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Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited
by Kilted Wookie

The early evening sun was still warm as Brian and Mandy walked, arm in arm, across the park. They paused briefly to watch a few overs of the cricket match that was being played in the oval at the park's centre before moving on again. All around them humanity thronged, enjoying the warmth of a summer's evening. Couples walked together, oblivious of the world around them, intent only on each other, children played in groups, people walked dogs and the occasional jogger pounded along the paths, the pace of their strides matching the beat of the music in their headphones.

Although they walked with their arms around each others' waists, Mandy and Brian weren't like the other couples in the park. They weren't really a couple at all. They had been once, several years before, just after graduating from university, enjoying a brief, highly intense affair before their careers had taken different paths and they had drifted apart.

Eight weeks. That was all the time they'd had together. Eight short weeks that seemed like an eternity at the time. The intensity of their relationship had been frightening, perhaps because they had known that their time would be limited. Neither had held any illusions that they would have a future once the summer was over. They had simply lived every moment as if it was their last, cramming as much experience as they could into the time they had.

They had met, inevitably, at the end of term party. Brian was the 'friend of a friend' that always seem to be present at these affairs. He had been someone that Mandy had known to see and had probably said no more than a dozen words to during the years they'd been at university. Mandy remembered the moment that their eyes had met briefly across the room and he had smiled. Mandy had smiled back, her knees had felt strangely weak.

There had been a slightly frantic atmosphere at the party that could probably have been put down to a mixture of the end of term need to let off steam and the fact that, in many cases, it was to have been the last time the people in the room would all be together in the same place.

At some point Brian had asked Mandy to dance. They'd caught each others' eye on a number of occasions but he had finally approached her as the party had been drawing to a close. Mandy had felt a growing excitement within her as they danced. The attraction between them had been obvious.

Mandy remembered the way her body had melted against his as their bodies moved together in time to the music. The excitement had continued to grow. Her body had tingled with anticipation. And then it had happened. Their lips had touched. That was it had taken. One fleeting contact and Mandy's passion had ignited. She had wanted him. There and then. She had wanted him to undress her and explore her body with his hands, to tease her with his lips and tongue, to take her as he desired. She had wanted to feel him inside her, driving her wild with passion, satisfying her every need.

One thing had led, inevitably, to another. Without Mandy even needing to ask him, Brian had ended up going back with her to her flat.

As she walked through the park with Brian, Mandy found herself dwelling on the memory of that encounter. She remembered their hands roaming all over each others' bodies as they had struggled to remove each others' clothes. She remembered the surge of pleasure she had felt as Brian cupped her breasts in his hands and had then began to suck on them, sighing as his tongue teased her nipples.

"I want that inside me," Mandy had said as she got her first glimpse of Brian's cock. Without any hesitation she had dropped to her knees, opened her mouth and taken it between her lips and began to suck. He had groaned appreciatively as her lips slowly slid up and down his shaft. Her hand had stocked up and down in a counter beat to her mouth. Mandy had sucked hard with long slow strokes, occasionally removing his cock from her mouth to lick his shaft and suck lightly on Brian's balls.

Mandy recalled the way that Brian grabbed her head and thrust his hips, fucking her mouth as she'd sucked eagerly on his prick, sliding her lips up and down his shaft. It had been clear that he was enjoying the attentions of her mouth. She had enjoyed it too but her desire had been so strong that she'd quickly decided that she needed his cock inside her.

"Fuck me!" Mandy had whispered as she lay down on her bed. "I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel your cock filling me. Do it to me now!"

Closing her eyes, Mandy had felt Brian part her legs as he positioned himself between them. Wrapping her legs around his, she'd moaned as she felt the head of his cock press against her entrance then slowly slide into her. She's cried out as Brian slid his cock, inch by glorious inch, into her cunt, burying himself to the root, her cunt stretching to accommodate him fully.

"Oh Mandy," Brian had moaned, as his hips had began to move, "You feel so good."

"Mmm." was all the reply Mandy could muster as she'd pushed her hips back to meet his slow, powerful thrusts. As Brian's pace had increased, Mandy had clutched at his arse, trying to push him in deeper as a warm glow had spread out from her cunt to engulf her whole body.

Rolling over, Mandy's cunt had slid up and down the length of Brian's shaft. The walls of her cunt had gripped it tightly, milking it as she'd rode him with mounting intensity. With each thrust of her hips she'd ground her pubic bone against his, sending small electric shocks through her swollen clit as she impaled herself on Brian's dick. Her body had moved to a rhythm of its own as she'd lost herself to the sensations.

Mandy remembered Brian's hands playing with her breasts, cupping and squeezing them in his hands, licking and sucking them as she'd rode his prick, feeling her cunt filled utterly with his cock. Over and over again, she'd moved her body up and down, savouring the feeling of every inch of her cunt's journey along the length of his shaft.

They rolled back and Brian had began fucking her with ever more intensity. As she relived the scene in her mind she could almost feel his cock plunging in and out like a piston, their hips marking time together meeting each thrust just as they had on that evening years before.

"Go on!" Mandy had cried. "Harder, harder! Fuck me harder! Don't stop. Please don't stop. Fuck me! Go on, fuck me! Fuck meeee!!" The memory of her urgent pleading was faintly embarrassing.

Sweat had dripped off Brian's face as he ground his cock into her. "Mandy, oh Mandy," he'd sighed as his body began to tremble. Coming together, Mandy had pulled him close and held him tight as he'd released his load inside her.

Awaking from her reverie, Mandy found herself standing alone with Brian at the edge of the woods that bounded the park. As more memories intruded, recalling the times that they'd enjoyed each other's company not far from this spot, she looked at Brian and saw him smiling at her, knowing that he too shared memories of these woods, a popular spot for lovers in their day. Mandy hadn't ventured into them in years. "If I remember correctly, the path down to the river starts just over there," Brian said with a knowing smile. "Fancy taking a walk along the river for old times sake?"

Mandy hesitated briefly before answering, not sure if she should. Not for the first time since meeting Brian at the station, she wondered if she'd been wise to agree to meet him again. It had been clear, from the moment their eyes had first met on the crowded platform, from the first fleeting kiss of greeting, that there was still a spark of attraction between them. She thought momentarily about what she'd become in the years since they'd last seen each other. She was still young and was successful in her chosen career. Her marriage had had its ups and downs but, on the whole, she led a contented life, to all outward appearances she appeared to be the model of respectability. Safe, that's what she'd become. As she stood there with Brian she realised that she missed the freedom and excitement of her youth and, what's more, until this very moment, she hadn't even been aware that she'd missed it. She made her decision. "Ah, what the hell? Why not?" she said, feeling a tremble of illicit excitement rush up her spine as she spoke.

As Brian had predicted, after walking for only a few more minutes, they found the start of the path, now slightly overgrown, that lead towards the river. "It wasn't this overgrown the last time we came this way," Brian remarked.

"Hmmmm, yes but that was ten years ago," Mandy reminded him.

Brian shrugged. "True," he admitted ruefully, "but I can't believe the river path is any less popular now than it was back then. People will always need their privacy," he added with a wicked glint in his eye.

Picking their way gingerly through the brambles and underbrush, Brian and Mandy made their way deeper into the forest.

After a few minutes, Brian stopped suddenly, lifting a finger to his lips. "Sssshhh," he whispered, "can you hear something?" Listening intently, they could both make out a faint moaning sound. "Looks like this path is still popular after all," he said, smiling.

"It's coming from that direction," Mandy answered, pointing towards the source of the faint keening. "Let's take a look," she said with a slightly mischievous grin.

Slowly and quietly, they made their way towards the source of the sound. As they ventured deeper into the woods, the moans slowly crystallised, becoming identifiable as a girl's voice. "Oh yes ... Oh fuck yessss ... Fuck me ... Oooohhh fuck me harder!" urged the voice.

"She sounds like she's enjoying herself," Mandy said quietly to Brian, smiling as she remembered the occasions, now ten years distant when they too had made love in these very woods.

"Hmmm, possibly even as much as you used to," Brian replied. Mandy stuck her tongue out him, feigning a look of disapproval that was anything but convincing then smiled. "It's coming from just over there," Brian added, pointing in the direction of the moans that were slowly increasing in volume, "C'mon, let's take a peek."

Crouching low, Mandy and Brian crept stealthily towards the source of the sound. Reaching the edge of a small clearing they ducked back quickly so as not to disturb the couple whose activities had drawn them towards this spot.

The man was lying on his back, his face obscured by the back of the naked girl who was moaning incoherently as she impaled herself on his cock. Brian and Mandy could see the man's cock disappearing into the girl's cunt as she bounced with increasing abandon up and down on him.

"Remember when we used to do that?" Brian whispered to Mandy.

"Mmmm, yes. I was just thinking about that," Mandy replied in an equally hushed tone, colour rising in her cheeks.

They continued to watch the couple as they fucked, clearly oblivious to everything other than their own pleasure. Mandy found the scene strangely arousing. The girl had a good body and was clearly enjoying herself, giving voice to her pleasure with complete abandon. She looked to be no more than about eighteen or nineteen, younger than even Mandy had been when she'd fucked Brian in these very woods. Glancing around, she caught Brian's gaze. The look on his face made it obvious that he was having similar thoughts.

Mandy watched, entranced, as the young couple fucked. From what Mandy could see of his cock as it slipped into the girl's cunt, the man seemed to be generously proportioned. Perversely, she felt a slight twinge of envy as she watched the girl being fucked by her vigorous and well endowed lover. At the same time, she realised that she was becoming turned on by what she saw. The girl's moans were becoming increasingly urgent. It was obvious that her climax was approaching.

Watching the couple, Mandy suddenly realised that something was missing in her life. As a younger person she would have thought nothing about doing just what this other girl was doing. Brian wasn't the only person she'd had sex with out doors, not caring about the possible consequences, the possibility of being caught heightening her desire. There had been a time, before the veneer of respectability had surrounded them, that she and Craig, her husband of nearly eight years, would have done this but not any more. While their sex life remained good and, in its own way, still satisfying, it had, like everything else in their relationship, lost the spark of intensity that it had had in the early years.

Lost in her thoughts and spellbound as she watched the scene before her, Mandy almost cried out when Brian tapped her on the shoulder. "C'mon!" urged Brian, "We'd better make ourselves scarce!" With a last look at the couple in the clearing, Mandy followed him as they made their way back to the path.

Before they had gone more than a few paces, the silence of the forest was shattered. The sounds of girl's climax echoed through the trees. "Yessss! Yessss" Ohhhh YESSSSS! I'm coming!!!!" she cried, her voice carrying on the still summer air.

Brian turned to Mandy and smiled. From the look on his face she could tell what he was thinking. She smiled at him, telling him without words how much she had enjoyed the times, years before, when they had been lovers, sharing the joys of their passion with the same carefree abandon as the couple in the clearing.

Without knowing how it happened, Mandy found herself in Brian's arms, his lips pressed firmly against hers. She felt her passion flaring. Abruptly, she broke away. "Brian ..." she gasped, "I ... I shouldn't ... I mean, we shouldn't ... I'm married."

Brian smiled, still holding her. "But you want to, don't you?" he asked softly.

From the moment she'd agreed to meet him, Mandy had known and secretly, so secretly that she hadn't even admitted it to herself, hoped that something like this might happen. She had tried to suppress her desires, telling herself that she was just meeting an old friend but she knew that she'd been deceiving herself all along. The scene that she'd so recently witnessed had only served to remind her of how good Brian used to make her feel and how much she longed, however briefly, to feel that way again.

"Yes," Mandy admitted. "Yes. I want to but I don't know if I can. I have to think of Craig," she added, feeling a pang of guilt as she spoke her husband's name.

"Are you happy with Craig?" Brian asked.

Mandy nodded. "Mostly, yes. He's a good man."

"I'm not going to steal you away, Mandy. I'm only here for this one day," Brian said. "We don't have to do anything."

"I know. I know. I want to but I shouldn't," Mandy said. "I'm scared," she admitted. "Not of losing Craig, he need never know. I'm scared of how I'll feel. I know it can never be like it was when we were younger and I'm scared I'll regret it if we do and I'm scared I'll regret it if we don't."

"Well, look, I'm happy just seeing you again," Brian admitted, "and I won't pressure you. I'll happily settle for that kiss if that's how it has to be and if there're any others on offer, I'll accept them too."

"OK. I can cope with that," Mandy admitted, feeling relieved. "And since we're both being so understanding, here's another one," she added with a smile as she moved to kiss him again.

Reaching the river path, they walked for about twenty minutes, stopping occasionally to kiss each other. Their passion increased each time their lips met. Despite her doubts, Mandy felt her desire grow every time she felt his lips against hers and each time they kissed she pressed her body more firmly against his, feeling a long forgotten tingle of excitement run up her spine.

It was no surprise to Brian, who found he could still read Mandy's moods unfailingly, that when they reached the small thicket that hid a clearing in a hollow next to a broad bend in the river she kissed him then said, "I want you, Brian. Take me. I need to feel you inside me. Take me into the clearing behind those bushes and fuck me the way you did all those years ago!"

"Are you sure?" Brian asked.

"Yessss!" Mandy replied in a hoarse whisper. "Take me now, Brian! Don't give me time to change my mind."

Mandy made her way behind the bushes. Brian followed and watched as Mandy began to unbutton her blouse. As she undid the last button she pulled her blouse open and pulled down her bra to reveal her large, firm breasts. She sat down and lay back. Hitching up her skirt then, hooking her thumbs into the elastic at her waist and eased her knickers over her hips and down the length of her long, slender legs. Brian stared down at Mandy and she smiled back at him. "Does this bring back memories?" she asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice as she tossed her knickers to one side. Brian nodded, his memories overlain with the scene in front of him. "What're you waiting for then?" Mandy asked, her heart in her mouth as she made herself accept the step she was about to take. "Get down here and get on top of me!"

Brian smiled then knelt down beside her. He kissed her briefly then turned his attention to her breasts. Cupping them in his hands, he worked his tongue over their surface before sucking the nearest nipple into his mouth. "Mmm, that's nice," sighed Mandy as Brian's tongue made her breasts wet all over.

Mandy's breasts were just as large and sensitive as Brian remembered them. She squirmed with pleasure as Brian's tongue licked all over them. "Oh God, Brian, ooooh!" she moaned as he sucked her nipple between his lips once again and flicked it roughly with his tongue.

Brian sucked and licked Mandy's breasts until he knew she was ready for something more. Quickly, he moved between her outstretched legs and leaned forward. "Ohhh, yesssss!" she purred as her worked his tongue into the moist folds of her cunt. "Oh yes! Eat me! I'd forgotten how good your mouth felt on my cunt," she moaned. Brian dipped his tongue into the warm, wet confines of her cunt then turned his attention to her clit. As he lashed it with his tongue he reached up to squeeze Mandy's breasts. "Oh, mmmm," she sighed as he pressed her breasts together and pinched her nipples with his fingers.

Brian's attentions, coupled with her already high state of arousal, quickly brought Mandy to boiling point. Her body shook as his mouth feasted on her cunt. Suddenly, her back arched as the dam broke and her orgasm flooded over her. Ohhh Brian!" she moaned, "That's sooooo good!"

Brian's tongue beat relentlessly against Mandy's clit, feeding her orgasm as he feasted on her cunt. He struggled to undo his jeans as he continued to flick his tongue over Mandy's clit. Her body flinched with every touch of his tongue as he pushed his jeans and boxers down to his ankles. Mandy's body writhed with pleasure as his tongue drove her onwards, pushing her higher and higher until she had to beg him to stop.

Catching her first glimpse in ten years of Brian's thick cock as she struggled to regain control of her body, Mandy ached to feel it inside her again, filling her the way it had done so often, leaving her breathlessly satisfied. As Brian moved to get up, Mandy reached out and pushed him back "I want that inside me but not yet," she purred, "first I want to suck it!"

Without any further hesitation, Mandy moved between Brian's legs and reached out to take his cock in her hand. Smiling, she leaned forward. "Ohhh fuck, Mandy!" he sighed as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of his prick. She heard him gasp as she slid her lips down his shaft. Lodging his knob in the back of her throat, she swallowed and was rewarded with a moan. "Oh God!" Brian groaned, "You're still as good as you always were,"

Mandy bobbed her head up and down, sucking hard, her tongue licking the underside of his shaft as her lips travelled along its length. Brian's fingers twisted in her hair, pulling her mouth lightly on to him. His cock was stiff and thick, filling her mouth as she feasted on it. Almost absently, Mandy wished that they had more time, that they could have more than just this one time together. The realisation that the time they had, here in this clearing, was all that was available, made her even more determined to enjoy it to the full.

Letting Brian's cock slip from between her lips after giving it one last, long, hard suck, Mandy rolled on to her back and hitched up her skirt once more. "Fuck me Brian! Fuck me now!" she urged, her need evident in her voice as she parted her legs in readiness to receive him.

Brian moved between her legs and positioned himself above her again. With his cock poised at the entrance of her cunt, he leaned forward and kissed her. "Do you really want me to do this, Mandy?" he asked softly.

"Yes, Brian!" Mandy sighed, "I want you inside me. If I have any regrets later, I'd rather regret something I have done than something I haven't." She reached down and dug her fingers into his firm buttocks to emphasise her words as she spoke, trying to pull him into her. "Fuck me!" she urged, "Stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me hard!"

"OK," Brian said then kissed her again.

"Ooooh, mmmm!" Mandy moaned as Brian entered her with a single thrust and began to pump his cock in and out of her cunt.

Mandy pulled her knees up, letting Brian in deeper. Still gripping his buttocks, she dug her nails into his them, urging him on. "Harder Brian. Fuck me harder!" she cried as his cock pounded in and out with increasing force.

Despite the years that had passed since Mandy had last felt him inside her, it appeared that Brian still knew how to use his cock to give Mandy the maximum satisfaction. She felt his balls slap against her with every thrust and tightened the walls of her cunt around his shaft. "Yes! Ohhh yesss!" she moaned in response to the long, powerful strokes of Brian's cock, "I'd almost forgotten how good it feels to have your cock in my cunt!"

As they fucked, the years rolled back and once again they were the carefree young couple they had been before Brian's cock stroked in and out with long, hard thrusts. The walls of Mandy's cunt flexed around his shaft, gripping him deep inside her as they gave themselves to each other with increasing abandon.

Mandy's hands explored Brian's body as his cock filled her cunt. Her tongue danced in his mouth as they kissed. Her fingers seemed to know instinctively just where to touch to elicit the desired response from her lover.

Lover. The word reverberated through her mind. Mandy had never been unfaithful before. Not to Craig, not to any of the boyfriends she'd had before meeting her husband. A momentary pang of guilt flared only to be beaten down by the pleasure she was experiencing as Brian's cock filled her cunt, plunging in and out. Surrendering to her increasing arousal, Mandy closed her eyes and let the first stirrings of her impending climax wash over her.

"Oh Brian!" Mandy gasped, as her orgasm approached, her body beginning to shake as the sensations mounted, "It feels so good! Sooooo so good!!!" Brian thrust deeper and harder, pushing her over the edge. "Ooooooohhhhh fuck!" Mandy cried, oblivious to their surroundings, not caring if anyone overheard her. "I ... I'm c ... coming, Brian! I'm commmmiiiinnnngggg!!!!"

As Mandy's body shook violently below him, her cunt gripping his cock, Brian continued to thrust, never altering the pace of his strokes. Mandy moaned and whimpered as she came, her fingers reaching up under his shirt to rake his back. "Yessss! Oh fuck yessssss!" she moaned as her orgasm consumed her, her breathing reduced to long, strangled gasps.

Mandy endured the relentless pounding of Brian's cock as her climax peaked again and again. Dimly she realised that the illicitness of the situation was adding to her wantonness, multiplying the sensations she was experiencing, driving her to heights of pleasure she'd almost forgotten she could feel. Despite the strength of her orgasm, the satisfying feeling of Brian's cock filling her cunt, Mandy realised she still needed more. If they were only to have this once, she wanted to experience everything with Brian. She had this one chance to do all the things that they had done when they were younger and she wasn't going to let it pass her by. As her cunt quivered around the hard shaft of Brian's cock, Mandy gave voice to her need. "I want your cock in my arse too," she said, "Fuck my arse!"

Brian pulled out and Mandy rolled over. She got up on to all fours and Brian took up position behind her. She felt the head of his cock press against the puckered entrance of her rear hole and moaned as it began to work its way past the resistance of her arsehole.

Inch by inch, Brian slowly sank his cock into Mandy's back passage. "Oh yess!" cried Mandy as Brian's cock began to stroke in and out, "Fuck it, Brian! Fuck my arse! Fuck it hard!"

Brian grabbed hold of Mandy's hips and began to drive his cock into Mandy's arsehole, increasing the pace with every thrust. "Fuck, Mandy!" he gasped, "You've no idea how much I've missed this!"

Brian's balls slapped against Mandy's enflamed cunt lips as his cock plunged in and out of her tight rear entrance. "Oh yes! Oh fuck, yes! I ... I've missed this too, Brian!" Mandy cried as she pushed her hips back, impaling her arsehole on Brian's dick.

A familiar glow of anticipation spread over Mandy's body. She reached back between her legs to stroke her throbbing clit as Brian stabbed his cock deep into her back passage. Brian reached forward, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them as he repeatedly sank his cock into Mandy's trembling body. "That's it! ooohhhh! Play with my tits, Brian! Squeeze them hard!" she cried.

Rubbing her clit as Brian increased the tempo of his thrusts, Mandy felt herself beginning to lose control once more. Her clit throbbed against her fingertips as Brian's cock impaled her tight rear hole.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhh mmmmmm!" sighed Mandy as her climax re-ignited. "Harder! Oh Brian, fuck me, fuck my arse, fuck it harder!" she pleaded.

Breathing hard, Brian struggled to comply. His own climax was approaching and he strained as he tried to hold back. "Oh Mandy," he moaned, "Oh ... Oh ..." The pressure became unbearable. With one final powerful thrust, he sank his cock in Mandy's arsehole and emptied his load into her bowels.

Mandy collapsed with a satisfied sigh, unable to support her tortured body any longer. Brian fell on top of her, his cock still inside her, his hips thrusting involuntarily as he filled her back passage with jet after jet of his cum. When his climax finally subsided he pulled out, rolled on to his back and lay there, eyes closed and breathing hard.

Mandy sat up and watched as Brian struggled to recover. Reluctantly, she fixed her bra back into position and began to refasten her blouse as she felt Brian's cum begin to trickle from her arsehole and decided, with equal reluctance, that she had better put her knickers back on too.

Finally he stirred. Sitting up, Brian struggled to pull up his jeans. With a sigh he stood up and straightened his clothes. Mandy rose too, straightening her skirt. Putting her arms around him she kissed him lingeringly on the lips. "Thank you," she purred contentedly, "I really needed that."

Brian laughed, "I sort of noticed," he said with a smile. "But I suppose we'd best be getting back," he added, "Wouldn't want you getting into trouble for staying out too late."

Mandy kissed him again. "I guess you're right," she said with a sigh.

After a final kiss on the station platform, Mandy felt a pang of remorse as Brian's train pulled away. It wasn't as a result of what she'd done but from the fact that, for this one evening, Brian had been part of her life again and now he was gone. Her thoughts turned to her husband, Craig and the fact that she was going to have to face him soon with another man's cum drying in her knickers. Her thoughts were tinged with a guilt she knew she'd feel but, at the same time, she felt a strange feeling of elation, knowing she'd cherish the events of this evening for a long time.

Arriving home, displaying a tiredness that wasn't entirely feigned, Mandy chatted briefly with Craig, giving him a highly edited version of her evening as she had her supper before showering and going to bed. Later, when Craig joined her, Mandy did the only thing she could think of to assuage her guilt.

Sliding down, under the quilt, she took her husband's cock between her lips and sucked it, slowly and tenderly at first and then with increasing passion until he exploded in her mouth. Lying in Craig's arms as he murmured words of drowsy appreciation in her ear, Mandy smiled to herself, reliving the events of the evening and wondering how long it would be until she saw Brian again.

©Kilted Wookie July 2004


  1. < Not of losing Craig, he need never know. >
    If her marriage is healthy, I believe that she will EVENTUALLY feel
    compelled to tell her husband. The revelation will be rough but their
    marriage will survive.
    If her marriage is unhealthy, her secret will fester and grow all out of
    proportion to the size of the problem.
    Last but not least, unless she is 'on the pill' or the like, I believe that
    SUCH GOOD SEX could easily lead to pregnancy. :-(

  2. Liked your story about Mandy and her affair. Seemed so real.
    Keep up the good work (and my cock!) Thanks a lot mate.


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