is my command,” I replied but, instead of responding to her urgings, I returned to my slow teasing, my mouth coming close to but never quite touching Gemma's cunt; my breath warm against her glistening, moist folds.

Gemma's complaints became increasingly urgent as her frustration continued to mount. "Eat my fucking cunt!" she moaned as the suspense became unbearable.

Suddenly, without any warning, I let my tongue graze her lower lips. "Ooooohhhhhhh!" Gemma sighed, "Ooohhhhhh, ooooohhhh yesssss!"

Slipping my tongue between Gemma's moist folds, I lightly nuzzled her cunt. Her juices flowed out of her tunnel and I lapped them into my mouth. My tongue darted in and out of Gemma's cunt and she began to squirm, moaning and sighing with pleasure as the sensations in her cunt spread over her. After exploring every fold and crevice of her cunt, I moved my tongue to Gemma's clit, my hands rubbing and squeezing her breasts.

"That's sooooo, good!" Gemma moaned, grinding her cunt against her my mouth. As my tongue teased her clit, I reached down and slid the tips of two fingers into her cunt. "Oooooh!" Gemma sighed, pushing back to let my fingers penetrate her more deeply. I twisted my fingers inside her, coating them with her juices. Suddenly, I pulled them out and my hand returned to her breast. “Oooooohhhhhh, mmmmmmm,” Gemma moaned as I anointed her nipple with her juices.

Repeating the process with the fingers of one hand, then the other, I coated Gemma's breasts with her juices as I feasted on her cunt. "Ohhhhh God!!! I love it when you do that," Gemma sighed as I rubbed her juices into the soft skin of her breasts, "It feels sooooo dirty!"

As I dipped my tongue into her tunnel, flicking it rapidly in and out, Gemma reached down and began pulling my head towards her as she pushed her hips forward.

Once again, I began to fuck her with my fingers. As I worked them in and out, the tip of my tongue flicked her throbbing clit and I felt her body begin to tense. Her breathing deepened and the walls of her cunt tightened around my probing fingers as her orgasm approached.

"Oh fuck, yesssss! Oooohhh yesssss!! That's it! Don't stop!" Gemma cried, struggling to force the words out as her body began to shake. I reached up and tugged on her nipples as my tongue lashed her clit, causing Gemma to cry out as the pain increased her pleasure. "Ooooooooh, Oh God!" she cried, "I'm commmmming!" Gemma's body thrashed. Writhing on the bed, thrusting her hips, she ground her cunt against my mouth, causing my tongue to press even more firmly against her clit. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oooooooooohhhhhhh!" she moaned as she surrendered to her climax.

Slowly circling her clit with my tongue, I fed Gemma's climax, keeping her at boiling point as she came again and again. Gemma moaned and cried out, becoming louder and more vocal as I drove her on.

Gemma’s orgasm rose, fell and rose again, over and over as I continued to lick. Her body writhed in response to my touch as she rode the waves of her climax. She caught her breath in gasps and her moans softened to gentle whimpers as her orgasm robbed her of her energy.

When she could finally take no more, Gemma somehow found the strength to push my head away. “N … no more,” she sighed. I moved up beside her and gathered her in my arms. I could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her body still shaking as her climax subsided. "Oh fuck," she sighed, "that was … that was … that was just amazing." She kissed me lightly on the cheek and then managed to surprise me yet again as she said, “Natalie certainly didn’t exaggerate about how good you are with your tongue.”

Natalie and Gemma had been friends since they had been at school and Natalie had also worked alongside Gemma and me. While my friendship with Gemma had, until this evening, always been platonic, Natalie and I had enjoyed a much more ‘physical’ friendship. We’d never been what you might call a couple but we’d also never passed up any chances for ‘fun’ that had come our way.

“You knew about Natalie and me?” I asked, trying and (I’ll be honest) not entirely succeeding, to keep my surprise from showing in my voice.

“Of course I knew,” Gemma replied with a wicked glint in her eye, “Nat and I never had any secrets from each other. She told me all about what you and her used to get up to; usually in pretty graphic detail too.”

“Oh,” I said, as I tried (and failed) to think of anything else to say.

“Don’t worry,” Gemma said as she gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder, “she was always VERY complimentary about your prowess and now I know why.”

“Well, I guess that’s something,” I replied.

Gemma kissed me. “It certainly is,” she agreed, “and,” she continued, “for what it’s worth, you’re at least as good with your tongue, if not more so, than Natalie is.”

Try as I might, I couldn’t muster up a reply to that comment. Gemma laughed. “Poor you,” she said, “You’re definitely discovering a whole new side to me tonight, aren’t you?”

“I guess I am,” I replied. “Have you any more shocks lined up for me?”

Gemma pretended to think about it. After a moment she smiled and said, “Um, dunno really. Let’s see how things pan out from here and if any of what happens surprises you, you can let me know.”

I laughed. “Yeah, OK, I think I can go along with that.”

“Good,” Gemma said firmly. She kissed me again and this time the kiss quickly became passionate.

After a few moments, Gemma broke away. She reached down to stroke my cock. “Do you think he’s recovered yet?” she asked, “’Cos after what you’ve done to me with that tongue of yours, I’m really in the mood for a good, hard, satisfying fuck.”

“Oh, I’m sure he could be persuaded,” I drawled.

“I bet he could,” Gemma retorted. She kissed me once then moved to position herself between my legs.

“Once more into the breach,” I teased.

Gemma stuck her tongue out at me. “Cheeky bugger!” she said before wrapping her lips around my shaft and I found myself, once again, in the unbelievable situation of having my cock inside Gemma’s hot and hungry mouth.

Sucking hard, as her lips slid slowly up and down, Gemma’s mouth quickly brought my cock fully back to life. As I indicated my approval of her attentions with groans and gasps of pleasure, I still found it hard to believe that it was all really happening. The skill with which she sucked my cock spoke of a sexual confidence that I still found hard to reconcile with my memories of the much younger Gemma I had known before. It had become abundantly clear that the Gemma I had known had grown into someone who was confident with her sexual identity and how she chose to express it and this made her, in my eyes, even sexier and more desirable than ever.

I was brought back to the present when my cock slipped from between Gemma’s lips as a moan escaped from her mouth. “Ooooh fuck,” she sighed softly as her body shook and I realised that she’d been fingering her clit as she’d sucked on my cock. She opened her eyes and gave me a dreamy smile.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, “I’ve waited years to feel your cock inside me, don’t make me wait any longer.”

I kissed her as we rolled into position with me above her. Gemma’s legs parted and she reached between us, gripping my cock and working its head along her wet slit. Our kiss became even more intense, our tongues probed and explored each other’s mouths. Gemma’s body was still trembling from her recent orgasm as she used my cock to stimulate her clit. She came again. With a long, contented sigh, she guided me into her.

“Ohhhhh, God, Yessssss!!” Gemma sighed as I slid into her, “That feels, sooooo good!” I began to move, pulling back and slowly driving my cock into Gemma’s cunt. “I can’t believe we’re finally doing this,” she purred as she dug her fingers into the cheeks of my arse to force me in deeper.

Slowly but steadily, I increase the pace and force of my strokes. Gemma flexed her cunt around my cock, gripping me tightly inside her. “Harder!” she urged as her nails raked the skin of my back.

Responding to Gemma’s urgings, I drove my cock into her with increasing force. Gemma moaned as I impaled her over and over, her hips rocking to meet every thrust of my cock on its deepest point.

We rolled over and Gemma began riding my cock with carefree abandon. Her tits bounced and jiggled above my face as she moved. Propping myself on the pillows, I took Gemma’s tits in my hands and leaned forward to tease her nipples with her tongue. “Oh fuck, that’s good,” she hissed, the walls of her cunt gripping me even more tightly.

I began to lick and suck on Gemma’s tits as she raised and lowered herself on to my cock. Suddenly, she was coming again. I felt her warm juices run down my shaft and trickle over my balls.

Gemma sat back. She reached behind her and began to stroke and squeeze my balls with one hand. Her other hand pressed down firmly on my chest as she used it to lever herself up and down.

Yet again, I found it hard to believe that what was happening was real. The reality of Gemma riding my cock, using it for her pleasure was almost impossible to take in and yet, there I was, lying on my back, playing with Gemma’s large, firm breasts as she took my cock deep inside her and I was loving every second of it and not wanting the experience to come to an end. From the dreamily contented expression on Gemma’s face and the enthusiastic noises she was making, it was clear that she was enjoying it every bit as much as I was.

At length, we rolled over again. Gemma pulled her legs back allowing me in deeper. “Fuck me,” she moaned, “Fuck me hard!” My cock pounded her cunt as her fingernails dug into my skin. I could feel myself beginning to get close to the point of no return as I increased the pace and force of my thrusts. Gemma moaned encouragement as I pounded her cunt. “I … I can’t hold on m … much longer,” I groaned from behind clenched teeth.

“Come in me!” Gemma demanded, “I want to feel your cum inside me. Fill me with your cum!”

I could feel the pressure mounting inside me as my climax approached. Gemma urged me on, her body moving with mine. My breathing grew hoarse and ragged. My hips moved of their own volition as I began to lose control. “Oh God! Oh God! Ge … Gemma … I … I’m going to come!” I cried.

“Come for me,” Gemma sighed.

Suddenly, my body went tense and, with one final mighty thrust, my cock erupted and I began shooting my load deep into Gemma’s cunt.

“Oooooohhhhhhh!!!!!” she sighed as my cum filled her, holding me tight to her as my hips thrust involuntarily and my cock jerked and twitched inside her.

“Oh, oh, Gemma!” I moaned, as I collapsed, spent on top of her. Gemma held me close, stroking my hair, her cunt holding my cock as tightly as her arms held my body.

We lay together, still joined, for what seemed like an age as I slowly regained control of my body.

Finally, I withdrew and rolled away. Gemma smiled at me, kissed my cheek, then moved down and began to clean my cock with her mouth, sucking the last drops of cum from its end as it began to flag.

Finally, she moved back up to lie beside me. I took her in my arms and kissed her. “Thank you,” she said softly, “that was everything I hoped it would be and more.”

“The pleasure,” I said, “was all mine.”

“Not all yours,” Gemma teased, “there was plenty of mine in there too.”

Gemma didn’t go home that evening and, in the morning, we made love again. This time it was slow and tender yet, somehow, the sensations were even more intense as a result. Since then, we’ve met up on a number of occasions and the sex has, if possible, got even better. Gemma keeps promising, or maybe threatening, to invite Natalie along to one of our get-togethers which, if it ever happens, promises to be a whole lot of fun and, hopefully, something else to write about...

©Kilted Wookie July 2007


  1. Dear Kilted Wookie,
    I so enjoyed your "A Long Time Coming." You really understand the splendor of oral sex, not only in the sucking of your own cock, but even more the wonderful sensation a woman feels when a man eats her cunt. Your description was erotically stupendous and had my pussy dripping in no time, as I fantasized your tongue working my hot, wet hole and then flicking my clit until I came, which I, of course, did. You have a wonderfully erotic pen and you made me so horny as I read your story. I can't wait to read some more of your sexy prose that I know will juice my pussy even more.
    Kisses all over,


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