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Pleasantly Unexpected

Pleasantly Unexpected by Kilted Wookie The doorbell rang. As Carl walked through the house he steeled himself, getting ready to tell the poor, hapless door-to-door salesman, in the most graphic of terms, just where, precisely, he could stick his double-glazing or conservatory. He was, therefore, pleasantly surprised to find Sarah standing on his doorstep. “Is this a bad time?” she asked, smiling sweetly. “No. No. Not at all, I just wasn’t expecting it to be you at the door.” “Well then, are you going to invite me in?” Sarah teased. “Um, sorry, of course … come in,” Carl replied, making appropriate welcoming gestures. “I hope you don’t mind,” Sarah said in a rush as Carl closed the door behind them, “it’s just I’m picking my husband up from the airport in about an hour and a half and I thought, since your place is on the way …” Carl kissed her. “Of course I don’t mind,” he said, “you know you’re always welcome.” “Well, that’s a relief. I’d have hated to have imposed for nothing.” “You’r

An Unexpected Reunion

An Unexpected Reunion by Kilted Wookie Sitting back in her seat, Carla took another sip of her coffee, sucked on her cigarette and returned her attention to her newspaper. Skim reading the pages, her eyes flicked over the lines of text without taking in their content. Lost in a world of her own, she ignored the mass of humanity that buzzed purposefully around her. She absently ground the stub of her cigarette into the ashtray in front of her. Pausing only to take another mouthful of coffee, Carla turned the page then reached for her bag. Seconds later, with the filter tip of another cigarette between her lips, she flicked open her lighter and brought the flame towards the end of her cigarette. She inhaled deeply before expelling the smoke from her lungs with a sigh. A voice intruded itself into her awareness. "Carla?" it said, "Carla Stevenson? Is that you?" Puzzled, Carla looked up. A man, about the same age as herself, stood at the other side of her table. He had

A Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming by Kilted Wookie Gemma and I had known each other for years. We’d been colleagues together and even after our careers had taken us in different directions we’d kept in touch, sometimes more frequently than others. Whenever circumstances allowed, we’d meet up for a drink and a chat on a number of occasions. There had always been a certain ‘something’ between us but our friendship had always been strictly platonic on account of the fact that she had a boyfriend and because I hadn’t wanted to jeopardise her relationship or our friendship. We met, this time, when I was on one of my business trips down south. As it turned out, she worked quite close to where my company’s office was and so we agreed to meet up for a meal and a drink after work. The weather was absolutely rotten so we decided, since the hotel I was staying in was just around the corner, just to eat in the restaurant there. The meal was good and over its course we caught up on all that had happened since